Guide: How to Sell Items in New World

If you have been playing New World for a long time, then a lot of unnecessary things have probably accumulated in your inventory. Naturally, the first thought that comes to mind is to sell all this stuff in order to get some money. There is just a problem: there are no NPC traders in the game.
Still, you can sell things, and in two ways: through interaction with another player or using a trading post. We will briefly tell you how to do this.

How to sell items to another player in New World

The easiest and most cost effective way to get rid of junk. True, it is not suitable for introverts, because you have to interact directly with other players. 
  1. Go to the other player, and press H .
  2. In the menu that appears, select ” Trade”.
  1. Wait for the player to agree to your offer to trade. If nothing happens within 10 seconds, then try again, possibly with another person.
  2. If the player agrees, an exchange window will appear. Drag the items you want to sell to the box under the ” Send ” (1). The price can be specified in the field below (2) .
  3. When you have selected everything you need, click on the ” Trade” button (3).

How to use a trading post  Trading the Post) in the New World

A little more complicated course of action for those who do not want to chat with other people – use a trading post ( Trading the Post) . You can find it in any settlement (the post is marked with a symbol in the form of weights on the map).

  1. Interact with a trading post to open the corresponding menu.
  2. By default, products sold by other players are displayed. Do not rush to leave this tab – on it you can see for what money what you want to cook on is being sold. To filter products, click on the items indicated in the screenshot. Market analysis will help you understand what price tags to put on your items. For example, if you want to get rid of an item as soon as possible, set the price slightly below market value.
  3. When you know everything you need to, click on the ” Sell ” tab Select the item you want to sell and click the “Place Sell Order” button .
  4. Indicate the quantity and price. If you sell yourself at a loss (which can happen due to high taxes), the game will issue a warning.
You will have to pay a small tax to sell items at the Trading Post. It will depend on how long the item has been in office and on the size of payments established by the ruling faction. You can reduce the tax by increasing your status.
  1. Items for sale will appear in the ” My Orders ” tab .
  2. If the item is not selling in any way, do not worry – it can be put up for sale at a point of sale in another city.

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