Solution to the problem: “Xbox One does not read games”

If media won’t load or play on Xbox One, try the solutions on this page.

Make sure the disk is clean and functional

Clean the disc with a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth. Hold by the edges without touching the top or bottom surface.

Clean with movements from center to edge.

Play media with another Xbox One

Playing media with other devices will help you figure out if the problem is related to a separate disk drive on the device. Test it at a friend’s store.

Make sure Blu-ray player app is installed successfully

Make sure the Blu-ray player application is installed correctly. Check the region, it must match the region of the set-top box you purchased. 

Reinstall the app.

Replace the game

When none of the previous solutions fixed the issue, then head over to your Xbox One to find out how to replace a Microsoft game. For non-Microsoft games, contact the publisher for a replacement or the place of purchase.

Disc cannot be played recognized

If the drive does not play, then at this point there are two problems:

  • Instant-On Power Saving Settings.
  • The drive needs service.

If using Instant-On power saving mode, switch power modes and power cycle

Here’s how: 1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. 2. Select System Settings Power & Startup Power Mode & Startup 3. ” Power mode “, then ” Energy saving ” (switch modes).

4. Perform a ” hard reset ” by holding the button for 10 seconds to restart the device. 5. Try again. If the device is now reading the disc, go back to Instant-On .

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