When will cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer be available?

Nowadays, the video game industry is taking a very large scale in the world. Some video games have been very successful since the health crisis, such as Free Fire Garena, Fall Guys or Among Us, but they remain above all small video games intended for the general public. The biggest video game enthusiasts prefer polished video games with a great story to tell, and cyberpunk 2077 multi is no exception. We will see in this article all the necessary information about it.

CD Projekt: a video game giant

The Polish studio CD Projekt has been known for several years now in the field of video games for the high quality of the products it offers.

He became known mainly thanks to his legendary saga in the world of video games, The Witcher. Its video games are available on PC platforms and various game consoles.

It is therefore quite normal to expect a true masterpiece from a studio of this size, and Cyberpunk’s rating has been steadily increasing for several years. It is even considered to be the most publicized and anticipated video game by the community of video game players. A very big pressure was felt by the CD Projekt studio, to the point of having to release their video game in advance, in December 2020, when it was scheduled for a later date.

What is Cyberpunk 2077?

First of all, you should know that gameplay cyberpunk 2077 is a triple AAA (first person shooter) FPS game, based on the model of Farcry or Call of Duty, but with a much more advanced story mode.

As its name suggests, this game takes place in a way in a setting of the future, where men become highly dependent on technology of all kinds, to the point where the latter will take a frightening place in their lives.

The story of this game takes place mainly in Northern California, in the heart of Night city, a city heavily corrupted by the ultra capitalist model. You will be directly immersed in a futuristic world in which humans become robots in disguise.

You will be forced to do various quests and missions to successfully gain fame and acquire new weapons and abilities, such as remote hacking and certain features.

The more you progress in the game, the more you will attract the attention of malicious people who seek to be in your shoes. You will be able to watch Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay directly on YouTube to see the story of the game.

One of the most demanding games of all time

Cyberpunk 2077 is a very heavily worked game in terms of graphics from CD Projekt. The details of the video game are at the height of its fame, to the point of believing in reality when you put the graphics of the game to the maximum.

It has long been described as the “console killer”. Even on the most advanced PC specs, this game is very hard to run, and you’ll need a pretty good spec to hopefully run it well.

The minimum configuration to run this game on a PC is 3rd generation Intel core i5 (3570k), a GTX 780 and 8gb of ram, representing a fairly advanced configuration.

If you have a very powerful configuration, you can easily run this game at over 120 frames per second with the graphics at maximum, and you will enjoy an extremely smooth gaming experience if you have a gaming monitor with a rate. refresh rate of at least 144 hz.

Will there be a multiplayer mode in the future?

It should be noted that for the moment, this video game does not have a multiplayer mode. While many players are clamoring for this long-awaited mode in this game, CD Projekt announces that it will not be available until 2022 for various reasons, namely:

  • Wanting to offer a unique experience;
  • A limited workforce;
  • The development of a new technology.

All of these reasons prompted CD Projekt to push back the cyberpunk 2077 release date online. Some rumors claim that there will be no multiplayer mode available for this game.

The cooperation mode on cyberpunk 2077 or cyberpunk 2077 coop is therefore not likely to exist for a long time.

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