What is AMD Ryzen?

Computers, whether laptops or desktops, are made up of elements that are essential to their operation. These components are equipped during their design with a certain architecture which defines their precise market. One of these elements is the microprocessor which is one of the most important parts and which exists according to brands and versions. AMD Ryzen is one of them. What is AMD Ryzen then? Here is a guide for you that presents all the information related to this equipment.

AMD Ryzen: definition

Pronounced “Mock-zeune,” Ryzen is a CPU from AMD that targets the business segments of multiple devices. These are servers, desktop computers, workstations, multimedia PCs and all-in-one equipment. It can also be likened to a family name of microprocessors from the AMD brand which implements the microarchitecture of Zen. The devices that are equipped with it have special characteristics. Indeed, they present a treatment on 16 threads and with 3.4 GHz as a rate. They are also equipped with a 20 MB anti-memory and then with predictive hardware. It must be said that Ryzen whose code name is Zenis an AMD-branded processor that runs on new 1331- pin AM4 socket motherboards .

The Ryzen CPU operates as a system-to-chip in the Economy and Simplified configurations. It is developed using AM4 technology which gives other functions integrated into the chip for optimal operation. These are additional PCle connectors with enhanced sound and SATA express connections. However, it is worth saying that the development of AMD Ryzen has given rise to several variants which represent versions.

AMD Ryzen: a secure processor

AMD processors installed on the central units of computers protect your data, because their architecture is essentially based on this. They provide hardware protection against command flow attacks and also help protect sensitive data. It is a processor that offers real-time encryption of system memory to protect your data against all physical attacks in case your computer is lost or stolen.

Along with these capabilities, AMD Ryzen enables secure boot that can protect a device from firmware vulnerabilities. It helps protect a device’s operating system from attacks. It also prevents unauthorized access to devices and data by using access controls and authentication systems. Basically, Ryzen is a processor that is perfect for enterprise use.

AMD Ryzen: many other advantages

AMD Ryzen is a processor that is adopted by users because it has several advantages. Indeed, the processor in its design is based on consumer expectations in terms of performance of a CPU. It is also based on the results they expect from their system. Thus, the processor provides users with optimal results no matter what task is being performed. This is the case of Gaming in which the 8-core models of Ryzen play a major role. These processors benefit from a fairly large number of IPCs in order to match the values ​​of games and simultaneous streams without negatively impacting the gaming experience.

This processor is also ideal for content creators who need powerful configurations. It intervenes in the realization of their video encoding and their encryption operations or to use creation software. AMD Ryzen is therefore a powerful processor for diversified use. In addition, you should know that different versions of Ryzen have a different number of cores offering performance according to the number of cores. This factor makes Ryzen the most satisfying and attractive microprocessor on the market. It also offers high performance computing.

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