How to fix “Failed to create Dx11 render device” in Dota 2

“Failed to create Dx11 render device” is an extremely serious issue for Dota 2 players. The error can appear both during gameplay and when the game is initially launched. It should be noted right away that such trivial solutions as restarting the PC, updating graphics drivers and reinstalling the game do not help in this case.

In today’s article, we will share with you solutions that have been tested by other users and that really work.

Solution “Failed to create Dx11 render device”

Solution # 1 Write -dx11 in the launch options

“Could not create DirectX 11 render device” is one of the options for translating the error text. What conclusions can be drawn from this? Perhaps Dota 2 is trying to run in DirectX 11 mode, but it fails for one reason or another. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by entering just five characters into the game’s launch options. Try doing the following:

  • launch the Steam client;
  • go to “Library” and find Dota 2;
  • right-click on Dota 2 and select “Properties”;
  • find the “Launch Options” section;
  • paste the value -dx11 into the empty string ;
  • close all windows and start Dota 2.

Decision #2 Switching to the Vulkan API

Some users claim to get rid of “Failed to create Dx11 render device” by switching the game to the Vulkan API. In the same way, open the Dota 2 launch options, but instead of -dx11, enter -vulkan. In this case, the error will almost certainly disappear. In addition, if you have an AMD graphics card, the in-game FPS may increase. However, a number of players complain, on the contrary, about the reduced FPS.

Solution #2 Install updates (for Windows 7)

Separately, we need to talk about the players on whose computers Windows 7 is installed. Apparently, Dota 2 will not work properly on the “seven” if the latter is missing a certain update. Go to the following link and download the Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64.msu file to your PC. Click on the downloaded PCM file and select “Run as administrator”.

Wait for the update to finish installing and restart your PC. After such a simple procedure, Dota 2 should start without the “Failed to create Dx11 render device” error.

It should be noted that Valve removed support for 32-bit OS and DirectX 9 for Dota 2. In other words, now you need 64-bit Windows and a graphics card that supports DirectX 11 to play normally.

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