The Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools and Websites

Recent studies and surveys show that over 40% of web pages on the internet have duplicate content, and this percentage is increasing daily. This is very bad news for people who upload original content on the internet.

If you’ve taken the time to do research and write content, then you’ll be disappointed when someone copies your work and uses it as their own personal creation.

You will be even more annoyed and frustrated when the copied version of the content appears in a higher search position in the SERP rankings, displacing your original article from there. This can be more devastating, when copied, duplicated content reduces your profits or harms your business, plagiarism can take a serious toll on your reputation.

It is for this reason that you have to deal with unscrupulous imitators, you need to be able to find copied content yourself. The good news is that thanks to modern technology, you can do this quite easily with the help of plagiarism checker tools.

This article reviews the best online plagiarism checkers and website crawlers that are popular with users around the world.

Plagiarism checker with smallseotools

The first plagiarism scanner tool on our list is This plagiarism checker has over a million users on the internet worldwide.

Plagiarism Checker helps bloggers, editors, and authors check and authenticate their work for free. It is cloud-based, online software that you can use online, so it does not need to be downloaded or installed on your computer on your operating system.

smallseotools Plagiarism Checker is a tool that can help you not only check for plagiarism, but also remove it from your work using special algorithms. This tool is fast, it can split your text into small phrases and then check them individually with its extensive database.

The online service is quite easy to use, and even a person with no experience can check their work for duplication before publishing it online. With this scanning tool, you can also check if someone is using your content, and you can do this by simply entering the URL of that content or web page.

Here are some features of this plagiarism checker tool:

  • The service is free and works without any formalities or registrations.
  • The tool accepts text input with several options, for example, you can upload content by copying or pasting, or you can simply upload files of various formats with text content.
  • You can capture files from cloud sources such as Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage.
  • There is URL integration as well as a plugin feature for WordPress sites.
  • The tool can provide you with a full PDF plagiarism report that can be used for authentication.

The smallseotools service, in addition to other languages, supports the Russian interface language.

Plagiarism checker with duplichecker

The plagiarism checker or text scanner from is also one of the best tools you will find on the internet. Dupli is one of the oldest search engine optimization sites that has a plagiarism checker – duplichecker.

This tool can not only help freelancers and writers in checking their work, but also helps anyone involved in content writing or content management. The service has a special feature that can help you check your site’s content and make sure no one is abusing it or quoting your work without asking.

You just need to enter the URL of a website and the tool will use its special algorithms to check for any kind of duplication across all websites and its pages. It will tell you if it finds even the smallest percentage of duplication found on another page.

You can go to the detected site and find out if your content was intentionally copied or if it’s just an accidental plagiarism of some phrases or sentences. You can contact the search engine in an appropriate way and report what happened before the position of your site in SEO promotion can be affected, after the appearance of duplicate text in the search results.

The online service is very easy to operate, below are some of the main features of this tool that you should know about:

  • The plagiarism scanner is absolutely free to use.
  • With this tool, you can check 50,000 words per day.
  • You can find duplication in your content, you can find out about the percentage of duplication of one phrase from the text.
  • You can check your work for grammatical errors using the grammar check feature on this service.
  • There is an option to exclude URLs that you don’t want to compare your work with, because those could be your sites and pages.

Duplichecker online service works in several languages, including Russian.

Article Conclusions

On the Internet, unscrupulous people often borrow the content of web pages on other sites without asking permission or attributing their authorship to other people’s texts. To find out about such a situation, you need to check for duplicate content on the Internet or in any text. To check for plagiarism, users can use free tools on online services: smallseotools and duplichecker.

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