How to replace a RAM stick on a PC?

Is your laptop lagging? This situation can be explained in two ways: either the memory of the PC is insufficient, or the module is defective. In the first case, it is up to you to optimize the storage capacity. In the second case, it is necessary to change the RAM module of the PC. This operation is quite simple. Moreover, there are a multitude of ways to do it. The important thing is to rigorously follow certain steps so as not to have any surprises. That said, find below the different steps to follow to replace the RAM module of a PC.

Unplug and turn off your computer

To proceed with the change of the RAM bar of your PC, you must have another for the replacement. In this case, you should choose a type of RAM that matches the motherboard support. Then check the number of slots available for RAM.

As for the laptop, you need to turn it off completely. Don’t put it in sleep mode. If the PC battery is removable, consider removing it. To expel the current that remains in the computer, press the On/Off button for a few seconds while keeping your finger pressed.

Proceed to opening the computer case

At this level, you have two options depending on whether the underside of the computer is made up of a single part or of different panels. In the first case, you must put the closed laptop on a soft space such as a cloth for example. Then you have to remove the screws and the lower part of the case. In order not to lose the screws, it is recommended to lay them on the cloth.

In the second case, you should always put the closed laptop on a soft place like a rag. Search the RAM logo on the panels. This piece is indeed, a rectangular block that has bars on the underside. In case there is no logo, you have to disassemble the panels to see the location of the RAM module.

Remove the old RAM stick from the computer

The way RAM memory is fixed can vary from one computer to another. Usually there are two clips on the RAM stick. You have to put them aside until the RAM strip is a little visible. When removing, only hold the sides so as not to dirty the metal parts. The chip must not be damaged or soiled. The metal parts must also not be damaged or soiled. In addition, most laptop computer designers deliver their products with a user manual. This will allow you to carry out your actions better.

Place the new RAM stick in the computer

There is only one way to place the RAM stick . The notch under the device must enter at the level of the motherboard. Keep the new RAM stick and observe where the bulge is at the motherboard mount. Then push the piece down so that the two clips snap back into it. The memory module must be flat and the metal tabs must block it.

Close the laptop

At this point, you need to close the laptop and place the loose screws. If you removed the battery, put it back in its original place. You no longer need to install software, because your laptop recognizes the new RAM stick if it is compatible with the motherboard. If you hear a beep when you turn on your laptop, it means the new memory is installed incorrectly. It could also be because the new memory is not compatible with the laptop.

This is why it is advisable to check the compatibility of the RAM memory and the motherboard. To find out if a RAM memory is compatible with your computer’s motherboard, you must first know the ideal model for your motherboard . Obtaining this information requires consulting the motherboard specifications on the motherboard manufacturer’s website.

If the information is not on the manufacturer’s website , you should consult its manual. You can also do extensive research on the internet to get the information you need to do things better.

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