What Does a Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat

What Does a Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat: If you’re on Snapchat, let’s say you have that yellow heart emoji or red heart emoji on your Snapchat home page, displayed next to your friend’s name. These emojis are actually based on your relationship with that person based on how often you snap at each other.

What does the yellow heart emoji mean on Snapchat?

This emoji appears next to your friend’s name. It means that you are more than a friend, and that person has been your number 1 friend on Snapchat, you are the best friends. #1 Best Friends. That is when this Yellow Heart icon appears next to that friend’s name.

In this case I see that what you want to know is what the yellow heart means, I tell you that what I have understood is that the people it comes out with means that they are “BEST FRIENDS” that is that the user with whom the most snaps is send that contact and vice versa… If you say that your friend and your girlfriend have it, it means that they talk a lot through the app…

If, for example, you see your girlfriend that instead of the yellow heart, what she has is a smile like this, it is that your friend sends her many messages but she does not usually answer or does so to a lesser extent.

In reality, understanding this becomes like understanding the dictionary of the App, hahahaha, because there are a lot of emojis that can appear next to the users. Over time you will realize this.

Watch if you want this video that explains one by one these symbols that I tell you that appear next to snapchat users and what each of them means.

What do these emojis or icons mean?

These small icons that usually appear in our contacts are a representation of what is known as “ Friend Emoji ” and serve to identify the way in which you are communicating with each of them .

It is unnecessary if I tell you that each one has a meaning and I will explain each one of them, including the one with the yellow or golden heart.

Meaning of the colors of hearts on Snapchat:

There are few colors that you can find in these hearts, however, each one has a special meaning that serves as a classification of your contacts. Its symbology is as follows:

The yellow or golden heart, for which you have the main doubt. This is used in Snapchat in order to identify your “ Best friend ” in the app from your contact list.

How do you classify it this way? Because he is a person who is actively aware of everything you are publishing and is the one with whom you share more photographs or vice versa.

Two pink hearts, it is also used to identify that “ Best friend ” of the application; however, it differs from yellow in that it is to classify that contact you have with this classification from at least two months ago to the present .

The red heart , which is also to identify that person you frequent a lot or that ” Best friend ” of the application, but for a period of time of at least two weeks until now .

Other emojis that are on Snapchat:

It should be noted that, not only will we have the presence of hearts on Snapchat, and you may have noticed this; We can also find other extra emojis in this contact list, such as the following:

With a wide smile , which is widely used within the app to be able to classify a contact as “Friend-enemy” or also known as ” Frenemy “. What does this refer to? That this friend you have on Snapchat is “ Best friend ” of yours.

With a tender smile , which is one of the ways that the app also has to identify ” One of your best friends “, but without being the first of all, much less in the classification of hearts.

With sunglasses , which is to identify a person who is also sharing some close friend. That is, any contact you have with the tender smile emoji is the friend of this one .

As well as these there are a large number of emojis that are used on Snapchat. I hope my explanation has served you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the mean 💛on Snapchat?

For example: 😊the smiley face means that the user is one of your best friends; 💛the yellow heart means that the user is your best friend; and the smirking face 😏 means you’re one of this user’s best friends, but he’s not yours.

What does 3 mean 🔥on Snapchat?

What does the mean🔥 ? That you and your friend are on a roll! That is, you exchanged Snaps (not chats) with each other within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days.

What does this emoji mean?

Flushed face😳This little face expresses some embarrassment, maybe you messed something up, said something you shouldn’t or sent a personal msg by mistake.

What does the emoji mean 🔥?

🔥: Fire. The flame-shaped emoticon is one of the most used by users and is used for something that is fashionable or a hot topic.

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