What are the components of a computer?

The computer is a versatile electronic tool that can perform many tasks. It is an increasingly popular instrument given its many advantages. These include the processing of information and the use of software. In addition to these advantages, you can use the PC for your specific needs. All this is possible thanks to an assembly of equipment that governs the proper functioning of the computer. Discover here the components of a computer and their role.

The processor

The computer has a multitude of components among which you will find the processor . It is a box-sized microchip surrounded by cooling equipment. The processor is also called the Central Processing Unit and represents the brain of the computer. In reality, this tool allows the exchange of data between the hard disk, the RAM and the graphics card.

Note that by doing this, the programs installed on the computer are better executed and interpreted. That said, it should be noted that these programs are executed per second. The processor is responsible for carrying out the analyzes relating to the proper functioning of the PC. You will no doubt have understood that the best performance of your computer comes from the microprocessor. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

The motherboard

Among the components of a computer is the motherboard . You will find it in the PC plate like a real printed circuit with several locations. The motherboard makes it possible to connect the various equipment of the computer. Indeed, the components, including the processor and the memory are fixed on the latter. In addition, the motherboard allows the proper conditioning of these various electronic elements. However, there is the possibility of incorporating other components on the motherboard. It can be a graphics card, Wi-Fi cards and memory sticks.

The graphics card

The graphics card is also one of the constituent elements of a computer. The latter is often incorporated into the motherboard. However, you can find the graphics card detached from the latter. The graphics card essentially ensures the display of graphic content. Among these, you will find games, videos and photos. In addition, be aware that the graphics card is able to dwell on the processing of its own information.

RAM or random access memory

RAM is one of the essential components of the computer. It is a piece of equipment that adds an extra touch to the processor. Due to the versatile functioning of the computer, the processor is unable to manage the programs simultaneously. Due to this, information should be stored in order to be executed later. To do this, you have to resort to RAM . The latter is an ideal place to store data temporarily. In addition, be aware that RAM combines speed and volatility.

The hard drive

In addition to RAM, there is also another component of the computer to store data. This is the hard disk of the PC ensuring the storage of documents or videos. The hard drive does this for an indefinite amount of time. So you can put as much data in it as you want. Moreover, it is very important to specify that there are multiple hard drives including the Hard Disk Drive and the Solid-state Drive.

The ventilation block

For proper operation of the computer, the power supply unit is necessary . The latter is like a box and has several fans. Thanks to these, the power supply provides the electrical current necessary for the proper functioning of the PC. In addition, this tool intervenes in the security of a computer. However, be aware that the power supply is in connection among other things with the hard disk and the reader.

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