Rocket League Error 67 Solution

Unusual arcade game about all kinds of cars playing football with a huge ball doing different somersaults. Despite the fact that the video game is quite fun, users rated it very mediocre. Of the main reasons that are vigorously discussed in various forums, including foreign ones, the most frequently asked question is “Connection to server timed out (Error 67)”.

Manifestation of Error 67

When connecting to an online match, a window appears: error 67 (connection timeout to the server). Many users “rack their brains” how to solve this problem if the following methods do not help:

  • reinstalling the game;
  • clearing the cache;
  • run as administrator;
  • disabling firewall;
  • change of ip-address;
  • disabling the Microsoft program;
  • unblocking UDP port.

An example of what the pop-up error looks like:

Many people think that this is a local problem, namely, due to some kind of failure at the Internet provider, which is blocking ports on the network. Because sometimes, when the game is connected to a different network, this problem does not arise. Is it so?

Most common causes of Error 67

In fact, there can be several reasons for the appearance of error code 67. The most common ones are:

  • Steam does not have administrator rights (for PC), as a result of which certain problems arise in the “Rocket League”, for example, with the opening of certain ports, which are important for the online mode.
  • UPnP is disabled in the router. To improve the reliability and stability of online sessions, the vast majority of multiplayer computer games use Universal Plug and Play technology.
  • The Rocket League game is unnecessarily protected by a firewall or antivirus.

Setting up a router

The first thing to try.

  • Launch Steam directly as an admin.
  • Enable UPnP in your router settings.
  • Disable protection (antivirus, etc.). In order not to disable protection, you can add ports that are used in the Rocket League to the firewall or antivirus exceptions: UDP: 3074,3478,3479 or TCP: 1935,3478,3479,3480.

Disable Microsoft services

For some Rocket League users, disabling all background apps on error 67 has helped. What do we have to do:

  1. Press the Win + R keys.
  2. In the input field enter: msconfig – press Enter.
  3. Go to the Services tab and select the Do not show Microsoft services check box, then click Disable all.
  4. Check the “Steam Client Service” checkbox. Click Apply.
  5. Then “OK” and close the utility.

Restart your computer and launch the game.

Change DNS addresses

This method is exclusively for Windows.

  • Control Panel.
  • Network / Internet / Network Control Center / Change adapter settings.
  • Select the connection by right-clicking “Properties”.
  • Internet Protocol version 4.
  • Check “Use the following DNS server addresses.

Finally, restart your computer.

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