How to recover a disabled Discord account?

How to recover a disabled Discord account: Since you are reading this article, it means that you are logged into Discord and saw that your account has been disabled. This could happen for completely different reasons. In any case, your Discord account has been banned for violating some rules. In order not to get into such a situation again, you need to learn the rules of the service and follow them. In this case, there are fewer risks and you have all the necessary rights to unlock your account.

Why is my Discord account disabled?

Most often, the cause of the blockage is in the following plane:

  • Swear words, insults, use of the account for fraudulent purposes. All these and similar violations are often grounds for an account to be blocked.
  • Burglary suspected. If someone tried to sign in with the wrong password or from a different location, but was unable to verify signing in from a different device, the system might think the account has been hacked.
  • Age. Underage users may be blocked. Stupid rule, but such are the laws.
  • Spam. If your profile has received a lot of spam, your account can be banned pretty quickly. The system keeps track of similar actions, and also looks at the reaction of other users to determine whether it is spam or just an active user. Although the algorithms can be wrong.
  • The account has not been used for a long time. After 2 years, as no one entered the profile, it will be disabled.

How to recover a disabled Discord account?

If your Discord account is disabled, you can appeal the decision of the bot or company team. There are several ways to file an appeal:

  • Through Discord support . You can contact them either through the help center or by email. You can submit a request to support@discord , in the text of the letter you should indicate everything that you know about the reason for the blocking. Be sure to include your Discord ID. The application will be reviewed and most likely approved within 24-48 hours.
  • Using the appeal form . There are good chances to challenge the blocking using the standard form. Here is the address to go to . Then we select the “Trust and Security” section, and in it – “How can we help you.” Here you should click on “How we can help” and set the option “Appeals”. We fill out the form in accordance with the recommendations. Make sure to correctly select the “Report an action taken on my account or bot” and “Action taken on my account” sections.
  • Contact through social networks . Discord is featured on Facebook , Reddit, and Twitter. It’s pretty easy to find them by keyword. There is an option for chats with support.

With all this, it will not work to restore a deleted account, this option is not provided. But it is quite possible to unblock a blocked or disabled profile, and there are good chances of success.

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