Emoji Kitchen: The new emojis by emotions of Google Gboard

Google has launched “Emoji Kitchen” , new emojis for Gboard and they are based on the feelings we have at all times, that is, we can choose the icon that we like the most and then Google shows it to us with different aspects and emotions.

This update is available from today for all Gboard users on Android , but it does not reach all mobile phones with the Gboard keyboard today, but some of us will have to wait a few days for this update to become official.

These new emojis can be used in all the apps we want , from Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Messages, etc. Wherever we type with the Google keyboard, that’s where these new icons appear.

We’re going to put aside the verbiage and show an original icon of the Gboard keyboard and all the options that Google will show us from today:

As we can see, we choose an emoji from the Gboard keyboard , and at that moment Google offers us that same emoji, but with different emotions , from love, laughter, sad, kiss, heart, etc. To send the emoji, we just click on it alone and that’s it.

This is how we can personalize the emojis a little more, since, if we feel identified with one in particular, we can adapt it to the emotional state we have at that moment.

This is just one of the moves that Google makes with its official keyboard in favor of communication with emojis in messaging apps, since a few months ago it introduced custom emojis and that we could use from the Gboard keyboard with just 2 clicks.

And the thing is about emojis, and WhatsApp recently introduced new emoticons that will accompany us in all our conversations. Among all those emojis there were several in favor of the inclusion of people with certain disabilities . So now it can be said that we all have our emoji, although the WhatsApp list is certainly much longer and they will continue to add new emoticons in a few months.

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