The Best Tools for Creating a Business Plan

The use of special programs and online services for drawing up a business plan greatly simplifies the procedure for its development. They provide users with the ability to use ready-made templates, offer special tools for calculating all the necessary indicators, and contain standard plans that can be used as a basis for drawing up your own business plan.

In this article, we will get acquainted with several convenient tools for creating business plans that will help even entrepreneurs who do not have specific knowledge and experience to cope with this difficult task.

Project Expert

The program for developing business plans and preparing investment projects Project Expert is considered one of the best in its class. This tool has gained popularity due to its ease of use, friendly interface, rich functionality and advanced system of hints and comments.

The program is able to simulate the activities of both small firms and holding organizations and can be used in financial modeling and business process planning in various sectors of the economy.

The software includes the ability to automatically calculate financial performance indicators, create charts and graphs. The program will generate the text of the plan and save it along with graphs and tables in Microsoft Word.

The development of business plans using this software includes six steps:

  1. Creation of financial and production model of the project.
  2. Justification of capital investments and working capital required to finance the project.
  3. Determination of the financing strategy and analysis of its implementation.
  4. Analysis of project risks and accounting for the dynamics of business value for various moments.
  5. High-quality development of a business plan with a specific structure, text part and the necessary financial reports, graphs and charts included in it.
  6. Making adjustments and various additions.

The cost of the Project Expert license is 50,000 rubles.


It is also a software of domestic developers, which allows both creating ready-made business plans and analyzing various investment projects and designing a feasibility study. Alt-Invest software solutions are suitable for medium and large companies.

The program takes into account all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, makes it easy to create tables, graphs, charts and other elements.

To make the necessary calculations, you only need to enter your initial data, the program will perform all further actions automatically. After creating a business plan, the tool will evaluate the feasibility of implementing a particular business idea and issue a recommendation.

Prices for Alt-Invest software products can be viewed on a special page of the official website. Before buying a license, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the programs by downloading their demo versions.


BPE24 is a cloud service for self-development of a business plan. It does not require installation on a computer and is available 24 hours a day.

The interface is extremely simple, so working with the service does not require special knowledge or skills, and creating a business plan thanks to prompts is quick and easy. All the necessary methods and calculations are already included in the program, you just need to fill in the appropriate fields.

BPE24 is distributed on a subscription basis. The cost of working with the service depends on the tariff, the number of seats, as well as the payment term. For example, one seat in the STANDARD tariff will cost 3,000 rubles per month or 30,000 rubles if paid for a year.

The MarketExpert program offers a set of professional tools for the quick and easy creation of a business plan.By choosing one of the three tariffs (the price of the initial Start tariff is only 249 rubles), the user will receive a business plan template with examples of real projects and a description of the filling. Calculations in the program implemented in Excel format are performed automatically, so the risk of error is minimal. The software allows you to calculate all the necessary financial indicators and contains detailed instructions for work, which describes in detail each step.

Plan Business Pro

PlanBusiness Pro is an online self-service business plan tool with step-by-step instructions for completing each section. The user can sequentially read the descriptions of the sections, and then make the necessary changes to the proposed business plan document templates.

The service also includes a layout for quickly creating a business presentation with a demonstration of financial forecast tables and key marketing indicators.Prices for tariffs vary from 995 rubles to 4295 rubles and differ only in the duration of use.


The E-planificator business planning software has a web interface. In the personal account on the site, the user can create a business plan of any complexity. The program simplifies the input and output of information when drawing up a plan, facilitates financial modeling and allows you to describe with the help of introductory forms most of the economic processes that arise during the functioning of a real modern enterprise.The service works like a constructor: the user selects only those elements of the business plan from those proposed by the program that he needs.

Using the demo version of your personal account for free, before buying, you can familiarize yourself with the business planning process using the E‑planificator online constructor.

Only legal entities or individual entrepreneurs can purchase the program. For individual entrepreneurs, the Mini tariff is offered for 1950 rubles. There are also Midi and Maxi tariffs, designed for small and medium-sized businesses and professionals in the field of business planning, corporate economists and accountants.


In this article, we reviewed 6 Russian-language services and programs designed to draw up business plans. These tools allow you to make calculations in automatic mode, and the ready-made projects contained in them simplify the process of generating documentation as much as possible.

Special applications and services will help you quickly and easily develop an up-to-date business plan, which you can transfer to investors or the employment service to receive investment or government assistance.

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