How to duplicate items in Minecraft

Spend some of your free time playing Minecraft , exploring the game world far and wide. Going around looking for resources for your projects and constructions is a very time-consuming activity but, despite this, you usually don’t give up. Unfortunately, however, you have come across a project that requires so many resources that you don’t have the time to be able to collect them all.

How do you say? Things are actually this way and, therefore, are you wondering how to duplicate objects in Minecraft ? Then you will be happy to know that this operation is absolutely feasible and that you have come to the right place at the right time, since in today’s guide I will explain just how to perform this operation in the different game modes. And

Secondly, I will also give you suggestions on some alternative methods to achieve this goal. I would say, therefore, to put aside the chatter and immediately start reading this tutorial. Are you ready? Well, then make yourself comfortable and carefully read all the advice I have prepared for you: you will find everything explained below!


  • How to duplicate objects in Creative Minecraft
  • Tricks to duplicate objects in Minecraft
  • How to duplicate items in multiplayer Minecraft
  • Other methods of duplicating objects in Minecraft

How to duplicate objects in Creative Minecraft

If you are interested in how to duplicate items in Creative Minecraft , you should know that in this game mode you do not need such a feature, as you already have full access to all items: you just need to access your avatar’s inventory. and you will get everything you want.

To view the items in the inventory, open the inventory using the E key on the keyboard (on PC), the button with the three dots (on mobile devices) or the top key on the controller ( triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox One and X on Nintendo Switch).

After opening the inventory, you can find everything you need via the tabs at the top and bottom: Building Blocks , Decorations , Redstone , Transportation , Miscellaneous , Food , Tools , Combat and Distillation . In case you can’t find an item, select the Search tab and use the appropriate text box to search for what you need.

At this point, press on the icon of the object of your interest and move it to the quick bar , so that you can use it at any time. Alternatively, after selecting the object, move to the Inventory tab and add it to one of the free slots. All used items will never be consumed and, therefore, you will be able to use them unlimitedly.

Tricks to duplicate objects in Minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft Survival mode , you should know that it is not possible to duplicate or obtain items without resorting to gimmicks. A few examples? First you can resort to using bugs or exploits , but for this topic I recommend reading my next chapter .

Now, however, I want to talk to you about the use of tricks , through which you can easily manage to get all the items you want. First, however, it is necessary to enable the use of commands: an operation that changes according to the edition of Minecraft you are playing.

To activate the commands on Minecraft Java Edition for PC , press the Esc key on the keyboard during a game session and then select the items Open in LAN> Commands from the menu that opens, then change the appropriate wording from No to Yes and click on the button Open the world in LAN , to confirm.

On Minecraft Bedrock Edition (available for Windows 10 and later, mobile devices and consoles), instead, press the pause key , select the Settings item from the menu and choose the Game tab . Among the options on the screen, find the one called Tricks and move the lever next to the word Activate the tricks to ON .

Now, what you need to do is use the Give command . Open the command console using the T key (for the Java / Bedrock version on PC) or press on the balloon icon (for the Bedrock Edition). At this point, type the command /give @p [oggetto] [quantità]. Instead of [quantity] you will have to enter a numerical value (don’t overdo this value, but stick to a few hundred at most).

Instead of the [object] parameter , instead, you have to type the name of the object you want to get. As soon as you enter the term @p followed by a space , you are shown a list of objects in alphabetical order. If you don’t know exactly the name of the object you are interested in, simply scroll through the list to identify it.

For example, if you want 200 white cinder blocks, all you have to do is type in the string /give @p white_concrete 200. Simple, right?

How to duplicate items in multiplayer Minecraft

In Minecraft multiplayer , you can’t access Creative mode tools, nor can you use cheats. What you can do, however, is to use some bugs or exploits that usually occur when new versions of the game are released.

In general, I don’t recommend using such a gimmick in multiplayer mode, to avoid incurring any bans. Playing fair without the use of gimmicks is the best solution to ensure a “clean” game for the entire community of the server you are playing on.

In any case, if you want to deepen this topic, I recommend reading the next chapter , where I will tell you about the methods just mentioned, which you can put into practice to be able to duplicate objects on Minecraft.

Other methods of duplicating objects in Minecraft

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll have guessed that the methods outlined in the previous chapters are the ones that ensure you can easily duplicate items in Minecraft. However, when a new version of Minecraft is released, there is a chance that some programming error will allow players to be able to duplicate items.

I reiterate that this is an unsafe and “risky” method , because the bug could be corrected in later versions by the developers so that it can no longer be used and, in the case of the multiplayer game, it could lead to penalties or even the closure of the account . Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Anyway, if you want to know more about this topic, you can read all the methods indicated in the Minecraft Wiki in English, in which you can find all the information you need to duplicate objects in Minecraft .


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