How to Convert youtubetomp4? Tips And Tricks

YouTube videos are popular worldwide for music, how-to guides, fun, entertainment, and other things. All you need is a good internet connection to watch as many videos as you want on YouTube whenever and wherever you want.

But you can’t use YouTube if you have slow Internet or none at all. So you can save your favourite YouTube videos and watch them when you’re not connected to the Internet.

The best way to watch YouTube videos on any computer, media player, or smartphone is to download them and convert them to MP4 format. Therefore, youtubetomp4 files can be played on almost all devices and media players. Another benefit of changing to MP4 format is that it allows you to save files in a smaller size without losing much of the quality of the video.

What does it mean to process a YouTube video?

You might wonder, “Why does it take so long for YouTube videos to load?” Well, every minute, 300 hours of videos are put on YouTube. YouTube has many data centres where all of the videos are kept. Did you know that YouTube makes several copies of your video with different resolutions? It keeps them on its servers to ensure that each viewer gets the best possible video.

You don’t see the original upload when you watch your video on YouTube. Depending on how good your Internet is, the file you’re watching will load as quickly as possible. And YouTube has picked this as the best quality for you.

It lets YouTube give you videos that take less than your phone hours to download. For example, you might get a 144p video if your Internet connection isn’t very good. By clicking on the gear in the YouTube player, you can see all the different sizes of videos. However, youtubetomp4 also cuts these videos of different quality into many pieces. It lets them give you different quality chunks if your network connection changes.

How do I fix the error “YouTube Video Not Processing?


If it’s taking too long for YouTube to process a video you’re trying to upload, you can fix the problem in the following ways:

1- Wait for ten to fifteen minutes

The first thing you can do to fix YouTube’s processing problem is to wait 10 to 15 minutes. After a few minutes, the video started to process. If you do this, the processing percentage might go up.

For longer videos, it will take longer to process. But the processing time is also stuck at 0% for shorter videos. In either case, the best thing you can do is be patient and wait.

Do not close the tab, and do not stop the upload. After some time, the video will start to be worked on.

You should re-upload your youtubetomp4 video a few hours or a day later.

2- Empty your cache and cookies

The second thing you can do to fix YouTube’s problem is to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. All browsers can use this method. Save your video’s description and tags before you clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

  • First, click the three dots at the top of Chrome’s menu bar. After this, a menu for getting around will appear.
  • You can choose between “New tab,” “New window,” and other options on the navigation menu.
  • Move your mouse pointer over to “More tools.” Then, a second menu for getting around will appear.
  • Click “Clear browsing data…” to go to the setting where you can clear your browsing data.

3- Turn off your Wi-Fi and then back on

You already know that you’ll need a stable internet connection the whole time to post your video to YouTube. It means that your video can keep uploading without stopping. But you might be uploading when your ISP has a lot of other people uploading. So, you can get the youtubetomp4 video not processing error if your upload speed is slow.

  • Please turn off your Wi-Fi, then turn it back on.
  • You can also turn it off and then back on your computer.
  • Sometimes, you might not be able to connect.

4- Hit the button to start over

When the Internet connection isn’t stable, the video processing can be stopped, and the page can get stuck. Right-click your mouse or trackpad and then click “Refresh.” Check to see if your YouTube video is still being worked on.

5- Check out the new tab hack

From the name of this subhead, you can tell that this is a hack. No one understands why this works, but it does. All you have to do is go to youtubetomp4 and click on “My Channel” and then “Video Manager.” Do this while your video is still being put together.

Now, close the first page where your video is still loading, and you will see that the second-page loads faster.

6- Change the browser

It only makes sense that some platforms work better on certain browsers. Google Chrome is best for using YouTube. So, if your video is stuck in the “processing” stage, try uploading it through the Chrome browser and see if it works.

Besides that, you should make sure to clear your browser’s cache. In your browser’s “Tools” section, you can find the option to clear your cache. If you use the Google Chrome browser, click “More Tools” and then “Clearing Browsing Data.”

7- Make your video an MP4 file

Youtubetomp4 can handle videos best in the MP4 format. Yes. For those who don’t know, an MP4 is a common “container format” for video files that lets you store a lot of video and audio information in a smaller file size.

You can change your video format to MP4 using online video converters. You need to upload the video to the tool, choose the format you want (in this case, MP4), and wait a few seconds. Very little quality is lost when the video is changed to MP4 format.

Try uploading the video again and see if the processing speed is different this time.

8- Tell YouTube what you think

YouTube is one of the most-used places to watch videos online. When technical problems happen on the platform, it’s best to let the support team at YouTube know.

Go to Youtube, click on “My Channel,” and then click on “Send Feedback.” In the description box, you can write more about your problem and add screenshots to show it.

YouTube will finish processing if your video doesn’t break any copyrights. If that doesn’t happen, YouTube will tell you why it couldn’t process your video.


Technically, the time it takes to process a video depends on how many people upload it, how big it is, and what format it is in. The more time it takes to process a video, the longer youtubetomp4 takes to play.

If you need a specific number, each minute of the video is processed for at least one minute. It means that it takes at least 5 minutes to process a video that is 5 minutes long. We hope you now know the answer to your question, “How long does it take to upload a YouTube video?”


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