How to see the Champions on Amazon

You recently learned that the rights to broadcast some matches in the UEFA Champions League , Europe’s premier club football competition, have been acquired exclusively by Amazon , the most popular e-commerce giant on the planet.

As a great football fan as you are, you would not want to miss a minute of these events and, therefore, you would like to deepen the question to understand which matches they are, how to use the service and any costs to be incurred.

I created this article, therefore, specifically to explain how to see the Champions on Amazon , illustrating all the steps necessary to subscribe to the Amazon Prime service, essential to be able to use the aforementioned contents and thus also enjoy a month of free trial. In addition, I will show you the various ways to access game streaming via the dedicated Amazon Prime Video platform. So, are you ready? Perfect! In this case, I just have to wish you good reading and good continuation.


  • Preliminary information
  • How to register for Amazon Prime
  • How to see the Champions on Amazon Prime
    • From TV
    • From PC
    • From console
    • From smartphones and tablets

Preliminary information

To begin with, let me explain how the Champions on Amazon works . You must know, in fact, that to be able to attend the games for which the colossus of Jeff Bezos has acquired the rights, it is necessary to subscribe to the subscription called Amazon Prime , which offers two payment formulas: the annual one , which provides for a cost of 36 euro , or the monthly one , at 3.99 euro . You will be pleased to know, however, that there is a 30-day free trial period, during which you can personally evaluate the validity of the offer. Furthermore, for university students, there is the possibility to try the service for 90 days and have a half price of the monthly or annual fee.

If you do not know exactly what Amazon Prime consists of, you should know that, basically, it is a service that allows customers to purchase a wide selection of products while benefiting from particularly short delivery times (even one or two days in certain areas) . In addition, the subscription to the aforementioned program guarantees the possibility of accessing preview flash offers , 30 minutes earlier than basic users, as well as a good selection of exclusive products .

At the same time, however, it integrates numerous additional services that are very useful and advantageous, such as Prime Photo , which consists of a dedicated storage space for your photos, or Prime Music , which allows you to listen to over 2 million songs for free, for a total 40 hours per month. If you want to deepen the topic and get to know the offer as a whole which I have only given you a taste in the previous paragraphs, I highly recommend you read my guide on how Amazon Prime works .

The Amazon Prime Video service is also included in the package in question : it is a streaming platform that offers a very rich catalog of original and non-original content, such as films, TV series, documentaries and, last (but not least), also the exclusive of a big match of the Champions League on Wednesday .

The aforementioned platform, therefore, will broadcast live and exclusively in Italy and without any surcharge compared to the Amazon Prime subscription, the 16 best matches of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday evening , but also the prestigious UEFA Super Cup , all for three seasons starting from 2021/22. You will also be interested in knowing that the matches in question will always concern an Italian team present in the groups and, in case of qualification, up to the semifinals.

How to register for Amazon Prime

After the appropriate premises made in the previous chapter , I think it is appropriate to show you how to register for Amazon Prime , an essential condition for being able to access the Prime Video platform and thus attend the Champions League matches included in the subscription.

First of all, therefore, connected to the Amazon site and presses the Prime item in the menu located at the top. Then click on the yellow button Discover the benefits and, in the new screen that appears, press the Sign up and pay button .

At this point, if you already have an Amazon account, enter your details in the Email address or mobile number fields , press the Continue button , type your password and press the Login button .

If, on the other hand, you need to register a new one, click on the Create your Amazon account button , then fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing the information relating to the fields Your name , Mobile number or email , Password and Verify Password .

To continue, press the Continue button and a message will be sent to you at the address previously indicated containing a code that you will have to type in the new browser window. To continue, then, press the Continue button and complete the subscription to the Prime program by choosing your preferred payment method from the options Add a credit or debit card or Add a current account .

Fill in the form that is shown to you with the details of the payment method, then press the button below Add your card or Add a current account . Finally, enter the data relating to your address ( Name and surname , Address , City , State / Province / Region , ZIP code and telephone number ) in the form that appears below, confirming the operation by pressing the Use this address button .

Now all you have to do is activate the Amazon Prime 30-day trial by pressing the Sign up now button , 30 days free , located at the bottom of the summary screen shown at the end of the procedure. If any steps aren’t clear to you, check out my guide on how to sign up for Amazon Prime .

How to see the Champions on Amazon Prime

Well, now that you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can immediately start taking advantage of its many advantages : in this guide, however, I will focus in particular on how Prime Video works and how to see the Champions on Amazon Prime from TV, PC, game consoles and mobile devices: in this way you can easily choose the solution that you consider most suitable for your needs.

From TV

The Amazon Prime Video Italia platform offers various possibilities of use, in particular if you choose to access its programming from TV . In fact, it is possible to easily download the Prime Video app on many smart TV models through the reference store: in any case, if you have any doubts about the compatibility of your TV, on this Amazon support page you can check in detail the brands of televisions that, to date, can download the aforementioned app.

Obviously, before proceeding it is necessary to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet , then you need to access the store integrated in your TV model, search for the word Prime Video and press the corresponding Download button (the methods, of course, may vary in depending on the TV model you have).

Once this is done, start the app, then enter your Prime account credentials and press the Login button : from this moment on you have the entire catalog of the offer in question which, as you well know, also includes UEFA Champions League.

Most likely you will find the banner that redirects to the live game streaming already on the main screen of the app, in particular if you are near the event, but if this is not the case, just select the Categories item from the menu located at the top and press on the Sport option .

Live or upcoming events are shown at the top of the screen, while in the Recently concluded section it is possible to access the streaming of matches that have already been broadcast. Just select the content with the remote control and press the Watch Now button that appears on the next screen to view it. For more details, feel free to check out my guides on how to watch Prime Video on TV and how to install apps on Smart TVs .

If your TV is not smart, fear not: you can still watch Champions League matches by purchasing, for a modest sum, a special device such as a dongle or a TV box which, once connected to the HDMI port of the TV, allows you to connect it to Internet by performing a simple configuration.

One of the most widespread and effective solutions is certainly the one offered by the Fire TV Stick : it is a key, also produced by Amazon, whose configuration is particularly simple and which allows you to access numerous online contents in a very intuitive way.

There are four models of this product on the market: the cheapest is the Fire TV Stick Lite , suitable for streaming HD content and equipped with an Alexa voice remote control .

The latter, however, does not have the controls for the TV, which are instead included in its more advanced version, simply called the Fire TV Stick . If you want to access 4K streaming , however, the reference models are Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD and Fire TV Stick 4K Max . In addition, the Fire TV Cube is available : a device that combines the characteristics of the Fire TV Stick 4K with those of an Amazon Echo speaker .

You will also be pleased to know that all Fire TV Stick and Cube models are already set up with the Prime Video app installed, so you won’t need to download or authenticate as it inherits your account data. with which you registered the key itself.

Finally, to access the Champions League events, you can easily refer to the instructions provided in the paragraphs relating to the smart TV app, as the operation is completely identical.


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Another equally valid solution to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network is the one offered by the Chromecast dongles , produced by Google and can be purchased directly from the official store of the Mountain View giant.

In this case, there are two models available: the basic version , which offers HD resolution up to 1080p and streaming of content from smartphones, tablets and PCs, and the one with Google TV , which allows direct streaming of content with resolution up to 4K by installing the apps directly on the device (which is equipped with a special remote control).

Once the device is connected and configured , you will need to use the Prime Video app installed on your smartphone or tablet to send the games to watch on the TV or, if you have the version with Google TV, you can directly access the Prime app Video and its Sports section with Champions League matches.


Google Chromecast, Anthracite Gray, Start Streaming

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It is possible to access the streaming of the matches of the maximum European football club competition also through the Apple TV device : it is a well-made media center produced by the Cupertino giant, also available in 4K and HD versions , which allows you to access a wide range of apps (including Prime Video), games and content of various genres.


2021 Apple TV HD (32GB)

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2021 Apple TV 4K (32GB)

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To watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple’s set-top-box, all you have to do is download the official app of the service from the integrated App Store or, alternatively, if you have an iPhone or iPad and have activated app synchronization , by downloading to the device in question and waiting for it to be automatically downloaded to Apple TV as well.

Afterwards, once you have started the app and authenticated, you can find the contents of your interest relating to the Champions League in the same way as illustrated in the previous paragraphs for the various devices illustrated.

Finally, consider that even the box Vodafone TV , the TIMVISION box and many TV box Android support Prime Video app. In the latter case, however, be careful, because many cheap Android TV Boxes do not have official certifications and, therefore, in some cases they do not allow access to the contents of some streaming platforms (or do not allow viewing in high definition. ). Among the few TV Boxes with all the appropriate certifications is NVIDIA Shield TV .


NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro 4K HDR streaming media player

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From PC

If you want to understand how to watch the Champions on Amazon from a PC , the only way is to access the Prime Video platform via your favorite browser .

In this case, you just need to connect to the main page of the service , press the Amazon Prime Customer button ? Log in , enter your account credentials and click the Log In button .

Next, press the Categories menu at the top , then select Sport from the context menu . The live events or upcoming events are shown in the first section Your live and future events : in this case, by hovering the mouse over the match box, you can view the details of its programming, while for those in progress you can start it playback by pressing the Watch Now button .

The parts already broadcast, on the other hand, are listed in the section below, called Recently concluded . Again, when you move the cursor over the event pane, you can start streaming via the Watch Now button .

If you are looking for a particular event, you can also use the Find function , located at the top right and characterized by the presence of a magnifying glass : just click on it and type the keywords in the field that appears to its left and then press the Enter key to view relevant results.

From console

You will be interested to know that the Amazon Prime Video app is also available from consoles for PS3 (up to HD) PS4 and PS5 (up to Ultra HD), Xbox Series X and S Series and Xbox One models (all up to Ultra HD). .

Let’s see, for example, how to watch the Champions League on Amazon from PS4: to start, start the console, then log in with your PlayStation Network profile and enter the store from the main menu.

Now, go with the directional keys of the controller on the Search function , located at the top of the new screen that is proposed to you and type through the virtual keypad that the wording Prime Video appears . At this point, select the first result on the right and press the [ X ] of the gamepad, then press the Download button and wait for the download.

Then, press the Start button , which is made available at the end of the installation and press the Login button . To continue, you need to connect from the browser on your PC or mobile device to the link indicated on the screen that appears on the PS4, and authenticate by entering your email address or telephone and password .

To complete the association of your Prime account with the app installed on the PS4 console, finally, enter the code indicated on the PS4 screen in the appropriate field on the site in question, then click on the Register device button . Alternatively, you can also perform the recognition from a mobile device, by framing the QR code shown on the right side of the console screen with the appropriate reader of your smartphone or tablet.

At the same time, you will be sent back to the Prime Video app home screen and, after selecting your profile, you will be able to access the vast catalog of the service. To view the contents related to the Champions League I suggest you press the Categories menu , located at the top and select the Sport item .

On the right side of the screen you will see the events related to the Champions League: in the section Your live and future events there will be live or scheduled ones, while in the Recently concluded section you will be able to access the matches already played. By pressing on the box of the event you are interested in seeing, you will access a screen with the description of the same, in which there is also the Watch Now button , through which you can start the streaming.

From smartphones and tablets

Are you often on the move and would like to understand how to see the Champions League on Amazon Prime from smartphones and tablets ? Nothing could be easier: even in this case, in fact, you can refer to the Prime Video app, available for Android (also check on alternative stores if you don’t have Google services on your phone) and iOS / iPadOS .

Just click on the links above and tap the Install / Get button to have it immediately available on your mobile device, but if you have an iPhone / iPad , you will be prompted to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or password of the Apple ID .

Then, start the app by pressing its icon: if the phone number matches the one indicated during registration, you will be automatically recognized. Otherwise, log in by entering your Amazon account credentials and press the Login button .

To view the content relating to the Champions League, press the Sports menu located at the top right: in the next screen you will be offered the sections Your live and future events , with live or scheduled and recently concluded matches , through which you will be able to watch matches already broadcast. At this point, just tap on the box with the event you are interested in viewing and press the Watch Now button to immediately start streaming the content.


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