HitmanPro – virus scanner to remove viruses

HitmanPro is an anti-malware scanner that works in conjunction with your installed anti-virus to protect your computer from malicious software. This allows you to counter dangerous threats and achieve greater security in the Windows operating system.

HitmanPro detects and removes malicious files and registry entries associated with rootkits, worms, Trojans, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malware from infected computers.

It is no secret that various malware penetrates PCs in various ways, the main purpose of which is to steal personal information, remotely control an infected device, extort money, disrupt the device, etc.

Antiviruses are designed to counter threats – programs designed to perform the functions of searching for and neutralizing malicious programs. To protect the computer, anti-virus scanners are additionally used for one-time system checks, or those that work on an ongoing basis.

Features of using HitmanPro

The HitmanPro scanner is the second line of defense against viruses in the Windows operating system. This means that this program does not replace the main security package installed on the PC, but complements it.

The main antivirus may not always be able to detect and neutralize the infection. Therefore, computers are often additionally checked with anti-virus scanners created by other manufacturers.

Basically, virus scanners are used for a one-time scan. Such an operation helps to increase the overall level of security and get rid of malware.

HitmanPro (previously called Hitman Pro) was acquired in 2015 by the British company Sophos, a well-known manufacturer of antivirus software. Since then, some of the functions of the internal parameters have changed slightly in this application.

After connecting to the Internet, the program analyzes suspicious objects using the cloud anti-virus databases of the following online services: Sophos, Kaspersky, BitDefender and VirusTotal.

Due to this, due to the fact that virus threats are analyzed remotely, the HitmanPro program has a very low load on the system. Therefore, for the normal operation of the Hitman Pro antivirus, constant access to the Internet is required, because the antivirus uses cloud technology in its work.

Hitman Pro Antivirus Scanner can be used as a second antivirus program running on your PC all the time or for one-time virus scans on demand. Please note that Hitman Pro does not always protect your computer from viruses like a regular antivirus.

You can use HitmanPro for free for 30 days, and then you will need to purchase the program. Hitman Pro supports the Russian interface language, runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with 32bit or 64-bit bitness.

Go to the official HitmanPro website to download the application to your computer.

HitmanPro download

On the download page, you will be asked to enter some data (they are not verified), and then a page with buttons for downloading two versions of the program will open: HitmanPro x64 or HitmanPro x32. Select the appropriate option according to the bitness of the Windows operating system installed on your computer.

Please note that the HitmanPro scanner is a portable program that can be run from anywhere on the computer, or from external media: a USB flash drive, CD / DVD drive, etc.

HitmanPro Settings

Immediately after launch, the application will download the necessary updates. First, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the settings, and then continue working in the program.

In the main window of the HitmanPro scanner, click on the “Settings” button.

By default, the program is configured optimally. Pay attention to the “Scan” tab. If you will be using HitmanPro on an ongoing basis, then here you can change some of the settings for searching for infections:

  • Activate the item “Run search for infections daily (Recommended).
  • In the “Scan method”, “When:” and “About:” items, set the necessary parameters.

To integrate the scanner with Explorer’s context menu, check the box “Add ‘Scan with HitmanPro’ shortcut on files and folders in Explorer”.

With these settings, the virus scanner must be on the PC so that the program can do its job on an ongoing basis.

Scanning for viruses in the HitmanPro scanner

Before starting a computer scan, you need to select the type of use of the program.

HitmanPro has three scanning options:

  • Default scan – scan the entire computer for viruses, send suspicious files to the cloud.
  • Quick scan – check important areas, send unknown files to the cloud.
  • Early warning – scan the entire computer, checking each file in advanced mode.

Do the following:

  1. In the main window of HitmanPro, click on the “Next” button.
  2. In the next window, accept the terms of the license agreement.
  3. In the “Settings” window, you must select the appropriate option for using the application: install HitmanPro on your PC for regular scanning, or for a one-time check.
  4. In our case, we scan the computer once, so I activated the option “No, I’m only going to scan the system once.”
  5. The Hitman Pro window displays the progress of the scan operation. When checking, the program checks only the system drive with Windows.
  6. The “Search Results” window displays the results: in particular, whether traces of infection of the system were found.

On my PC, HitmanPro didn’t like some cookies in browsers that are actually harmless (these are false positives). One Trojan was found in the activator and a couple of Malware.

  1. If you click on the “Next” button, automatic cleaning of the system from detected objects will begin, depending on the proposed action: sending to quarantine or deletion.

You can manually decide the fate of detected objects by making a decision of your own. For example, if only some of the detected potential threats should be removed from the computer, and not all the files found.

Go through the following steps:

  1. Highlight the corresponding object in the list.
  2. This field displays which antivirus engine detected the dangerous file, the type of threat, and the recommended action.
  3. Right-click on the field with the object, and select the desired action in the context menu:
  • Delete – Delete the file from the PC.
  • Quarantine — placing a file in quarantine.
  • Ignore – Do not scan this file again.
  • Show info – send the file to VirusTotal.
  • Accept to all – apply the same actions to a specific type of threat.

Article Conclusions

HitmanPro is an antivirus scanner that will help you find and destroy malicious software on your computer. The application is used on the PC as a second line of defense against security threats, along with the usual antivirus found on the device. HitmanPro can run from USB-connected media, CD/DVD and network drives. You can use the antivirus scanner on a permanent basis or perform one-time system checks at your discretion.

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