Create a postcard online in Canva

Now we will create a postcard online using the Canva graphic editor, hosted on the service of the same name, which provides ready-made elements and templates for creating graphic design. Canva has everything we need to complete our task.

A beautiful card with the right words can be a real valuable gift for the recipient. If you make it with your own hands, and not just buy it in a store, it acquires a special value.

With the help of such a postcard, you can express your concern, desire to surprise and please. To do this, it is not necessary to master hand-made techniques (the process of creating handmade things), create an individual postcard with congratulations in electronic form, and then print it and present it to the recipient.

Postcard Tips

You may be surprised that creating a postcard yourself is much easier than it seems. In order for the gift to turn out to be successful and really please a loved one, follow these simple tips for creating it:

  • be sure to include the recipient’s name to personalize the gift;
  • use a photo of the birthday man: such a postcard will take pride of place next to his other photos in the house or at work;
  • choose fonts that are easy to read;
  • avoid excessive use of graphics;
  • do not write too much text in small print, pick up congratulations in a concise style;
  • use colors that the recipient likes;
  • avoid too contrasting combinations, the color scheme should be pleasant.

Think about what the recipient is interested in and enjoys. This will help you choose thematic graphics and additional images, which means you can create an even more personal design.

If the postcard is being prepared for printing, you need to create a two-page design – this is the front and back of the printed work. On the front side, you can place the main congratulations, and on the back, place a photo and text of wishes. You can use other options for the arrangement of elements that seem more appropriate to you.

Algorithm for creating a postcard

To work on a postcard, it is not necessary to master complex graphic programs. Canva ‘s online service offers simple tools with which you can create a card with your own text in just a few steps.

Follow these steps to create a postcard in Canva:

  1. Sign in to Canva.
  2. Select the desired design on the main page.
  3. Choose a holiday themed template.
  4. Replace images, backgrounds and colors on the template.
  5. Add graphic elements to the project.
  6. Write a congratulation text.
  7. Download the postcard to your computer.

After downloading to a PC, the postcard must be printed in good quality. Photo paper is recommended for this because it conveys richness and depth of lines better than glossy-coated card stock or heavy paper.

Getting started on a postcard

To create your own postcard, go through a quick authorization in Canva through your social media account, or use your email address to register.

On the main page of the Canva graphics service, in the search bar, write the name of the design. The service will offer available options in the drop-down list, select one of them with a mouse click.

This will open the work page. Here in the center is the layout, on which we will work on our design. On the left is the main toolbar and the collections and templates view area.

In the search field, enter the expression: “Birthday card.” The service will show the available templates created for the birthday card. Choose the template that suits you best among the offered free options.

We have selected a template for a birthday greeting card. We need to immediately create the second page. Click on the “Add Page” button below the selected layout.

Images and colors

Canva has several ways to add images and photos. To upload a photo of yourself with the birthday boy, or a photo of just one birthday boy, use the Downloads tab.

You can choose themed holiday photos taken by professional photographers on the “Elements” tab, in the “Photos” section. If you need abstract, monochrome or gradient designs, go to the “Background” section.

Image collections can be searched by keywords to add holiday photos such as flowers, fireworks, balloons, and more.

To customize images and backgrounds, left-click on those areas in the project that you want to change. Additional settings buttons will appear above the layout: built-in photo editor tools.

Adjust the photo so that the image looks organic in the selected color scheme. Tools above the layout let you add a filter, adjust brightness, contrast, tint, transparency, and more.

Graphic elements

Graphic elements: icons, illustrations, frames, stickers will make the design more interesting and unique. In our case, these are flowers along the edges of both pages of the project.

You can remove unnecessary elements by selecting them and then clicking on the bucket in the right corner of the screen, or add new ones: they are located on the “Elements” tab, in the “Graphics” section. Keyword search is also available here.

Elements are edited with buttons above the layout, and you can change their size and position with the mouse.

Congratulations text

Our postcard will have only two text blocks: on the front side and on the back, with wishes for the birthday man. We will edit the existing blocks on the front side, and add wishes on the back side using the “Add text field” button from the “Text” section.

When adding congratulations, make sure that the fonts, colors, and sizes match on both pages: this way, a handmade card will look neater.

You can edit the inscription using the buttons above the layout. A large selection of Cyrillic and Latin fonts, color settings, size, spacing and other options are available here. The first ones in the list will be those colors and fonts that have already been used in the design, so that you do not have to look for them in a large list.

Advice. When moving text blocks, pay attention to the pink lines that appear on the screen. They allow you to align elements relative to each other.

Downloading a postcard to your computer

Our postcard is ready, you need to download it to your computer. To download the finished work, click on the button with an arrow located on the top panel on the right.

There are several options for saving the file in different formats:

  • PNG (recommendations) – high quality image;
  • JPG – small file size;
  • Standard PDF is a document with a small file size;
  • Printable PDF is a high quality document;
  • Animation (MP4/GIF) – animation or GIF.

For printing, it is better to choose the multi-page PDF format, and for the e-card, the PNG format.

After clicking on the “Publish” button, more options will open for further use of the postcard. The created postcard can be downloaded to a PC, with a choice of format, sent to social networks or by e-mail.

If you find any typos or inaccuracies in your work after downloading to PC, don’t worry. On the main page, in the “Your Designs” section, you can find the postcard and make changes, and then re-download it to your computer.

Article Conclusions

To create a graphic design, you can use the help of the Canva online service, in particular, here you can create your own postcard online. Delight your loved ones with unique greeting cards created directly for them with love and wholeheartedly. Canva’s simple tools will help you with this.

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