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Are you looking for an application that allows you to edit your videos directly on your smartphone or tablet, preferably for free? Well, I am happy to inform you that you have come to the right place and at the right time.

In today’s tutorial, you’ll get to know some of the best video making apps available for mobile devices. The solutions that I will suggest you are mainly free, some you may already know, as they are transpositions for smartphones and tablets deriving from software that can be used on a desktop. Speaking of which, while we’re at it, I’d also like to recommend some programs to use on your PC, in case your portable devices aren’t powerful enough to support video editing. How do you say? Do you actually just want to create a movie by merging multiple photos together? No problem, I have something to offer you also for this purpose.

At this point, take a few minutes of free time to read what I have to tell you: you will see that you will surely find the solution to create videos that best suits your needs. I just have to wish you a good read and a good time!


  • Free video maker app: Android
    • YouCut (Android)
    • Other apps to create free videos on Android
  • Free video maker app: iPhone
    • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS)
    • Other apps to create free videos on iPhone
  • Free video maker app: PC
    • DaVinci Resolve (Windows / macOS / Linux)
    • Other applications to create free videos on PC
  • App to create video with photos

Free video maker app: Android

You feel very creative and you can’t wait to edit the shots you took with your smartphone or tablet, but you don’t really want to spend money to download an app: well, know that there are several apps for create powerful and quality videos on Android for free . I really want to suggest some, so read on.

YouCut (Android)

The first app that could do the job is YouCut , a very complete editor for smartphones and tablets to be free (you will only have to “bear” a little advertising) and free of logos or watermarks when saving the changes made to the video.

YouCut, among its functions, allows you to cut and edit clips, even in their central part, allows you to resize the clips in such a way as to adapt them to viewing on social networks (for example Instagram ), to apply borders and transitions, including musical effects . In this regard, it is possible to add music in various formats, synchronize it with images or even extrapolate it from the video itself. Finally, it is also possible to export videos, up to a resolution of 1080p, or share them directly on different platforms.

That said, to start using YouCut, download the Android device app from the Play Store (or an alternative store , if you don’t have Google services on your device), then launch it.

Now, touch the icon with the cross , located at the top left, to close the screen where you are proposed to join the Pro version of YouCut, with additional functions, at a cost of € 4.99 per month or € 13.99 € one-time fee .

At this point, tap the icon with the + Add symbol and choose the New button , then select a video from your device’s gallery.

Once the multimedia content has been imported into the app, use the menu you see at the bottom of the display to make the changes you want.

For example, the Cut icon will allow you to shorten the movie and, through the Edit item , in its submenu, you can also delete the central part of the video, or split it into two sections, by selecting the Split item .

Tap the Music icon to add a sound track to the video: the Recommended option offers you some themed suggestions, the My Music item allows you to import tracks on your device or extract audio from the video, the menu Effects collects a gallery of various noises and audio effects, while the Recent wording allows you to add your favorite songs.

The Filters option is ideal for adding a particular visual tone to the video, while the Adjust item allows you to vary different image parameters, such as Brightness , Contrast , Saturation , etc. If the filters are, perhaps, better suited to photos, the Effects option is the animated equivalent, best suited to movies. And again, do you want to write over the video? Use the Text entry , or apply emoticons, using the Sticker icon .

The Pip key allows you to include two recordings in the same frame, while the Speed option is what you need to slow down or speed up the shooting.

Use the Background item to change the aspect ratio of the video frame, or the Background Color or the Background itself, with a different image.

If you want to add live audio to the movie, tap the Record icon and allow YouCut to access the microphone of your device. If the volume is too high or too low, adjust it using the Volume item .

The Rotate and Invert icons rotate and mirror the movie by pressing, finally the Crop item is used to change the shape aspect of the file.

If you touch the + Add symbol , located at the bottom right, you can merge a new clip and, by pressing the interconnection symbol between the added videos , you can choose an animated transition between them.

When you are satisfied, press the Save key , then use the sliders in the drop-down menu that will open to decide the Resolution , the Frame Rate (I recommend you keep it, between 30 fps and 24 fps) and the Quality of the video. Once this is done, touch the Save button again , close the advertisements and, if you want, decide to share the content with your friends or on social networks.

I remind you that, every time you have to close the app while the changes are being processed, the work will not be lost, but saved in Drafts : when you open the application again you will be able to find the entry on the home screen.

Other apps to create free videos on Android

Are you not satisfied with the solution I have just described to you? No problem: here is a list of other apps to create free videos on Android for you .

  • KineMaster– this is a very complete app that allows you to crop videos, create montages and use preset templates. The application is free (there is also a paid Pro version) and imprints its logo on the videos.
  • PowerDirector– is a free appthat can also support 4K resolution movies, linked to a well-known professional post production software CyberLink.
  • GlitchCam– in this case, we are faced with an app with a creative spirit, perfect for applying surreal visual effects, available for free and for a fee, to unlock advanced functions: to learn more, read my guide on how to take Aesthetic photos .
  • Guru– app free that improves photos and videos, create collages and add music to the images.

Free video maker app: iPhone

You use an iPhone (or even an iPad ) and would like to improve your skills in editing movies, which you record with your devices, but in an economical way: I can suggest some apps to create free videos on iPhone . Read on if you want to know which ones they are.

iMovie (iOS / iPadOS)

In all likelihood, the best solution for users of devices with the bitten apple brand, who want to edit movies, is iMovie , which is the app version of the well-known desktop program produced by Apple for editing videos.

The iMovie interface is fairly intuitive and includes all the features you might want from a video editor for portable devices. You can use it to edit your videos freely, or to create “trailers” with special effects and background music, starting from the available preset templates.

The iMovie app is pre-installed on Apple devices; if removed, it can still be downloaded for free from the App Store : to download it, connect to the link I just provided, press the Get button and verify your account (if required).

Once the app is launched, use the Create project item , then decide whether to choose the Movie option , which allows you to start from scratch, or the Trailer option , if you want to use a predefined template.

This done, you can touch the + Add icon to load clips, photos and audio in the so-called iMovie Timeline , otherwise use the Snap item to start a live shoot. If you wish, you can also select your content to upload from your iCloud account by choosing the iCloud Drive item .

At this point, touch the icon with the gear wheel : here you will find a menu that will allow you to add a filter to the video, apply a theme complete with music and fades, use the scissors icon to cut or divide the movie, or the clock symbol to change its speed, and so on.

In the end, when you are satisfied with the result, you can choose to watch the video, maybe think again and delete it or save it using the Export icon : use the drop-down menu to decide the destination of the file.

For more details on using iMovie, both in app and software version and on the editing possibilities it offers you, read my guides on how to use iMovie and how to edit a video with iMovie .

Other apps to create free videos on iPhone

Maybe you already know the solution I proposed earlier, so you would also like to know what other apps are to create free videos on iPhone : you are satisfied.

  • Quik– This is an app developed by the famous action camera brand GoPro that promises free cinematic results with a few simple video editing tools.
  • Clips– is a free appdeveloped by Apple itself, ideal for applying fun effects to movies. It supports the ProRes format.
  • InShot– it is a free video editorwith professional features, without watermark, which allows you to edit clips, apply transitions, filters, stickers, etc.
  • Splice– an app that by pressing allows you to obtain high-level results, for free , as well as overlay clips, make cuts and add transition effects.

Free video maker app: PC

You realized that your smartphone or tablet is having a hard time editing movies, so you’ve decided to act as a desktop: I don’t want to miss some app suggestions to create free videos on PC .

DaVinci Resolve (Windows / macOS / Linux)

The best software I can recommend for creating and editing videos from your PC is DaVinci Resolve . The functions of the multi-platform program, also available in a free version , are very advanced: therefore, if on the one hand it allows you to obtain excellent professional results, on the other hand its use requires a bit of experience. To find out how to download DaVinci Resolve and how to install it, read my tutorial on the topic.

Once you have downloaded and installed the program on your PC, open it and, from the Projects screen , click on Untitled Projects , to create a new project. From the screen that opens, select the Media item to select media files and clips to drag onto the Timeline , located at the bottom of the screen.

When the video is imported correctly, you will have the possibility to modify it with a wide range of tools. For all the details of the case, I refer you to reading my guide on how to use DaVinci Resolve .

Other applications to create free videos on PC

You find that the program already proposed does not completely adapt to your needs, or you simply want to know other applications to create videos on PC : very well, here are the ones I have to offer you.

  • Avidemux(Windows / macOS / Linux) – is one of the simplest and most practical free video editingsoftwareto download on PC: read my guide on how to use Avidemux for more details.
  • Wondershare Filmora(Windows / macOS) – still a free download program, which offers a simple to use interface and also many royalty free audio samples to use in projects.
  • Lightworks(Windows / macOS / Linux) – is a free softwarewith professional video editing functions, worth considering if you are familiar with the subject.
  • Shotcut(Windows / macOS / Linux) – this is a feature-rich open source solutionthat can also support high-resolution files, such as movies shot in 4K.

If you want an even broader overview, also read my guide to free video editing programs .

App to create video with photos

What you want to do, rather than devote yourself to post production of actual videos, is to create montages with a series of photos you have taken: therefore, what you need, they are apps to create videos with photos .

  • Android Gallery– If you have a smartphone or tablet Android , the app to create videos with free photo easiest to use is the one of the gallery , already present on the device factory. Open it and touch the Highlight item : the system will automatically create slides with your photos, dividing them by theme. Tap on the three vertical dots icon to share the resulting videos.
  • IOS Photos– Apple also offers its users the ability to create video slideshows with photos from the Memories section . From the Photos app, go to the For you section and then tap on Show all : the sequences will be played automatically or you can choose how to organize them, so you can also save them.
  • MagistoAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – is a free app that allows you to create sequences with the photos on your devices, also perfect for sharing on social networks.
  • Windows Photos– if you have a PC running Windows 10 , the cheapest and fastest way to create video with photos is to use the proprietary Photos
  • MacOS Photos– even those who use a Mac computercan take advantage of the Photos application, integrated into the system, in addition to iMovie, in its desktop version. The latter works in a very similar way as described in the previous chapter , with reference to the mobile app.
  • CanvaOnline / Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – if you don’t want to download any software on your PC, you can use this very popular and well done web editor, great for creating photo slideshows and videos for free (paid plans are also available) especially suitable for sharing on social networks. To learn more, read my guide on how to use Canva for Instagram .

If you want to know even more solutions, read my guide on how to create video with photos .


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