How to Fix PS5 WS-116449-5 Error?

Do you know what irritates me most while Gaming?

None other than the errors. It’s so frustrating while enjoying amazing games and encounters with errors.

Hence, you must know how to fix PS5 errors instantly. Among those errors, the one is the PS5 WS-116449-5 error.

Although Sony PlayStation is a renowned video game console right now. But during the gaming sessions, you may encounter a PS5 WS-116449-5 error. The error says the service will be back soon. In this article, you will explore how to fix the PS5 WS-116449-5 error.

Reasons for PS5 WS-116449-5 Error:

Reasons for PS5 WS-116449-5 Error

Generally, whenever a network problem arises, the network will return after the maintenance error notice.

The reason for this error is the PlayStation server faces some technical issues. And when the server issue has been solved, the error disappears automatically. 

How to solve PS5 WS-116449-5 Error:

If you are a regular PS5 gamer and face this PS5 error code ws-116449-5 during gaming sessions, follow this guide to fix the issue. The following are the applicable solutions that will help you in different scenarios. Keep a focused eye on them. 

Check PlayStation Network Status:

Check PlayStation Network Status

Check the Official Website

Firstly, you are supposed to check the server’s status at PlayStation by visiting their official website, PlayStation Network Services. Thus, this step confirms whether the issue has arisen from the PlayStation server.

Meanwhile, if you find an issue with the PlayStation server, wait a few hours. After that, recheck it through the official website. 

On the other hand, if the issue does not belong to the server or maintenance problem, follow the next step.

Reset the Intent Connection:

Reset the Intent Connection

Go to settings throughSettings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings.

Test your internet connection to ensure that the issue has not been pop up from your side. Go to the internet settings by selecting and resting the menu. You can Reboot the Router or Modem Device.

Now, Turn off your Wi-Fi connection through the router and patiently wait for five minutes. Keep yourself calm and not rebellious during this process. After Five minutes, turn on the internet connection. Congratulations, you fixed your internet connection issue.

Power Cycle Router:

Power Cycle Router

If a reboot connection does not help you, then solutions remain. Don’t be panic. Just switch off the router and unplug the adapter. just like PS5 Error Code CE-10005-6.

Now, again, you have to wait for 5 minutes. After that, plug back the power to the switch and turn it on. Now, recheck it. Hopefully, the problem has been solved. 

Check Game Update:

You have to fix this ps5 error ws-116449-5 smartly. Keep checking other games to identify whether the error alarms you during all games or any particular game. In case of a specific game, check the updates available and keep updating your games.

Try Again:

If you won’t be able to fix ws-116449-5 ps5 after following all these methods, don’t worry. Every problem has a solution. It would help if you only had the patience to beat the problem like fixing PS5 ce-107880-4 Error

All you have to do is try these steps individually after a couple of hours. Because the problem may arise from the Sony PlayStation server maintenance problem and the team involved in fixing the issue, your patience is necessary. 

How To Fix PS5 Error WS-116449-5 – Playstation Network Maintenance by Moe Gaming


What is the PS5 WS-116449-5 Error?

This error has arisen due to an internet connection from the user side or the service maintenance issue from the PlayStation network service.

How do you prevent the error of PS5 WS-116449-5?

By keeping your internet connection and PlayStation updated. Keep your games updated through the gaming journey. Whenever you find updates from PlayStation, then update immediately. 

Is the faulty or damaged router the cause of the PS5 WS-116449-5 Error?

Yes, it might be the cause of the alarming error. It also depends on connectivity.

Final Verdict:

In technical stuff, the errors are regular alarms. Thus, It can be fixed Easily. The same is true for the PS5 WS-116449-5 error, which requires your patience to solve the issue. Just follow the guide calmly, and you will be back at your favorite gaming station. The problem has arisen due to a vast amount of active users.

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