What’s the latest on the game Fall Guys?

More and more people have been staying at her house for some time now, and what better than games of FIFA and Call of Duty on her console to pass the time with her friends.

In addition, the content streaming sector, especially on the Twitch live platform, has seen audience records unmatched in years of existence.

Nevertheless, if there is one game that has stood out during this period, it would undoubtedly be fall guys ultimate knockout for many reasons.

We will see in this article all the information about the game fall guys ps4.

The video game industry: a real economic rebound

Young and old snap up the latest video games in physical stores, as well as on online stores such as Steam and Epic Games.

Nevertheless, this period of COVID-19 has pushed the development of many video games, and has upset the Hardware world and the video game industry in some way.

To play a video game, you absolutely must have a game console, a gamer central unit or a gamer laptop.

Games these days are more and more demanding when it comes to gaming PCs, but optimizing them on consumer consoles is a whole different story.

The latest generation consoles, as well as dedicated graphics cards for gaming are out of stock worldwide, pushing consumers to redirect to the second-hand market and the penultimate releases in terms of game consoles , namely the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Some video games have taken advantage of this health crisis to make themselves known, such as the famous game Fall Guys, which became known to the general public during the summer of 2020.

Fall Guys: a unique battle royale

For several years now, Battle Royale-themed games have been a real hit with players.

PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone are the perfect examples that illustrate the attractiveness of this type of games, and the creators of Fall Guys were able to draw inspiration to create a unique game.

Fall guys is a game where 60 people connected to the same server fight to reach the finish line.

Each time a person fails a test, they are automatically put back on the starting line.

Many streamers have experienced a large number of new Twitch subscribers thanks to this game.

The Devolver studio, behind Fall Guys, has taken advantage of the COVID-19 crisis, as its game was only successful six months after its release in February 2020.

It was mainly discovered on the live platform Twitch, after some streamers tested it, which caused a lot of noise on this game.

To buy fall Guys , just redirect to the Steam platform.

For a while, it was considered the best video game release of 2020, and was perfect for summer nights out with friends.

A delayed PS4 release

When first released in February 2020, fall guys ultimate knockout was aimed at PC gamers, and it was very undemanding to run.

It is not a free game for PC, nevertheless it cost the sum of 20 euros when it was released.

You could easily connect an Xbox one controller to your PC to enjoy the same gaming experience as on the console.

Nevertheless, the release of fall guys on ps4 was made on August 4, 2020, to attract as many players as possible.

The small studio was so successful that the game servers were quickly saturated, with millions of players connected simultaneously.

The opinion of the editorial staff on Fall Guys

The Devolver studio was able to hit very hard, by offering a game:

  • Funny
  • staggered
  • Unpublished
  • Animated

Nevertheless, to maintain the growth of the game, it is important to know how to innovate, by offering new maps and new game modes, which are sorely lacking in this game.

Estimates show there’s been a huge drop in player numbers in just one year, but we can’t really blame them, as Devolver wasn’t ready to see such a big hit.

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