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Your Guide to Chrome Cleanup Tool for a Safer Web Browsing Experience

 Say goodbye to unwanted software and enhance your browser’s performance with the Chrome Cleanup Tool. To ensure a seamless and secure online experience, Google provides a valuable tool known as the Chrome Cleanup Tool. This tool acts as a guardian, helping users eliminate unwanted software and enhance their browser’s performance. 

Chrome Cleanup Tool is a tool for cleaning the Google Chrome browser from suspicious applications, as a result of which the normal operation of the browser is restored. The Chrome Cleanup Tool was developed by Google to remove applications that interfere with the browser and to reset the browser settings.

Over time, the Google Chrome browser may experience problems: slow operation, freezes, independent opening of web pages on the Internet, the start page may be changed, the search engine may be replaced, new toolbars appear in the browser, incomprehensible ads open, etc. The situation is as follows: the browser obviously began to work worse, and the user seems to have changed nothing in the browser settings.

The reason for this, most often, is third-party applications that are secretly installed on a computer or in a browser that change Google Chrome settings. Such applications have a negative impact on the browser, making it difficult to use the web browser normally.

Chrome Cleanup Tool (formerly Software Removal Tool for Google Chrome) restores the browser in case of problems in its operation. The utility scans the browser for suspicious applications that can cause problems in Chrome, and if detected, it will prompt the user to remove them.

The Chrome Cleanup Tool can be downloaded at from the official Google website. The program does not require installation on a computer, the application runs on the Windows operating system.

In addition to a separate application, the Chrome Cleanup tool is built into the Google Chrome browser and must be launched manually from the browser settings.

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Search and Remove Programs in Chrome Cleanup Tool

Download the application and then run the cleanup tool exe file. After that, the Chrome cleanup tool will start looking for suspicious files.

If unwanted apps are found, the Chrome Cleanup Tool will prompt you to remove them. Nothing suspicious was found on my computer.

In both cases, the application will prompt the user to click on the “Continue” button.

Next, the Google Chrome browser will launch on the chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings page. A Reset Settings window will open, prompting you to reset your browser settings .

You can accept this offer or refuse. Resetting the settings often helps to restore the functionality of the browser.

In the case of a reset, the settings of the start page will be reset to default values, the default search engine will be enabled, tabs will be unpinned, all extensions will be disabled, the cache, temporary files and cookies will be deleted.

After completion of work, the cleanup tool.exe utility will be automatically removed from the computer.

Pay attention to the articles that describe different ways to solve problems with the browser.

Running Chrome Cleanup in Google Chrome Browser

Chrome Cleanup tool in Google Chrome browser is powered by ESET Online Scanner . The tool goes and removes the malicious software from the computer.

First you need to enter the browser settings to run the tool. Before checking, you should update your browser to the new version.

1 way:

Enter in the address bar of the browser: “chrome://settings/cleanup” (without quotes).

2 way:

  1. Enter the browser settings, click on the “Main menu” icon in the upper left corner of the page window.
  2. In the “Settings” sidebar, click on “Advanced”.
  3. Click on “Reset and Remove Malware”.
  4. Select Remove Malware from Computer.

Opposite the “Find and remove malware” option, click on the “Find” button. After that, the process of searching for malware will begin. The verification will take some time.

As a result of the check, if something is found, remove dangerous applications from the computer.

Article Conclusions

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is used to find and remove unwanted applications that interfere with the normal operation of the Google Chrome browser. After the Chrome cleanup is complete, the browser settings will return to their default values.


Is the Chrome Cleanup Tool the same as antivirus software?

No, the Chrome Cleanup Tool is not a replacement for antivirus software. It focuses specifically on identifying and removing software that may affect the Chrome browser.

Does the tool remove my saved passwords or bookmarks?

No, the Chrome Cleanup Tool is designed to target unwanted software and doesn’t interfere with your saved passwords, bookmarks, or other browser settings.

How often should I use the Chrome Cleanup Tool?

It’s recommended to use the tool when you experience issues with unwanted software or notice a decline in browser performance. Regular usage is not necessary unless needed.

Can I use the Chrome Cleanup Tool on other browsers?

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is specifically designed for Google Chrome. Other browsers may have their own cleanup tools or features.

 What should I do if the tool doesn’t resolve my browser issues?

If the Chrome Cleanup Tool doesn’t address your concerns, consider running a reputable antivirus or antimalware scan to ensure comprehensive protection.

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