How to fix error code 200_19000 in Fall Guys?

A quick troubleshooting guide to fix Fall Guys Error 200—19000

Are you also facing the frustrating error 2119000 in the fall, guys? I can ensure that you can take the following steps to address and resolve this issue. Dive into the comprehensive guide that offers step-by-step solutions to fix the problem smoothly.

Epic Games account error code 200_19000 is a fairly common problem for Fall Guys players. Of course, after the appearance of an error, further play is impossible. So what’s the problem? Let’s go through the list of potential causes:

  • Epic Online services have stopped working;
  • slow Internet connection;
  • Fall Guys game files are corrupted;
  • antivirus / firewall prevents the game from working;
  • an outdated version of Microsoft Visual C++.


  • Solving error 200_19000 in Fall Guys
    • 1. Checking the Internet connection
    • 2. Restart Epic Online Services
    • 3. Checking the integrity of Fall Guys files
    • 4. Reinstall Epic Online Services
    • 5. Disable antivirus and create an exception in the firewall
    • 6. Install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++

Solving error 200_19000 in Fall Guys

1. Checking the Internet connection

Needless to say, in order to play Fall Guys, you need to have a network connection on your computer, and a fairly stable one at that. Restart your router, connect an Ethernet cable directly to your PC, run the system troubleshooter, and do your best to get your Internet up and running. Especially don’t forget to pause the download of e.g. movies or toys in the background!

2. Restart Epic Online Services

In order for Fall Guys to connect normally to its game servers, Epic Online services must be running on the user’s computer. Without these services, you can simply forget about online play. You can restart these services through a common list with all other services:

  • press WIN + S to call the system search engine;
  • write the query “Services” and select the result found;
  • find the service “Epic Online Services” in the list and double-click on it;
  • read the status of the service and click on the “Start” button, then – “Stop”;

Note: Epic Games services are started manually, not automatically. However, if you see that they are active even when you are not trying to connect to the game session, click on the “Stop” button and change the startup type to “Manual” (if necessary).

  • close all windows.

Go to Fall Guys and check for error 200_19000.

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3. Checking the integrity of Fall Guys files

Typically, video game file corruption can result in crashes, freezes, and performance degradation, but in quite rare cases, it can also cause network errors. Perhaps you have the same problem. To run the Fall Guys Integrity Check on Steam, you need to do the following:

  • launch the Steam client;
  • go to the personal games library;
  • right-click on Fall Guys and select “Properties …”;
  • go to the “Local files” tab and click on the “Check the integrity of game files …” button;
  • wait for the files to be checked and restored.

Running a file integrity check in the Epic Games client is carried out in almost the same way:

  • launch the Epic Games client;
  • switch to the “Library” tab;
  • click next to the cover of Fall Guys on ••• and select “Management”;
  • then click on the “Check files” button and wait for the recovery process to complete.

After restoring your game files, try connecting to a Fall Guys session. This solution rarely helps to get rid of network errors, but it’s definitely worth a try.

4. Reinstall Epic Online Services

In some cases, just restarting the Epic Online services is not enough – you need to completely reinstall them. It sounds serious, but in fact, even not the most experienced user will cope with such a task. You don’t have to dig into system settings, registry editor or anything like that. All you have to do is uninstall the Epic Games client from your computer.

  • Find and open the classic Control Panel using the system search bar;
  • in the “Programs” section, click on the “Uninstall a program” item;
  • find “Epic Games Launcher” in the list of installed programs, right-click on it and select “Uninstall”;
  • do the same for “Epic Online Services”;
  • open the system Explorer and go to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\ ;
  • find the EpicOnlineServices folder and delete it;
  • restart your PC;
  • install the Epic Games client again.

If you play Fall Guys through Steam, then you still need to get rid of the Epic Online services and their folder on the system drive partition. Once you’re done, go into Fall Guys and check for error 200_19000.

5. Disable antivirus and create an exception in the firewall

Unfortunately, Fall Guys files, such as an executable file (EXE) or some libraries (DLL), can be blocked by the Windows system antivirus. In addition, the very connection to the game servers can also be blocked, but only by the system firewall.

  • Press WIN + S and enter the query “Protection from viruses and threats”;
  • go down a little lower on the window and click on “Open application”;
  • move the corresponding switch to the “Off” position;
  • return to the previous window and go to the “Firewall and network security” tab;
  • click on the item “Allow applications through the firewall”;
  • add Fall Guys and Steam / EGS to the list, then give them permissions for private and public networks;
  • save your changes.

Note: Unfortunately, you will have to deal with third-party antiviruses and firewalls on your own. However, setting them up should not be particularly difficult: carefully read the settings sections and activate the necessary parameters.

6. Install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++

The Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries Redistributable Package is a critical component for running most Windows applications, including Fall Guys. The latter, by the way, may refuse to connect to game sessions normally if some Microsoft Visual C ++ libraries are missing on the user’s computer. We strongly recommend that you reinstall existing packages of these libraries to resolve potential issues.

You can remove all versions of Microsoft Visual C++ packages in the same Control Panel, as we demonstrated above. You can install the latest supported Microsoft Visual C++ libraries directly from the official Microsoft support site .

Error 200_19000 is no doubt a serious issue for Fall Guys players, but it is quite easy to fix, especially if you follow the methods above.


What is error code 200–2040 in Fall Guys?

If you receive this error, try verifying the game files and restarting the game. Then, demonstrating the morality of your game files will help you compare the files on your computer with the ones on the Epic servers. If you see that some files are different, they will be repaired or changed, and your saved data will not be affected.

How do you solve the Fall Guys Error?

First, verify your system meets the requirement, clear the cache, and verify your game files. After that, run the Epic games launcher or Steam client as an administrator, or you can also update your video card drivers. Update network drivers and turn off background applications. Reinstall or repair visual C++ redistributable.

Is Fall Guys bad?

Fall Guys is based on comedic and funny game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipe Out. It’s still comedic and entertaining to play, but it also comes with much stress.

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