Word Online not working or not responding

Word Online is a program that allows you to edit, format a document online. It is similar to a stationary word, but there are functions that work differently everywhere. The differences include several editing functions. If Word Online is down or unresponsive, try some of the options below to see if they will solve your problem.

Word Online not working / not responding

General troubleshooting

  • First see if you can access it from another browser. For example, open Internet Explorer settings, click “Security”, select InPrivate Browsing (CTRL + SHIFT + P).
  • Check if you are using the program on another device. Restart your device, then restart Word Online.
  • Sometimes the problem affects only a small part of users, in a short period of time Microsoft solves this problem. Then it is necessary to write to the support service to be sure that they are aware of the problem that has arisen.

Download the document and edit it in Word.

Use the desktop application Word or WordPad, a function built into Windows.

Refresh your browser cache

Do it:

  • Open the search bar in start.
  • Enter inetcpl.cpl.
  • Press Enter or OK.
  • Select “Advanced” under “Internet Properties”.
  • Click restore advanced settings.
  • Repeat until a new invitation opens.
  • Select the Delete personal settings check box.
  • Click Reset and click OK.

Reset browser settings

If you find a pop-up window that says “Sorry, we have a problem,” reset your browser settings and then try signing in again. Sometimes applications or extensions change your settings without your knowledge, so let’s try to reset them on Chrome. The saved bookmarks and passwords will be intact. Here’s what to do:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and select “Advanced”.
  • Go to the “Reset” field.
  • Click on “Reset” and confirm by clicking on “Reset” again.
  •  Resetting Chrome reverts all functionality back to default.

Install browser popup blocker

Sometimes this issue occurs due to a pop-up blocker. It will be possible to bypass it by allowing the pop-up blocker for the Word online. However, this works for new files.

Start your browser in safe mode

Problems in WO are with compatibility, add-on. To fix them, start Internet Explorer – Safe Mode to disable add-ons, extensions. Do it:

  • Open a command prompt (via search).
  • Type C: Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore.exe -extoff.
  • Click enter.
  • Go to the website you are accessing from Word Online and check if the problem has disappeared.

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