How to format Android

How to format Android. Before selling any computer, smartphone or tablet it is essential to protect your privacy by formatting the device. Formatting, as you surely know, is a procedure by which you delete all the files on a storage drive and make it usable again.

I know, this way it may seem like a difficult thing to the exclusive prerogative of the most experienced users, but it is not. To prove it, now I’ll explain how to format Android and how to perform the complete cleaning of a smartphone or tablet using the dedicated functions present on the operating system of the green robot.

I bet you will be surprised at how simple it is! Once everything is complete, you can give your device to others without the fear that this will recover the data that was previously in memory. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to format Android
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How to format Android

You have decided to change your Android smartphone , but to get some of the money back, you have decided to sell the old model. Before selling it, however, you must necessarily remove all the data inside it, you just have no idea how to format Android .

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Before proceeding with formatting the device, I recommend that you make a backup , so as not to lose any important data. Once the backup is done, you can safely proceed with formatting your device.

To format the device you can act directly from the settings, without the need to use a PC. The first thing you need to do is open the Settings app , usually recognizable by a gear icon, and go to System> Recovery Options . Once in this section you will have at your disposal several options for resetting the device, but in this case you are interested in carrying out a complete format, so tap on the Delete all data item : tap again on the Delete all data button at the bottom and enter the device PIN or password to confirm the operation.

The smartphone will start the reset procedure and, once finished, it will restart. After a few minutes of waiting, the initial configuration screen will be loaded again, i.e. the same one that appears when the device is first switched on.

Do you own a tablet that you would like to format but don’t know how to format Android tablet ? In this case you can refer to the information I gave you earlier.

How do you say? Can’t you find the menu items I just indicated on your smartphone? Don’t worry, unfortunately Android smartphones do not all have the same software, so it is normal not to find the same items. For this reason, below you will find the instructions to follow for smartphones of the main Android brands.

How to format Android Samsung

You have finally decided to sell your Samsung smartphone , but you have no idea how to format Android Samsung , in order to remove all the data inside it.

Don’t worry, the procedure is really very simple. The first thing to do is open the Settings app , recognizable by the gear icon, and go to General management> Reset .

In this section, you will have several options for resetting your device. Since you want to perform a complete format, tap on the Factory data reset item , which allows you to delete all the data on the device. To confirm the operation, tap on the Reset button and finally enter the PIN or any other unlock code active on the device.

The smartphone will restart and the reset procedure will begin, which could take up to a few minutes.

How to format Android HUAWEI

Your HUAWEI smartphone is out of date so you have decided to buy a new smartphone. You would like to avoid leaving it thrown in a drawer collecting dust, so you have decided to sell it. Before you can do it, however, you must necessarily remove all the data present in it, but not how to format Android HUAWEI .

Don’t worry, I’ll help you. To be able to format your smartphone, open the Settings app , recognizable by the gear icon, and go to System and updates> Reset . In this screen, tap on the item Reset the phone and then tap the Reset phone button : to confirm the reset operation, enter the password of your HUAWEI account if requested.

The smartphone will begin the reset procedure and will restart. After a few minutes of waiting, necessary to delete the data, you will find yourself again in the initial screen for product configuration. If you want more information on how to reset your HUAWEI smartphone, check out my tutorial on the subject .

How to format Android when turned off

Your Android smartphone doesn’t want any of it working properly. When you try to turn it on it stays fixed on the startup animation, not allowing you to get to the main screen.

You have probably encountered the so-called “boot loop” problem that results in a constant reboot of the device’s boot system. To be able to remedy this device you will necessarily have to perform a reset, but I guess now you are wondering how to format Android from off , isn’t it?

In this case you will be able to reset the device through the Recovery partition , which, as the name suggests, is needed in case of emergency. In order to access Recovery, the smartphone must be turned off, so if you are in the situation mentioned above, hold down the Power button for about ten seconds or until the screen suddenly turns off (if necessary, read my tutorial on how to restart Android in Recovery ).

Now you are wondering how to format a locked Android using Recovery, isn’t it? First of all you have to access the Recovery, to do this you just need to hold down the Power + Volume down key (-) and release the Power key when the brand logo appears on the screen.

How do you say? Your smartphone does not go into Recovery with this procedure? Unfortunately, Android smartphones are not all the same, so I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on Samsung smartphones and HUAWEI smartphones . If, on the other hand, you have a smartphone from another brand, I suggest you search on YouTube , where you will surely find the suitable tutorial.

After being able to enter Recovery, to format the device simply highlight the Wipe data / Factory reset item using the volume keys and select it using the Power key : confirm the operation by selecting the yes item .

Once the procedure is complete, just restart the device by selecting the Restart / Reboot system now item with the Power button . The smartphone will restart and after a few minutes you will find yourself back in the initial screen for configuring the smartphone .

How to format Android SD

Your SD card is now full, but inside there is only old data that you do not need, so you would like to delete everything in one go, so that you can use it again to store photos, videos and documents on your new smartphone. Android.

You are not very practical, so you have no idea how to format Android SD , right? No problem, the procedure is really very simple. Take your Android smartphone with the SD card inserted in it (if you don’t know how to do it take a look at my tutorial ) and open the Settings app , recognizable by the icon of a gear. Then go to Archive / Storage space and tap on Format SD card : confirm the operation by tapping on the Format SD card button .

If the voices are different on your smartphone, take a look at my tutorial on how to format microSD on Android , where you can find more information that may be useful to you.

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