What components to create your gaming pc?

Do you want to easily play all kinds of games on your PC? Do you want to have good game graphics quality? If so, you probably know that several components of your PC need to be made more efficient. So find here information on the different components that make it possible to create a powerful gaming PC .

Bet on a processor, a motherboard and a large capacity RAM memory

For a game to run properly, you will need a processor with multiple cores. Depending on your budget, you can acquire a given number of hearts. However, if you want higher quality graphics, consider getting a processor with at least four (4) cores with a frequency of at least 2.5 Giga Hertz (GHz). Keep in mind that the i5 and i7 processors are the best. The processor usually comes with a fan, but if you opt for overclocking, you will have to think about having a cooling device. This is because overclocking increases power consumption and heats up the computer.

As for the motherboard, it must have a pocket compatible with the processor. Also, your motherboard should have large capacity and high frequency. The motherboard must also take into account the format and the number of modules of the RAM memory that you want to adapt to your PC. Go for high-end motherboards to avoid wireless connectivity issues. These motherboards have an integrated Wi-Fi card. To be able to install two graphics cards simultaneously, you will need specific cards. Note that this installation is not always easy. Good drivers and suitable software become necessary in this case. Also, since all the cards are integrated on the motherboard, you won’t need the sound card.

Also, RAMs come in many forms. For a better adaptation, you need a RAM memory corresponding to your motherboard. The difference of the RAMs makes it possible not to insert an incompatible RAM to your motherboard. However, 16 GB RAM will be more than enough to allow you to play well on your PC. Nevertheless, opt for a 32 GB RAM if you want to do several activities with your PC simultaneously.

Opt for a high capacity hard drive and graphics card

For gaming, you need a large capacity hard drive working at at least 7200 rpm and having a minimum of 8 to 16 MB hidden. Thus, prefer a hard disk with a capacity of 250 to 500 GB . To get a quality hard drive, plan a good budget to avoid buying cheaper hard drives and being disappointed soon after. In addition, for a faster loading of the game, you will have to think about acquiring an SSD.

If you want to have better video game images, you need to get one of the best graphics card models. So, in order not to have difficulties, you will need a graphics card that can broadcast at least 30 to 60 frames per second. The graphics card should also have a capacity of 2 to 4 GB. For virtual games, you need a 4 GB graphics card capable of generating at least 90 frames per second.

A screen and a housing adapted to other equipment

Enjoying your games to the full requires output equipment capable of displaying higher resolution images. For this, opt for a screen with the highest possible refresh rate (of course taking into account your budget). The refresh rate being the one that determines the number of images that will be displayed per second, choose a screen with a minimum refresh rate of 75 HZ . Besides the refresh rate, if you prefer to play on a large screen pc, pay close attention to the pixel density. A high pixel density gives a better rendering.

As for the case, choose a model while paying attention to its size to accommodate the other elements. Also, be sure to choose a case that can let air in. Moreover, among the components you have chosen, if several are known to generate excessive heat, you should consider equipping your case with additional fans other than those already installed as standard.

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