JBL Quantum 350 Wireless: Explosive Sound Gaming Headset

Today we are testing an entry-class wireless headset for 9,990 rubles. For this amount, we are promised a complete absence of wires, up to 22 hours of operation without recharging and the signature JBL Quantum SOUND Signature sound signature .

Appearance and assembly

The package of the product is laconic: the box contains the headset itself, a removable microphone, a USB transmitter and a USB Type-A – Type-C cable for charging.
By design, the JBL Quantum 350 is a classic carrying bow with pivoting cups and a retractable headband. The main body material is textured matte plastic combined with gloss on the cups. Removable clip-on ear pads and headband padded with leatherette and padded with memory foam. From design solutions, we note the JBL logos on both cups, large orange letters L and R on their inner part and the same color lines along the entire length of the bearing arcs. These lines are actually wires that we decided to fit into the overall design like this. We have no complaints about the assembly: all parts fit very tightly and with minimal gaps, nothing creaks or dangles anywhere.
Now about the landing. To begin with, the headset is relatively small. On the outside of the bearing arcs, there are digital markings from one to six, so that it is easy to remember the desired position. If the Quantum 350 fits in size, it will sit confidently on the head. First of all, due to the weight: for a wireless model with a built-in battery, the headset is quite light – only 250 grams. Immediately, we note that her cups rotate 90 degrees towards themselves and 15 away from themselves and do not interfere when you hang headphones around your neck.
Let’s move on to management. It is organized conveniently: on the left cup there is a volume control wheel, a microphone on / off button, a USB Type-C input and a 2.5 mm removable microphone jack. On the right cup, there is only a power-on slider and an indicator that notifies of the headset’s readiness for work and a successful connection to the complete USB-transmitter. Note that the Quantum 350 Wireless works only with it: there is no 3.5 mm jack, and Type-C is used here only for charging (during which the headset continues to work). A full charge takes about two hours, but it lasts up to 22 hoursova music or games – exactly as much as officially promised.
Note that the headset also has a proprietary JBL Quantum ENGINE control program . The interface is logical, beautifully designed, and easy to understand. There is an equalizer with seven factory presets, each of which can be adjusted to suit your taste. There is an option to save user profiles, there is a microphone control menu, there is an indication of the battery charge in percentage, and, finally, it is possible to turn on the surround mode.


We approached the main thing – the sound. Two emitters with a diameter of 40 mm are responsible for it here, and the acoustic design of the headset is closed. Accordingly, there is passive sound insulation, but it cuts off mainly high frequencies, which means that mouse clicks and the beat of a mechanical keyboard will be heard in one way or another, but still quieter and much more muffled.
As for the sound itself, then with high frequencies, things are more or less normal: they are neatly “tidied up”, but sibilants (a sharp and unpleasant sound [s] in speech, as well as cymbals, shakers and cymbals in music) at times still crawl through. But there is so much bass that it almost completely takes out the middle frequencies. At the same time, the low register itself is not fast and biting, but rolling and slow. And taking into account the not very wide stage (all sounds are localized inside the head), all this leads to the fact that the headset goes well with nu metal and hip-hop: it rocks. Perhaps true bass lovers will also like drum’n’bass.
In the case of games, it all depends on the sound design of a particular project. In CS: GO , Valorant , Overwatch and Fortnite , where the sound is simple and transparent, there are no problems. For example, when in CS you stand in a pit at the length of De_Dust2 , you can clearly hear where the terrorists are, how many and where they are running: you can give your teammates reliable information. Headphones are also good in Call of Duty: Warzone : gamer models, as a rule, suffer a total fiasco here, but not this time. Yes, there is a lot of bass, and occasionally they overlap some rustles and steps, but in most cases it is difficult to ignore opponents. The Quantum 350 Wireless has shown itself equally well in PUBG andApex Legends .


The Quantum 350 Wireless has a standard dynamic microphone on a flexible detachable boom with a 2.5 mm jack and a convenient quick disconnect button. The sound is also as standard as possible, no worse and no better than any other headset in the mid-range. There is a pop filter and it works well: it confidently cuts off overloads from the letters [p] and breathing – teammates will not complain. You can listen to the microphone sound recording by clicking on this link.

Summarize. JBL Quantum 350 Wireless clearly fall into their price range: in terms of price, and in terms of sound, and in terms of software. Among the significant advantages are excellent build quality, complete absence of wires and support for almost all platforms except Xbox .


Type of acoustic design: covering, covered, 40-mm speakers
Connections: wireless connection via the USB 2.4 GHz transmitter-
resistance and sensitivity: 32 Ohm, 115 dB
Ergonomics : headband with manual adjustment, swivel cups
Materials : Plastic, leather
Included Accessories : USB Type-C cable for charging, USB transmitter
Weight : 240 g
Price for December 2021 : (108 $)

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