Error: Far Cry 5 Error Granite: 2000000

Error Granite: 2,000,000 leads to a complete collapse of the file structure of Far Cry 5, making it completely unplayable. Due to this failure, it is not possible to access the arcade or single player game.

Description of the problem

The Granite error appears after the introduction, and then again after choosing the gender of the character, first a black screen, and then the Error message, and regardless of the arcade or single-player game you are using. Users on the forums describe that they encounter this error when trying to click on a new game and after selecting a new female character. Moreover, after choosing to “continue the game”, the process began with the character simply throwing the helicopter, and when he reached the door of the church, an offer to leave the game appears. If you press “no” – the error message then pops up again. If you choose “yes”, then you still return to the game menu. The crash with the code “Granite-2000000” forces players to leave the gameplay and exit to the main menu. Unfortunately, all progress is completely erased and often it is necessary to start a new one. It is worth noting, that this incident can occur during the initial launch of Far Cry V, and after completing the game for several hours. At the same time, the reasons are rather vague. In general, the error: Far Cry 5 Error Granite: 2000000B is considered one of the most serious, because game preservation is completely disrupted, from which users are forced to start from absolute zero. Fortunately, some solutions have appeared. So, how to fix Granite error 2000000 on Far Cry 5 for PC.

Disable all Windows protection and antivirus software

It is likely that certain game files are being blocked, which is causing the crashes. Therefore, antivirus and other protection must be turned off and the video game must be tested. You can manually deactivate the Windows 7 Defender program in the standard way as follows:

  • “Start” / “Control Panel” / “Windows Defender”;
  • Further “Programs” / “Parameters”;
  • Select Real-Time Protection. Uncheck “Use real-time protection (recommended)” / “Save”;
  • Then uncheck the box, so you will prohibit the use of the program. After completing the actions, click “Save”.

If you did everything correctly, then such a window should appear.

Check the integrity of the game

Mainly error: Far Cry 5 Error Granite: 2,000,000 haunts uPlay users (Ubisoft Launcher) not Steam users, this is where you need to focus. So, you need to check the installation of the game for damage. This can be done using the uPlay desktop client. As soon as you run the tool, it will check for possible problems and replace corrupted files. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the uPlay client online.
  • Select “Games”.
  • Right-click Far Cry 5 and select Check Files.

After completing the procedure, restart uPlay and start the game again.

Delete saved games and change save location

Probably the affected users are well aware that Granite bugs do not save the progress of the game, and users return to the start every time. For some reason, this is due to the game’s inability to access the Save Games folder. To avoid this, you can back up your saved games and delete the games save folder. You can now create it anywhere else and use the config file to point the game in that alternate direction. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Close uPlay completely. If necessary, open Task Manager and end the process.
  • Go to C: Program Files (x86) Ubisoft Ubisoft Game Launcher savegames and back up Far Cry 5.
  • Then in the Docs you need to find the CPY.ini file.
  • Open it with notepad. If you cannot access it, open Properties / Compatibility and check the box next to Run this program as administrator.
  • Find the save location and change it. You can set any other save destination – it doesn’t matter.
  • Save changes and restart your computer.

Run the game through uPlay, and if the error persists, skip to the next solution.

Run uPlay client offline

Running the uPlay client offline is another thing you can try. This seemed to help several users and the Granite bug was fixed. Also, you can give an extra boost to uPlay permissions as the game avoids saving game progress for some reason, which leads to crashes. Here’s how to start uPlay offline:

  • Open the uPlay client for Windows.
  • In the General tab, scroll down and select the Always run Uplay offline checkbox.

Restart uPlay and launch Far Cry 5.

Run as administrator

And here’s how to give it administrative permission:

  • Right click on the uPlay shortcut (or the exe file itself) and open Properties.
  • On the Compatibility tab, select the Run this program as administrator check box.

Confirm changes and launch uPlay.

Create multiple game folders

This method of troubleshooting the error: Far Cry 5 Error Granite: 2000000 is suggested by many users. Your actions are as follows:

  • My Computer, drive C: / Users / Public / Documents / uPlay / CODEX / Saves / FarCryNewDawn. There should be a folder for saving a computer game.
  • If it is absent on your PC, create several folders of the same name (i.e., as in the path indicated above).

Save changes and try to launch the game.

Reinstall uPlay

If none of the previous steps helped you to avoid the problem, we recommend that you reinstall the uPlay client. In addition, to avoid potential problems, it is suggested to clean up any leftover associated files and start from scratch.

  • If Uplay is running, close it. Then, on the right side of the taskbar, open “Windows Notifications” by clicking on the arrow. Make sure the Uplay client is not running in the background.
  • An important aspect: before reinstalling, back up all save files. You can do it like this:
  1. If Uplay is installed by default, all the necessary files are usually in a folder called “Ubisoft Game Launcher”.
  2. You need to pass – C: Program Files (x86) UbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher.
  3. Copy the contents of the savegames file folder to, for example, your desktop or removable disk.
  • Uninstall the app completely. The default uninstall file is listed in the second paragraph. When reinstalling Uplay in order to troubleshoot problems such as Error Granite: 2,000,000 in Far Cry 5 – we recommend deleting the cache folder after removing the application directly from the above directory.
  • Install Uplay by downloading from a trusted site

  • When the installer is installed and downloaded, you need to run the installer as administrator.

Once you’ve reinstalled the game and uPlay, log in and navigate to the Far Cry 5 directory without having to re-download the game – just launch it.

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