Kinect Xbox one: total immersion in your favorite video games!

Microsoft revolutionized the way we play console games by developing the Kinect. The Kinect replaces your video game controllers with your body. This motion detection accessory will allow you total immersion in your video games, more real than life!

Indeed, all your actions will be reproduced identically in your favorite video games for an optimal experience.

Dancing, playing sports, or even fighting zombies in front of your TV has become possible thanks to the Kinect Xbox One!

Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary peripheral for Xbox One.

What is the Kinect?

The Kinect is a high-tech accessory that adapts to your Microsoft Xbox type hardware to allow you an optimal gaming experience.

This tool is a kind of camera that will capture all your movements to reproduce them in various video games.

This high-tech peripheral was developed for Microsoft PCs, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. But how to use the Kinect?

  • You will need to get an Xbox One Kinect game as not all games have been developed for this project;
  • place the various Xbox One Kinect sensors to define your play area;
  • all you have to do is gesticulate with your arms and legs to play your different games;
  • thanks to motion recognition, the Kinect will capture all your gestures to use them in video games.

The advantage of the Kinect is that you will have to exert yourself in the different games to hope to win the best score and therefore practice a physical activity. Some ranges of Kinect games are even devoted to sport, perfect for practicing regular physical activity, without leaving home or spending a penny.

What is the difference between an Xbox 360 Kinect and an Xbox One Kinect?

The Xbox One is the latest console developed by Microsoft that guarantees you a breathtaking video game experience .

Compared to its big sister Xbox 360, the Xbox One console is lighter, faster, with a Bluray drive and doubled storage capacity of 500 GB, which will allow you to store even more video games.

The Kinect was created as a base for the Xbox 360 to improve its performance and give a second life to this video game console.

With the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has developed a Kinect 2.0 for an ever more immersive gaming experience.

Here are the improvements made for the Xbox One Kinect:

  • faster ;
  • super responsive;
  • more immersive game perspectives;
  • compatible with Skype and other social media applications;
  • more powerful voice control.

The Kinect is mandatory in the Xbox One Pack, while for the Xbox 360, the Kinect is only an optional accessory that can be purchased separately.

The only weak point of the Xbox One Kinect, which fans regret, is that the Kinect does not automatically connect to the Xbox One S and X.

You will therefore need to get an adapter to be able to play Kinect games on Xbox One S.

Our selection of games for Kinect Xbox one

Kinect games are a hit with console gamers of all ages. They allow you to move, provide an exceptional gaming experience, as if you were there, and above all make you have a good time with friends or family.

If you’re looking for a cool Kinect game to take your mind off things or entertain your friends, here’s our favorite selection of the best Xbox One Kinect games.

just dance

Just Dance is the essential dance game that will get you moving to the latest titles with fun choreographies, ideal for having fun with family and friends and transforming your living room into a dance floor.

Kinect Sports Rivals

  • This multisport game developed by Microsoft, allows you to practice various physical activities without leaving your home;
  • between tennis, soccer, boxing, and even jet ski racing, you’re sure to become a professional sportsman with the Kinect Sports Rivals.


Minecraft is a famous construction game that exists on PC and console and allows you to build your own world, alone or with friends, block by block.

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