Top 10 File Managers for Windows

I present the TOP 10 best file managers for the Windows operating system. When compiling the list, only file managers with a graphical interface were taken into account, which are convenient for most users to work with. Therefore, there are no file managers with a text interface, such as FAR Manager or Midnight Commander.

Outside the list of the best file managers are programs that have not been updated for a long time, such as EF Commander, ViewFD, or lesser-known applications: FileVoyager, Tablacus Explorer, muCommander, One Commander, etc.

The file manager program (“file commander”) is designed to work with files, disks and folders on a computer. Basically, such programs perform routine operations of copying, transferring or deleting files, opening folders and files, launching applications.

The default file manager in the Windows operating system is Explorer. Many users are not satisfied with the functionality of a standard file manager, so they use other alternative file managers to work on a computer.

Most of the presented programs work only on the Windows platform, but there are also multiplatform applications among them.

Total Commander

Total Commander is one of the best, most popular alternative dual pane file manager for Windows (Android is still supported). Total Commander was formerly known as Windows Commander.

In Total Commander, you can perform various operations with files, the application has a customizable menu and appearance, a built-in FTP client with secure connection support, working with archives with its own tools, batch operation, advanced search with the ability to use regular expressions and many other functions.

The possibilities of the Total Commander program are greatly expanded with the help of scripts and numerous plug-ins.

Total Commander works in Russian, the program was created by a developer from Switzerland – Christian Giesler. The program is paid, but can work for free.


SpeedCommander is a two-pane file manager with a huge range of options for working with files. The SpeedCommander window can be split into two parts horizontally or vertically.

SpeedCommander has built-in full Unicode support, multi-tabbing support, virtual folders, batch operations, and macros. The file manager has a built-in viewer for more than 80 file types, a client for connecting via FTP, FTP-SSL, SFTP, a built-in text editor with syntax support, plugins that expand the program’s capabilities are supported.

The program works with 13 types of archives (unpacking, packing), the application has a built-in powerful encryption system and file password protection. SpeedCommander can synchronize data in folders, compare data in folders and files, the file manager has tools for grouping and filtering, etc.

SpeedCommander is a paid program developed in Germany (SpeedProject). To support the Russian language, you need to install the crack.

oMega Commander

oMega Commander is a powerful file manager with many useful features. The capabilities of the application are extended with the help of plugins. oMega Commander has a friendly, fully customizable interface.

The main features of oMega Commander: ribbon interface, transfer, rename, format tapes, open files in different programs, color grouping of tabs, pinning and saving tabs, file flags, highlighting files by type, multi-window interface, list of favorite windows, smart copy, work with archives, as with regular folders, secure deletion of data without the possibility of recovery, cutting and merging files, multifunctional search, built-in editor, free space control and much more.

oMega Commander is a paid program with Russian language support (developer – LLC).

Unreal Commander

Unreal Commander is a free two-pane file manager with extensive functionality. The program in operation and in appearance is similar to Total Commander. Plugins created for Total Commander (except file system plugins) are supported in Unreal Commander.

Unreal Commander can synchronize folders, batch renaming of files is supported, basic types of archives are supported, an integrated FTP client, an advanced search panel, a media player, a preview of files in the form of thumbnails, a quick view with built-in tools, checking file checksums, utilities for downloading and backup and more.

The developer of Unreal Commander is Max Diesel. The program supports the Russian language. To enable the full-featured mode, you need to get a free license key.


FreeCommander is a free powerful two-pane (horizontal or vertical panel) file manager. The program supports many tabs, but can also work in single-pane mode.

FreeCommander can work with archives, check file checksums, perform directory comparison and synchronization, quick search, the application has a built-in DOS command console, supports bulk file renaming, permanent deletion of files, screenshots and much more.

The FreeCommander program was created by a developer from Poland – Marek Jasinski, the application works in Russian.

Double Commander

Double Commander is a free file manager with a two-window interface. The program works on different platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD).

Double Commander has built-in tools for bulk file renaming and synchronization, all operations are performed in the background, tab support is implemented, a built-in file viewer, thumbnail view, work with archives, advanced file search, including regular expressions, a function to suspend file operations , there is support for some plugins for Total Commander, etc.

The Double Commander program was created by a team of developers from Russia who are striving to create a file manager similar in functionality to Total Commander.

Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a powerful multi-window dual-pane file manager. In addition to performing standard operations, the program has additional functionality.

The free Multi Commander program supports plug-ins, works with archives, built-in utilities for working with images, tools for working with audio files, it is possible to customize the appearance of the program to suit your needs, operations are performed in the background, a built-in registry editor, an FTP client, implemented scripting support, etc.

The Multi Commander program works in Russian (developer – Mathias Svensson).


XYplorer is a functional file manager designed as a replacement for File Explorer. The program has two versions: the full version of XYplorer Pro (paid) and the version with limited functionality XYplorer Free (free).

XYplorer supports work in an unlimited number of multitabs, the application has a customizable interface in single-pane or dual-pane mode, many additional tools and functions are built into the program, there is a rollback of changes, viewing multimedia files, comparing and renaming files, support for scripts and batch operations, calculation and display folder size, advanced search, synchronization between directories, viewing properties and editing file tags, it is possible to assign tags and color labels to files, etc.

Developer XYplorer – Donald Lessau, the program supports the Russian language.

Directory Opus

Directory Opus is a file manager designed for Commodore AMIGA computers that have their own operating systems installed. In the future, the program began to be used as an alternative to Windows Explorer.

The Directory Opus program has customizable toolbars, a two-pane interface with a folder tree, the ability to replace Explorer, it is possible to change interface colors, there is an advanced search function, search for duplicate files, virtual folder technology works, you can configure file and folder synchronization in the application, FTP works , viewing of graphic files is implemented, plug-ins are supported, slide shows can be launched, etc.

Directory Opus is a paid program, developed in Australia (GPSoftware), supports Russian.


Q-Dir is a free file manager with an unusual four-pane interface. The user can change the interface of the program, leaving only one, two or three windows in a horizontal or vertical arrangement.

Q-Dir integrates with Explorer in the context menu, the program has a built-in magnifier, you can quickly navigate to favorite folders, color highlighting of different file types works, the program is tiny (less than 2 MB), etc.

The Q-Dir program works in Russian (developer from Germany – Nenad Hrg).

Article Conclusions

The top 10 file managers: Total Commander, SpeedCommander, oMega Commander, Unreal Commander, FreeCommander, Double Commander, Multi Commander, XYplorer, Directory Opus, Q-Dir can successfully replace Explorer, the standard Windows file manager.

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