Solving error code WV-33899-2 on PS4

WV-33899-2 occurs when using the PS4 console’s networking capabilities. The error message contains the following information:

Unable to connect to PlayStation Network (“PSN”).

The error appears quite suddenly, as a rule, without any prerequisites.

How to fix error WV-33899-2 on PS4


Solution #1 Check the status of PSN services

The most common reason behind the appearance of WV-33899-2 is a problem with the PSN services or maintenance on the latter. Either way, follow the link below to open the official PSN Services Status page. Did you notice any problems? Then you have no choice but to wait and hope that SONY specialists will soon get PSN up and running.

Solution #2 Checking your internet connection

Have you ever thought that your PS4 simply does not have a normal Internet connection? Open “Settings” on your console and go to the “Network” section, then select the option to check the network connection. On this screen, you will see information about the network connection that your PS4 is using – you will immediately understand if something is wrong. If you have problems with your Internet connection, you can:

  • restart console;
  • restart the router;
  • update the software (firmware) of the router;
  • contact your ISP.

We solve problems with the Internet connection or wait – there is no other way to get rid of WV-33899-2 on PS4.

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