Genshin Impact Guide: Best Builds, Weapons, Artifacts

This renowned leader of the Arataka gang will lead your party in unbridled fun in the vastness of Inazuma – and more! Add a couple more Geo characters to his assistants, and this descendant of oni, “swift as the wind and dazzling like lightning”, will scatter your enemies all over Teiwat!
Let’s figure out how to turn the long-awaited Itto into a deadly dangerous damage dealer.

Strengths and weaknesses of Arataka Itto


  • High base crit. chance.
  • High damage of charged attacks under the influence of Incredible power from normal attacks and “yeshki”.
  • Elemental skill provokes enemies.
  • Ulta increases all outgoing damage.


  • The high cost of the ultimate.
  • We’ll have to keep track of the order of attacks and learn how to carry out combos in order to inflict maximum damage.
  • Low effectiveness against elemental shields.

Arataka Itto’s abilities

Itto deals most of the damage with main and charged attacks, so first of all, we swing them. Then comes the ultimate, which, unlike Raiden’s ultimate , does not replace the main attacks, but only increases their damage. After that, we download the “eshka”.

Main Attack – Fight Club Legend

Normal attack – up to four slashing sword strikes. When the second blow hits the enemy, the character gets 1 lvl. Effect Incredible power , on hit of the fourth hit – 2 levels. Incredible strength can stack up to 5 times. Each time it is triggered, the duration is refreshed for all levels of Incredible Strength .
In addition, the combo of normal attacks does not reset for a short period after the launch of the elemental skill Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Blast or Sprint.
Charged attack – if the character has Incredible Strength , then by holding the charged attack button, you can deliver Arataki Kasagiri’s slashing blows without spending stamina. Each hit of Arataka Kasagiri consumes 1 lvl. Incredible strength . When the last level of Incredible Strength is consumed, Itto inflicts an especially powerful blow.
If there are no accumulated levels of Incredible Strength , Itto performs a single Saitimonji Slash .
Falling attack – plummets to the ground, attacking all enemies on the way. After landing, it deals area damage.

Elemental Skill – Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Blast!

Throws the red bull of Wuxi, a freelance fighter of the Arataka gang, who deals damage to Geo’s enemies. When Wuxi hits the enemy, Arataki Itto gets 1 lvl. Incredible strength .
Wuxi remains on the battlefield to support:
  • Wuxi teases enemies, distracting them;
  • its max. HP depends on the max HP of Arataka Itto;
  • when Wuxi takes damage, Arataki Itto gets lvl 1. Incredible strength (no more than once every 2 seconds);
  • when Wuxi runs out of HP or its duration comes to an end, he disappears, adding Arataki Itto lvl 1. Incredible strength .
Long press allows you to adjust the direction of Wuxi’s throw on the field.
Wuxi is considered a Geo construct. Itto can only have one of his Wuxi at a time.

Elemental Explosion (Ulta) – Appearance of the King: Itto the Cruel!

For a while, Itto allows his inner Furious King oni to manifest and uses the oni king in the Kanabo battle.
This status is characterized by the following properties:
  • normal and charged attacks, as well as attacks in the fall, deal Geo damage. This effect cannot be reversed by other infusions;
  • the speed of Arataka Itto’s ordinary attacks increases, the attack power increases in proportion to his defense;
  • Itto gains one level of Incredible Strength for hitting an enemy with the first or third hit of a combo attack;
  • all types of elemental resistance and physical. Arataka Itto’s resistances are reduced by 20%.
They are removed from the Rage King status if Itto leaves the battlefield.

Passive skills

  • Arataki Ichiban – When Itto performs a series of attacks with Arataki kesagiri (a charged attack that uses stacks of normal attacks), the following effects are in effect:
    • each attack increases the attack speed of the next attack in a series by 10%. Maximum attack speed increase – 30%;
    • the resistance to interruption increases. These effects disappear when the streak is interrupted.
  • Inheritance of the Crimson Oni – Arataka Kasagiri’s damage is increased by 35% of Arataka Itto’s defense.
  • Lumberjack – squad members have a 25% chance to get additional wood when chopping trees.

The best constellations for Arataki Itto

This item is intended for those who are ready to invest money in the game in order to gain constellations from the characters. Let’s say right away that Itto is good without constellations – but, like Raiden , he becomes much more effective when they are present, causing even more damage.
C1 looks very attractive, as it lengthens the series of charged attacks under the influence of Incredible Power due to the additional stacks that are added automatically. Accordingly, the total damage per second also grows.
C2 does not directly affect the damage dealt, however, it facilitates the accumulation of energy for the ultimate, which is desirable to use on cooldown. A mistake was made in the Russian localization of the description of C2 – it is possible that it will be corrected by the time the article is published. Below is the correct translation from the English version of the game. For the maximum effect from this constellation, there must be at least three Geo characters in the group (Itto himself also counts).
C4 is designed to buff the entire group, although the gain is not that great: the team receives only + 20% defense and attack power for 10 seconds after Itto’s ultimate. In general, this is convenient for increasing the effectiveness of supports: during the duration of the bonus, you can have time to squeeze out all the skills of the support characters.
The last, sixth constellation looks extremely powerful. It will increase the crit. Damage from Itto’s charged attacks by 70%, and there will also be a 50% chance that they will not absorb a charge of Incredible Power . This means that the number of attacks in a combination can greatly increase. After reaching C6, you should think about gaining more crit. chance (75% and up) to balance the incredible crit gain. damage.
  1. Listen to my order. When you launch Apparition of the King: Itto the Cruel! Arataki Itto gains lvl 2. Incredible strength . After 1 sec. after the launch of Arataki, Itto begins to receive 1 lvl. Incredible strength every 0.5 sec. for 1.5 sec.
  2. All in a circle for a fight! After the launch of Apparition of the King: Itto the Cruel! the cooldown of the ability is reduced by 1.5 seconds. for each member of the squad with the Geo element, and Arataka Itto restores 6 units. elemental energy. This method can reduce the rollback by no more than 4.5 seconds. and restore no more than 18 units. energy.
  3. The bull by the horns. Increases the skill level of Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Blast! by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  4. Prison treat. After the Furious King status expires, they are from the Apparition of the King skill : Itto the Cruel! for 10 sec. all members of the squad nearby increase their defense by 20%, and their attack also increases by 20%.
  5. 10 years of fame for Hanamizaki. Increases the skill level Appearance of the King: Itto the Cruel! by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  6. Arataki Itto at your service! Crete. Arataka Itto’s Charged Attack Damage is increased by 70%. There is a 50% chance that launching Arataka Kasagiri does not consume Incredible Power.

How to play as Arataki Itto

The basic principle of playing as Itto is to fill stacks of Incredible Strength with regular attacks, and then clamp down on a charged attack in order to deliver a series of very strong hits that will spend those same stacks. Charges of Incredible Strength are awarded for hitting enemies with every 2nd and 4th normal attack, as well as for using an elemental skill. But under the influence of the ultimate, even the first and third attacks give Incredible power , so after a full series of normal attacks (one chain of animations) during the ultimate, you will receive the maximum charge for the next combo.
When Arataki Itto receives the buff of Incredible Strength , a ghost mask begins to glow behind him, the size of which determines the number of charges. After reaching five charges, the mask flares up and becomes its maximum size. This means that you are ready to use a combination of empowered attacks. The last attack deals increased damage and has a different animation.
Interestingly, in a short period of time, the combination of basic attacks is not disturbed by either a jerk or a “yeshka”, which allows you to combine skills for maximum results. For example, you can throw “eshka” and immediately hold down a charged attack – a powerful final blow of Arataki kesagiri will occur . At the moment, the ideal rotation for Itto is unknown, but everything is limited only by your imagination. The main thing is to remember to spend Incredible Power charges before accumulating new ones.
Arataki Itto can receive charges of Incredible Power , even while in the process of making a combo. All thanks to “eshke” – the bull she created provokes, forcing enemies to attack themselves. Each hit of enemy attacks on the bull grants one charge of Incredible Strength (no more than once every 2 seconds), and after the expiration of time or the destruction of the bull, one charge is also given.
It is difficult to use in real combat, including due to the increased attack speed (and protection against interruption) during a combo. But if the circumstances go well, you will have 1-2 more powerful hits. Arataka kesagiri’s final attack can be interrupted with a sprint or eshka after hitting to reduce the animation time and continue the fight.
“Yeshka” is best thrown under the influence of the ultimate, because the ultimate gives a buff to the attack, which is counted from Itto’s defense. Accordingly, in the ultimate and under this buff, the bull will deal more damage to enemies. Holding down “Yeshka”, you can choose the place where you want to throw the bull. This is quite important, because its radius of damage is not too high, in contrast to the damage. “Eshka” also gives elemental particles, which is very useful, because the cost of Itto’s ultimate is as much as 70 units of energy.
And the last detail: like the ults of some other heroes ( Raizor , Raiden , Eola , etc.), Itto’s ult is interrupted if you switch to another character during it. Therefore, the rotation of the skills of the whole team needs to be adjusted so that after activating Itto’s ultimate, it will be kept on the field for as long as possible.

Best weapon for Arataka Itto

Five Star Swords

Arataka Itto’s signature weapon and definitely a top-end variant – the Redhorn Stonecutter released in update 2.3 . At the moment, this is the only “golden” two-handed in the game with crit. damage, and even with a wild amount of it: 88.2% at level 90. In addition, it increases defense and damage from normal and charged attacks in proportion to defense, which is the best fit for Itto. A low base attack shouldn’t confuse you, because Itto’s final damage is much more dependent on his skill level and defense, rather than pure attack.
An optional option that can be used if energy recovery on artifacts is lacking is Celestial Majesty . This two-hander will make it easier to charge your ult, as well as passively increase all damage done. And the nice chance to create a blade that deals damage to everything in its path will add an element of light additional area damage to your already rampant gameplay. Basic attack is above average.

Four Star Swords

Here we have only two options, the first of which is the two-handed weapon from the Dragonbone Sword Battle Pass . This is by far the best 4 * option for Itto: it will give a nice boost to crit. chance, and will also increase all outgoing damage. The effectiveness of this sword increases significantly with the level of awakening. But if you take this sword, then try to provide the team with shields, because Itto’s ulta already reduces all his resistances by 20%, and then there is also increased incoming damage from the sword …
The Montenegrin Razor from Paimon is also a good option due to its high crit. weapon damage and a good passive for the attack power buff after the death of opponents (convenient against groups of enemies, but will not work in boss battles). Don’t forget to get some more crit. chance from artifacts if you are going to wear this two-handed sword.
If we talk about F2P options, then definitely the best choice would be the craft two-handed White Shadow . It will give a large increase to defense, as well as a stacking buff on defense and attack power, which is recruited from normal and charged attacks. But all crits will have to be collected from artifacts.

The best artifacts for Arataka Itto

The best option for Itto, which will give him maximum damage, is the new Cocoon of Sweet Dreams set . It enhances all the parameters Itto needs: + 30% protection from 2 pieces, as well as up to + 24% Geo damage and protection from a full set. A huge plus is that the 4-piece buff accumulates even when Itto is in your pocket. This can be used in the Twisted Abyss: just wait 12 seconds before starting the battle so that Itto starts the battle right away with maximum stacks (but for this he must be in the “pocket” – that is, anywhere except the first slot in the squad).
If you have lying around the ideal set pieces Counter Comet , they can also be used for Itto. But for this, the group will need a strong shield – for example, Zhong Li . 2 pieces of a set will give + 35% to the strength of the shield, and a full set – + 40% to the damage of normal and charged attacks.
A hybrid option is also possible: these are 2x Cocoons of sweet dreams (+ 30% protection) and 2x Archaic stones (+ 15% Geo damage).
  • Watch for% protection.
  • Cup for% Geo Damage.
  • Hat with crit. damage or crit chance /% defense (only if there are enough crits). It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% crit, we need to collect 100% crit. damage.

Top bonus stats, in order of priority:

  • crit chance / crit. damage;
  • protection;
  • energy recovery (approximately 120-140%, but the exact figure depends on the number of Geo heroes in your team: the more there are, the less you can invest in energy recovery).

Best companions for Arataki Itto

Itto’s main problem is his vulnerability during the use of the ult: leaving it to restore the shield or heal is undesirable, and the ult itself also cuts his resistance to damage. In a word, if you gape, you can quickly fall the death of the brave right in the middle of the ulta. This problem needs to be resolved, which means that you need a strong shield support or timely permanent healing. In addition, in a mono-Geo group (which is most beneficial for Itto), it can be difficult to break the elemental shields of opponents such as Void mages. Therefore, for the fourth slot in Itto’s group, it makes sense to take such an elemental support (or even a second damage dealer) who can solve this problem.
  • Zhong Li / Ning Guang / Albedo / Geo Traveler / Goro / another Geo character . For Itto, you can even make a team of some Geo characters, there is nothing wrong with that. But the variant with three Geo characters and one elemental support looks the best. Elemental resonance will give + 15% shield strength, + 15% damage under the shield, -20% Geo resistance of the enemy when hitting him. Zhong Li’s shield, Ning Guang’s screen, Albedo’s flower, Geo the traveler’s “eshka” and Goro’s battle standard – we have already mentioned all this in a recent guide about Noelle . The situation is similar here. But of all the heroes listed, the greatest increase in Itto’s damage will definitely be given by Goro, especially with three Geo characters on the team.
  • Fischl Bay Doe . This sparkling couple are frequent guests in some popular bands. Excellent damage from the “pocket” both to one target and to multiple opponents. Raven Fischl will do 80% damage for each Crystal reaction, and Bei Dou can even give Arataka a shield after using her ult if she has C1. However, this team will be deprived of the healer, so it makes sense to take Zhong Li as the second Geo character.
  • Mona / Kokomi / Lisa . Equipping one of these 3-star heroines with the Epic of Dragonslayer Catalyst can greatly benefit Arataka Itto. By switching from them to Itto, you will receive a serious buff on attack power for 10 seconds. And the additional damage from the “pocket” from all of them and the healing from Kokomi will obviously not be superfluous.
  • Dione. Heal and give us some badly needed Itto shields. If we are going to create Cryo resonance, then take one more “pocket” dps like a rosary or Keyi. Thanks to the resonance crit. the chance of hitting targets while under the influence of Cryo will be increased by 15%.
  • Bennett . Like any other damage dealer, Itto will appreciate Bennett’s presence on his team. Boosting attack and fast healing up to 70% will significantly increase both Itto’s damage and his survivability. The only problem will remain the positioning of Itto and opponents directly in the area of ​​effect of Bennett’s ulta.
  • Xiang Ling . If we add it to Bennett and take the second Geo, then we get the “National Geo team”. Two elemental resonances (remember, Pyro resonance gives + 25% attack power) work great together, splitting opponents into atoms.
  • If you have problems with energy recovery, you can take Raiden to the fourth position : she will restore ults to the whole team every rotation. In addition, this is a good option if the team does not have a shieldman: thanks to the constant application of Electro from Raiden’s “eshka”, you will be able to knock out crystals from enemies one by one. And if the team also has Goro, then under the influence of the ultimate he will attract crystals to himself every 1.5 seconds, renewing the shield.

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