How to make a video tutorial – step by step instructions

The video format is ideal for creating tutorials and lectures. A short video can contain information that would take several pages. To figure out how to shoot a video tutorial, you don’t need to know the basics of video editing or complete scriptwriting courses.

All you need is a good knowledge of the topic and the right software. In this step-by-step instruction, we will look at how to make a video tutorial in the Screen Camera program.

” Screen Camera ” is an application for capturing actions from the screen of a PC or laptop monitor. With it, the user can record an online broadcast, a workflow on a computer, streaming video, or the passage of a video game.

There is no recording time limit, so you can create video courses of any length. The result can be processed in the built-in editor and immediately uploaded to the Internet.

Step 1. Install the program

Download the free distribution kit of the program at . Run the file by double clicking. For successful unpacking, follow the instructions of the installer.

Step 2Start Screen Capture

Open the “Screen Camera” and select the desired function in the start window. If you already have a project created, you can continue editing by clicking Open Project.

To learn more about the program, click “Online Tutorial”. To start capturing the monitor, click “Screen Recording”.

Step 3: Adjust the settings

Edit the size of the recording window by choosing the appropriate mode. To capture the entire monitor, click Full Screen. To record the desired area, select “Screen Slice” and adjust the size by stretching the borders of the window.

If you want to capture your actions in a specific program or player window, check “Selected Window”.

Adjust the sound source and its volume in the respective fields. To simultaneously record voice through the connected headset, check the “Record sound from microphone” box.

Press “Record” to start capturing and “F10” to stop.

Step 4: Trim the video

After recording is completed, a preview window will open automatically. To process the created video, click “Edit”.

If you need to trim the beginning or end of a clip, set the markers on the timeline in the right places. You can also enter the time manually in the corresponding fields. Or mark an unnecessary segment by running the video in the built-in player and clicking on the square bracket at the right time.

Step 5: Add a Screensaver

How to create a video tutorial that looks professional and grabs the attention of the casual YouTube visitor? Add a bright intro to the video.

In the Screensavers tab, you can embed opening and closing credits in your videos. To do this, click “Add Screensaver” and select the appropriate template from the collection. You can edit each element: title, additional text, background, main picture.

Step 6Record the voice instruction

Despite the fact that Screen Camera allows you to record videos simultaneously with sound, it is better to record the voice instruction separately when creating a training video. This is easy to do by going to the “Music” section.

Click “Record from microphone” and in the new window click “Start recording”. Speak the text while watching the video. To embed comments in a video, click Add to Project.

Step 7: Save or Publish the Lesson

When the tutorial video is ready, click next. Choose the option that is convenient for you. The program offers the following features:

  • Create Screen Video – Converts a video clip to one of the popular video formats and saves the file to your PC’s hard drive.
  • Burn Video to DVD – Creates a disc with an interactive menu to play on portable players or on a computer with a DVD drive.
  • Publish to the Internet – selects the optimal compression settings for the video and directly uploads it to YouTube, VK, Facebook and other popular sites.

How to create a quality lesson

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to professional equipment and an ideal location for filming. However, you can create a useful video under any conditions. The main thing is to think over the main points of the recording in advance and remove possible interference.

If you want to learn how to make an informative DIY video tutorial on the first try, follow these simple tips:

  • Test the microphone before recording your voice . It will be a shame if the marriage of the connected headset becomes noticeable after the creation of the voice instruction.
  • Choose the optimal pace of speech. Too slow or fast manner of speaking equally irritates the viewer. Rehearse your speech before recording and find the right volume and tempo.
  • Record video in parts . So you can catch your breath, moisten your throat and refresh your memory of the script. Yes, and mounting several small clips is much more convenient than one large clip.
  • Disable anything that might interfere with the recording . The obvious advice that many people forget. If you are creating a screencast, turn off notifications for computer applications and in the browser. If you are recording yourself on camera, turn off the fan, office equipment, and in general anything that creates unnecessary noise.
  • Pick the right room . Echoes often occur in empty spacious rooms, and you will have to re-record the audio.
  • Create several small lessons from one large . The Instagram and Twitter generation is accustomed to fast, concise information. In order not to lose the interest of the audience, create videos no longer than 5-7 minutes. If the tutorial video is too long, break it up into mini-courses.

How to record a video tutorial that will be useful to any type of audience? The most important point: you must be confident in the topic you are teaching. Whether you are creating an educational video for children or adults, present the topic in an interesting and enthusiastic way.

Article Conclusions

In “Screen Camera” you can diversify your lecture with background music, comments and bright screensavers that will not let the viewer get bored. Download the program, record videos and easily create screencasts, tutorials and video tutorials.

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