Minecraft PE Update: Caves and Rocks 1.18, 1.18.10 and 1.18.50

In the current update Minecraft PE 1.18 Caves & Cliffs, among the most interesting changes, the player will see: a new monster overseer, a sound sensor and a bag.


In the new version of the game Minecraft PE 1.18, a new monster overseer has been added. It is essentially a blind mob that reacts to noise. He is aggressive towards everyone who is around. The monster can often be seen chasing others. A good hearing allows him to easily find the hero in the caves. The guard has high damage, with each attack it creates 30 points of damage. It deals 7 damage to heroes in the nether world. In Minecraft update 1.18, this is the tallest monster.

Acoustic sensor

Minecraft 1.18.0, 1.18.10 and 1.18.50 put a lot of emphasis on sound, so adding a sound sensor is a logical addition. The device emits a redstone signal when noise occurs. The technology was created to build its own security system based on. It also allows you to set traps for monsters.

A bag

The new version of Minecraft allows you to create a bag. It will require 2 types of ingredients: 5 rabbit skins and 2 threads. It holds one stack of items. It should be borne in mind that the bag becomes valuable only for carrying items stored in one slot. For example, 64 iron ingots can be placed here, but pearls are 16. The bag has a filling level. If it is not completely filled, it will have an ajar icon in the inventory image.

Changed ore graphics

The update brought a more natural looking ore. Now in caves it appears in the form of elongated large clusters. When mining them, you can get various ores, stones and other blocks. Copper ore in Minecraft will spawn above Y = 0, just like iron ore.


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