How do I sign up to stream on Twitch?

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in Twitch streaming. On this platform, you can share your artistic creations, your games. The stream is indeed an exceptional experience, a moment of sharing with other people who have the same interests as you, which allows you to exchange and have interactions with people. If Twitch seems to interest you and you want to experience it for yourself, the only way is to get started! We tell you everything you need to know about streaming.

How to create your Twitch account?

Designing a Twitch account is pretty simple, here are a few essential steps that will help you have a clearer idea of ​​what you’re getting into and how to stream :

Read the Rules of Conduct

To find out what’s possible and what’s not on Twitch, it’s necessary to read the Community Guidelines. And this, especially when you start. It is even strongly advised to keep it close to you, because the rules are constantly updated.

Register on Twitch

It’s not very complicated to create an account , you just have to click on the “register” icon, then follow the steps of the contact form. However, be careful, on a smartphone you will first have to go through a download of the application.

Secure your account

Without the activation of double authentication, it is impossible to stream or start a stream on Twtch . So do not hesitate to read the Twitch documentation in order to activate it from your computer. However, this cannot be activated from the mobile application.

Our selection of streaming software to start on Twitch!

How do I start a stream on Twitch ? To start streaming and streaming on twitch in the ordinary way from your computer, one of the first things you will need to do is equip yourself with video encoding software . But know that today, the number of streaming software is exploding, so it is important to distinguish the good from the bad. In the following lines, discover the most used software in France:

  • OBS Studio: this software is considered to be one of the best for novice streamers; OBS Studio is an open-source, free streaming software whose strength is its cross-platform suitability;
  • StreamLabs OBS: Accomplished in part by OBS, StreamLabs is also a popular piece of software in the streaming world, trying to be more accomplished though, only available on Windows;
  • Xsplit: excellent software, nevertheless generally used by advanced streamers. For the simple and good reason that it only becomes interesting when you have paid.

However, you should know that each software has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

What setup to start streaming on Twitch?

When starting out in streaming, it is necessary to test accessories before really investing in equipment that is quite expensive. However, there are essentials that you will need to equip yourself from the start.

What accessories for streamers?

To have the best quality of stream possible, some accessories are necessary for the animation as well as the practical side. To put the odds on your side and to attract a large audience, here are the main accessories you will need:

  • A microphone for gamers;
  • Helmet ;
  • Webcam / Camera;
  • Green background ;
  • Stream Deck;
  • Lighting / Lightning.

You will also find plenty of videos on YouTube that will help you design your ideal setup to start on Twitch.

What PC configuration for streamers?

The main elements of the player’s configuration are: his PC, and the console or the smartphone he uses. When you start streaming on consoles such as Xbox One, Play Station 4 or on the latest models of telephones, the implementation of the stream remains quite simple, and does not require a lot of thought as to the software and components to choose.

Finally, you should know that some streamers use two PCs. A computer for the game , and a second for sending the video stream and encoding on Twitch. This ensures better quality, without having to invest in a mega powerful PC that can handle everything at once.

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