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You got tired of the usual Home Screen or the usual desktop of your computer and, after changing the wallpaper, the idea of ​​changing the set of icons set “factory” on the device also flashed through your mind . To see if this is feasible and, above all, to find out how to proceed if so, you have decided to do a search on the web and you have landed straight on this tutorial of mine.

Things are exactly as I described them, right? Then I’m happy to tell you that not only is changing the icons on your device absolutely feasible, it is also quite simple. In the course of this guide, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to change icons not only on your smartphone or tablet, but also on your PC, regardless of the operating system used.

How do you say? Can’t wait to get to work to see the new face of your device? So I suggest you put the tits aside and immediately proceed with the operational part of the matter: read carefully what I have to tell you, take the device on which you want to make the changes and follow all my suggestions step by step. In no time you will be successful in your intent, I promise!


  • How to change Android icons
  • How to change iPhone icons
  • How to change Windows 10 icons
  • How to change Mac icons

How to change Android icons

Do you own an Android device and want to know how to change icons ? There are several methods you can use to do this, first of all going to change the theme by using the appropriate app on your device. I’ll explain better: some devices allow a wide customization, including changing the theme and icons on the Home Screen and in the drawer (the screen where there are all the apps on the device).

To proceed with this method, take your smartphone (or tablet) and check that there is an app for the themes installed by default on the device. Much depends, however, on the model of the phone and the manufacturer: not all of them have this function and many do not allow you to customize themes and icons so quickly and immediately.

For example, if you want to know how to change Samsung icons , there is a very good chance that the Galaxy Themes app is installed on your device by default . Then, start the latter, tap the Icons button located in the bottom menu, choose the icon pack you want to use and tap the Download buttons and then Apply . In this way, the new icons you have chosen will replace the previous ones.

If, on the other hand, you want to know how to change Xiaomi icons on a device with a personalized MIUI interface , you must know that you can count on the app dedicated to themes and icons, which is called Themes . Once the latter is open, locate the theme you are interested in, press the Free / Premium button to download it (or possibly buy it if it is not free) and, having done this, remove the check marks next to the Lock screen items , Home screen and System . Therefore, leave the check mark only next to the wording Icons and press the Apply button, to conclude the operation by changing only the icons.

The same is true if you are wondering how to change the icons on Oppo : even in this case you can follow a very simple procedure. Then go to the Settings of your smartphone, by tapping on the relative icon, then select the item Home screen and background and in the new screen that appears, press on the item Icon style settings . At this point choose one of the styles present, placing the check mark next to the relevant item, and press the Apply button to confirm.

Despite all your attempts, did you realize that your smartphone does not offer any native functionality to change icons? So, as a last resort, you can use an alternative launcher that is an app that can totally change the appearance of the operating system. In this case I suggest you try Nova Launcher , available for Android on the Play Store (and alternative stores for all smartphones that do not use Google services) in a free version (there is also a Prime version at a price of 3.99 euros , but the features of the free one are more than enough).

Once downloaded to your device, all you have to do is set it as the default initial app by following the path Settings> Apps and notifications> Default apps> Initial app> Nova Launcher , to make it the default launcher. Once this is done, the phone will be able to support the different types of icon packs that can be downloaded via the Play Store or alternative stores. For more information on this I leave you to my guide dedicated to the topic .

Another solution, again, that you can consider is the change of individual icons through the use of apps such as Icon Changer free , which allows you to create links to apps with custom icons: I told you about it in detail here .

How to change iPhone icons

Are you fed up with the usual icons and would like to know how to change iPhone app icons ? Then you must know that in this case the operation is different than what we saw for Android. iPhone, in fact, does not offer the possibility to change the theme or to download and use the classic icon packs as seen on the “green robot” system. All you can do, in this case, is to change the icon of each app through the settings of the same (when allowed) or create additional custom links through the Commands app present “standard” on iOS (and iPadOS, the procedure is also feasible on iPad, in fact).

The first method can only be used on apps that allow it, such as Telegram . What you have to do, therefore, is to open the app in question, tap on the item related to the Settings and select the Appearance item (or similar) from the list . You should therefore find an entry for the icon to use for the app.

Otherwise you can use the second method and go to create a sort of bookmark , that is, a custom link icon that can be placed on the iPhone Home screen, leaving the original icon in the App Library. To proceed in this sense, then open the Commands app , press the + icon (located at the top right) and press the Add action item . At this point, in the new screen you are viewing, write “Open” in the search bar located at the top and press on the item Open the app from the list you see appear.

Now you just have to tap on the Choose item , select the app you want and press the icon of the three horizontal dots to start changing its appearance. Once this is done, in the new screen opened, press the icon present, choose the color and then tap on the Icon tab to select the symbol you want to use.

If you want to use an image present in Photos or on File instead , click on the Add to Home item (step that you must perform anyway, even if you have chosen to use the symbols, to ensure that the bookmark is transferred) tap on the icon under the heading Home screen name and icon and select from the list that appears the entry Choose the file , Choose the photo or Take photo , according to the location of the image to be used. To conclude, set a name in the space provided Quick command name and click on the Add item (top right).

Now, returning to the Home of your iPhone you will see the new icon and by clicking on it you will be sent back to the relevant application. You just have to go and delete the original app by pressing and holding the corresponding icon, pressing on the item Change the Home screen from the menu that has opened and going to press the icon  next to the app to be deleted. Then, confirm your choice by pressing the Remove from Home screen item in the box that opened. Simple, right?

Note : the use of this “trick” could slow down the opening of the app in question a little. This happens because the application is not opened directly but first goes through Commands. Therefore, I recommend that you use this mode with a limited number of apps on your device.

How to change Windows 10 icons

Changing the icons on your Windows PC is a rather fast operation that can be performed through the Device Settings, whether you have Windows 10 or later versions, such as Windows 11 . Then proceed by clicking on the Start button (the Windows flag located at the bottom left) and from the opened menu select the icon with the gear , to open the Settings .

At this point, click on the item Personalization , then select the wording Themes and under the item Related settings press on the item Settings of the desktop icons . Once you have reached this point, in the new panel opened, select the icon you want to change and press the Change icon button , then select an alternative icon from those present or click the Browse button to insert an icon you previously downloaded. If you don’t have one yet, I suggest you take a look at my tutorials on free icons and, if you are in the mood for creativity, on how to create custom icons. Once chosen, to conclude the operation, press the OK button twice consecutively.

Alternatively, you can also change an icon by acting directly on a folder or link : right-click on the item to customize and choose the Properties option from the menu that appears . In the new panel opened, press the Customize tab and under the Folder icon item, press the Change icon … button and follow the same procedure described above: select one of the available icons or press the Browse button to upload your image or an icon previously downloaded . To conclude, then, click on the OK button twice in a row (this last procedure also applies to versions of Windows prior to 10).

How to change Mac icons

Do you want to change the icons on your Mac but have no idea how to proceed? So, first of all, you need to open the image you want to use instead of the classic icon by double clicking on it. If you don’t have an icon to use yet, you can check out my tutorial on free icons for Mac .

Once done, with the image open, click on the Edit item (located in the Finder menu at the top) and among the options you see press on the Select All item , then perform the same procedure, this time selecting the Copy item .

Once this is done, right-click on the folder or file whose icon you want to change and from the opened list select the item Get information to open the appropriate panel. With the panel open, press on the thumbnail of the icon located at the top left so that it is selected (you will see a box appear around it), then press on the Edit item in the Finder menu at the top and choose the Paste option . If everything went well you will immediately see the icon change. Simple right?

I am sorry to inform you, however, that this operation cannot be performed on system icons, such as the Recycle Bin , the Safari browser or the App Store . All you can do, in this case, is to create a link on the Desktop by opening the app from the Finder and dragging it on it and then proceed with changing the icon as I explained to you a few lines above.


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