How to platinum The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 is considered by many to be the “swan song” of PlayStation 4, Sony’s iconic console originally released in 2013 and which in 2020 saw the launch of its successor PlayStation 5 . The Naughty Dog video game has in fact convinced critics and audiences, placing itself in the Olympus of the PS4 exclusives .

You too are having the opportunity to appreciate this masterpiece of the videogame world and, indeed, you are so involved in it that you would like to complete it in its entirety. If you are here now and you are reading this tutorial, it is in fact because you would like to know how to platinum The Last of Us 2 and would like to understand if I can give you some “tips” about it. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry – this tutorial is here to help you with that.

In the next chapters I will analyze the situation as a whole, providing you with all the details necessary to obtain the coveted platinum trophy and telling you about the time required to complete it all. When you are ready, read on. Find everything explained below. I just have to wish you a lot of fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to platinum The Last of Us 2
  • Tips to reach platinum faster in The Last of Us 2

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to platinum The Last of Us 2 , I think it may interest you to know more about this possibility.

As you surely know, “platinum” means getting the platinum trophy for a particular title on PlayStation . In fact, Sony consoles offer the possibility of obtaining a trophy every time the user completes a specific objective .

This possibility has existed for quite some time and allows users to have even more fun with a game they may have already finished, by searching for collectibles , side missions and the like.

Developers therefore usually associate a certain number of objectives to their game: the latter allow you to unlock trophies , which then allow you to “level up” the associated PSN account . This is actually not much use, other than simply to show your friends and other users that you have managed to complete a number of “tough challenges”.

It is no coincidence that, next to each trophy, it is possible to see the percentage of how many people who have the game have managed to complete a certain objective. In this way, the user has the feeling of having mastered the title involved properly.

There is therefore both the question of “being seen” and that of “proving to yourself” that you have succeeded in completing a particularly difficult challenge . In addition, there are also players who simply particularly appreciate a game and want to finish it completely, finding even the most “hidden” details entered by the developers.

In fact, there could be “secret” areas and myriads of other elements that the user may not have found during the first run, or the first time he completed the game. In short, there are several reasons why a person may want to platinum a title.

The platinum trophy is obviously the tip of the iceberg: it is awarded to the user once he has completed all the objectives proposed by the game. Put simply, it “certifies” the 100% completion of a title (or more or less, since there may also be activities that go beyond trophies). For this reason, it is proudly “flaunted” by users.

I remind you, however, that platinizing a game can take a long time , even tens of hours. Furthermore, since these are often secondary missions or in any case activities “external” to the main story , you may be called upon to carry out repetitive operations , which some users do not hesitate to define as “boring”.

The action could in fact soon “vanish” and give way to myriads of “difficult” objectives to complete . In short, it is generally right to evaluate well whether it is worthwhile to actually platinum the game or perhaps exploit your time in another way, for example by aiming at another title (a little bit we all now have an infinite backlog, also considering the amount of games free available nowadays).

In short, remember that video games are designed to have fun. Of course, they also often make us think, but certainly it is not the trophies that are the main message of the game. In any case, this guide is designed to give you precise indications on what needs to be done to platinum The Last of Us 2 .

ATTENTION: some trophies could represent spoilers if you haven’t finished The Last of Us 2 yet. I will try to provide as little information as possible on the crucial phases of the story, but inevitably you will get something by continuing with the reading of the guide. I mean, I warned you.

How to platinum The Last of Us 2

Now that you are aware of the general situation, I would say that it is time to take action and show you how to get the platinum trophy related to The Last of Us 2 .

First of all, it is good to see how many hours users usually take to achieve this goal. In fact, it makes little sense to provide you with data relating to my experience, as everyone has their own style of play and therefore the number of hours is clearly variable.

On the other hand, it is much more interesting to consult the average of hours taken by a certain number of people to obtain the platinum relative to the title of Naughty Dog. According to the HowLongToBeat website , which is an interesting tool to use in these cases, those who wanted to complete the game took about 40 hours on average .

Considering the fact that many players have claimed to have finished the main story in about 25 hours , reaching platinum could potentially “occupy” you another 15 hours (but there are those who say it took much less). You understand that potentially this time could be used to finish another full game.

However, in reality The Last of Us 2 is not generally considered by the community as a “difficult” title to platinum. In fact, to do this you don’t even need to completely complete a second run , since the latter is only used for weapon and player upgrades .

In any case, below you will find the list of all the Trophies of The Last of Us 2 . I repeat: watch out for any spoilers .

  • My Duty(Gold): Complete the story;
  • Extreme Survival(Gold): Unlock all player upgrades;
  • War Mastery(Gold): Fully upgrade all weapons;
  • Archivist(gold): Find all artifacts and journal entries;
  • Deluxe Collection(Gold): Find all collectible cards;
  • Numismatics Craze(Gold): Find all coins;
  • Prepare for the Worst(Gold): Find all workbenches;
  • War Mechanics(Silver): Fully upgrade a weapon;
  • Specialist(Silver): Unlock all player upgrades in a branch of specialization;
  • the art of burglary(silver): Open all safes;
  • Passionate Tourist(Silver): Visit all locations in downtown Seattle;
  • Learn the art(silver): Find all training manuals;
  • Survival Training(Silver): Unlock 25 player upgrades;
  • High Caliber(Silver): Find all weapons;
  • FieldWork (Silver): Find 12 Workbenches
  • Tools of the Trade(Bronze): Craft all items;
  • Craftsman Talent(Bronze): Upgrade a weapon;
  • Apprentice(Bronze): Unlock a player upgrade;
  • Start of Collection(Bronze): Find 5 collectible cards;
  • Mint Old(Bronze): Find 5 coins.
  • Hidden Trophy 1 – Fits You Great(Bronze): Put a hat on your partner;
  • Hidden Trophy 2 – Mira que mira! (bronze): Win the race at the shooting range;
  • Hidden Trophy 3 – Unrivaled(Bronze): Set the record in archery challenge;
  • Relic of the Wise Men(Bronze): Find the strange artifact;
  • From humble beginnings to great feats(bronze): Find the carved ring;
  • First to Last(Platinum): Collect all trophies.

Put simply, there are 26 trophies in total to reach platinum in The Last of Us 2 . For completeness of information, you should also know that there are also two trophies related to Realism Mode , which arrived with an update following the release of the game. The latter adds an additional degree of challenge. The trophies related to this mode are the following.

  • Dig Two Graves(Silver): Complete the story in Realism mode;
  • You Can’t Prevent It(Bronze): Complete the story with a permanent death setting active.

For the rest, in case you need to platinum another title in the future, I remind you that you can get the trophy list of a game simply through the console interface . In fact, on PlayStation 4 you just need to press the Trophies icon , present in the bar at the top of the console’s main menu, select the title involved and take a look at the information available.

As for the hidden trophies , I remind you that you can get the relevant information right away (obviously pay attention to spoilers). In fact, you just need to press the X button on the controller on the box linked to the hidden trophy and press the square button (in order to take advantage of the Show hidden information option ).

Tips to reach platinum faster in The Last of Us 2

How do you say? Did you understand what the game’s requirements are to get the platinum trophy, but would you like some information about some particularly complex sections ? No problem, I will immediately give you all the details of the case regarding the trophies that generally give the players the most “hard time”. Of course: watch out for spoilers .

One of the trophies that has created more “headaches” for users is certainly the one relating to the strange artifact . In fact, there are not a few who wonder where to find the latter. Well, you need to know that you need to play as Abby the Hostile Territory episode .

More specifically, you need to go to the top floor of the pottery shop during the Seattle – Day 1 chapter . There will be a very interesting surprise waiting for you , which caused a few “tears” to fall to the players with a few years on their shoulders.

For the rest, another trophy that is not exactly simple is that relating to the carved ring . The latter is always found in the Seattle – Day 1 chapter , but you have to play with Ellie in the episode Center . In particular, you must go to the bank and use the code 602306 (found in the letter present in a purse) to access the room where the object is located .

Speaking of codes , in the course of the game it will be necessary to find several of them to access the various safes . In particular, there are 14 of them . I therefore think it may interest you to know all the codes and positions, so as not to have too many problems.

  • Bank: 602306 (previously cited);
  • Supermarket: 072013 (month and year when a dog is the employee of the month, you will understand by exploring the area);
  • Julia’s apartment: 302304 (numbers of Sam and Julia’s apartments);
  • Gym: 121879 (this is the password of the hotel’s Wi-Fi network);
  • Garage: 308265 (document on the wall);
  • Court: 860722 (written on a blackboard);
  • Thrift shop: 550133 (Staci’s number, figures are scattered and can also be found in the bathroom);
  • Chinatown: 689689 (the code must be found in a document);
  • Ferry: 907701 (the code is in a document);
  • Weston Pharmacy: 385523 (letter by the cash register);
  • Gate West 2: 0451 (directions on a ticket);
  • River(just got off the boat): 701264 (message lying on a body);
  • Abandoned camper: 173807 (notice board);
  • Container / apartment: 081083 (or 100883 depending on the game version. The anniversary date can be found in a calendar, then a calculation for the wedding date must be made).

In addition to the safes, The Last of Us 2 will also require you to find other collectibles , from coins to cards , passing through training manuals . In this case, if you have “missed” some specific object of this type, I remind you that “the Web is your friend” and you can always do some research on Google or YouTube .

It is in fact difficult for me to explain in words where to find each single collectible, so you may want to watch some videos about it, in order to quickly understand how to proceed.

Finally, the most “difficult” challenge , or rather the one that requires more time , is probably the one relating to skill points . In fact, you will need to obtain 1,900 to complete a branch of specialization , focusing on the mechanics of finding supplements and manuals . In this case you have to keep playing and get skill points: however, as I already explained in the previous chapter , you will probably have to start a second run (although it will not necessarily be necessary to finish it).

In short, now you have all the necessary information to be able to get to the platinum trophy of The Last of Us 2 . All you have to do is enjoy the game: I’m sure that if you really appreciate the Naughty Dog title and have a little patience, you will be able to reach your goal without too many problems.


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