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Do you have some free time, would you like to spend it playing poker on the Internet but don’t want (or can’t) install new programs on your PC? Are you looking for an easy way to create an online poker game with friends, without having to go crazy between servers and connections that don’t work?

If this is your need at the moment, know that I am here to help you! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will show you some of the best poker sites available at the moment. In particular, I will list the portals dedicated to free gaming, those dedicated to playing with real money and those dedicated to playing with friends, without neglecting the apps for smartphones and tablets. Fun is guaranteed!

Before continuing, however, I believe it is necessary to clarify a fundamental aspect of the question: the game of poker and, in general, gambling, can cause pathological addiction and lead to serious negative consequences on a personal, social and economic level. Therefore, I invite you to play with conscience and moderation and, if you intend to do it with real money, only if you are over 18 years old. It is not my intention to encourage unauthorized gambling activities, due to a minor age or pre-existing pathological conditions. Clear? Well, then let’s proceed.


  • Sites to play free online poker
    • World Series of Poker
    • Other sites to play free online poker
  • Sites for playing poker for real money
    • Sisal
    • Other sites for playing poker for real money
  • Sites for playing poker with friends
    • Poker Now
  • App for playing poker

Sites to play free online poker

The sites to play free online poker are so many: now I point out some of the best. Most of them require registration and offer a quantity of free chips which is usually increased on a daily basis.

World Series of Poker

The first of the online poker sites I want to tell you about is World Series of Poker (WSOP). This portal allows you to participate in Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker tables with players from all over the world, without spending a single euro, thanks to a set of free chips that are obtained upon registration.

So, to start, connected to the website in question , click on the Play Now button and choose whether to subscribe via Facebook , Google or email , using the buttons that are proposed to you. In the latter case you will need to indicate a valid e-mail address , which will allow you to access the service, together with a password to use to protect your account.

Once the login is complete, click on the Accept button , to accept the terms of use of the service, and click on the type of poker you prefer ( Hold’em or Omaha ); now, to access the table, click on the OK and Select buttons , then indicate the amount of chips to bring to the table ( buy-in ).

Please note that WSOP is providing 750,000 chips for free and these can be unlocked via daily bonuses, waiting for an in-game reload, or can be purchased for real money. In any case, having defined the value of the initial investment, click on the Buy-In button to access the table and start playing immediately. That’s all!

Other sites to play free online poker

There are, of course, other sites to play online poker for free: below I point out some of the most interesting.

  • ReplayPoker– is a site, fully translated into Italian, which allows you to play Texas Hold’em and Omaha thanks to free chips, given as a gift to each new member. Registration is required.
  • it– the “Poker” section of the famous portal dedicated to games allows you to participate, at no cost, in poker games in various variations. Please note that some of the games featured may require quick registration in order to be used.
  • GameDistribution– also the “Poker” area of ​​the GameDistribution portal is full of themed games, which can be used without having to register and completely free of charge.

Sites for playing poker for real money

In the field of legal gaming, there are several sites to play poker for real money , mainly managed and sponsored by big names in the betting or live gaming sector. Before listing those that, in my opinion, represent the most valid alternatives, I renew my invitation to gamble responsibly and only if you are of age : gambling can be addictive and must always be practiced wisely. Never forget it!


The Sisal portal , the leading Italian company in the management of paid games, allows you to play online poker for real money, without downloading any software. Clearly, to take advantage of the platform, it is essential to be at least 18 years old ; as things currently stand, on it is possible to play the Omaha and Texas Hold’em variants , on three different table modes: tournament , twister and cash ( more info here ).

To register for the service, connected to this website , click on the Register button and, if requested, indicate the game for which to receive the welcome bonus (in this case, since poker is of interest to you, check the box Casino ). Once you have made your selection, click on the Continue button , indicate your name and surname in the appropriate fields and press Continue again .

Now, enter your social security number in the field that appears on the screen, click again on the Continue button and specify your residential address in the screen that appears later. After clicking on the Continue button again , enter your phone number and a valid email address in the appropriate text boxes, press the Continue button and indicate, on the following page, the data to enter your personal area: a username of yours satisfaction and a password to be used to login (8 to 12 characters long and containing at least one number, one lowercase and one uppercase letter).

Once this is done, click on the Continue button , specify a security question (together with the answer ) to be used for any password recovery, press the Continue button again and proceed with sending an identification document , chosen from card identity (paper or electronic), driving license (paper or electronic), Italian passport or identification card for employees of the Ministry of Defense (AT or BT).

To upload the photos of the scanned document (one for the front and one for the back, in PNG or JPEG format and with a maximum size of 30 MB), click on the Upload now button and, when upload is complete, click on the Continue button .

After this step too, enter the document data (number, municipality / other issuer of issue, release date and expiration date) in the appropriate fields and click Continue again . If you do not have the document at hand, click on the Upload later link , resident in the initial request screen: you will have 30 days to proceed, subsequently, with the upload of the document.

Now, set a monthly top-up limit using the appropriate keys (or manually typing it in the field located at the bottom), read and accept the contract , the terms and conditions of the game and the privacy policy , placing the check mark next to the appropriate boxes, and click on the Continue button to view a summary of the data entered. After checking that they are correct, click on the Register button and that’s it: if everything went smoothly, you should receive a message indicating the correct account registration!

Now, to add funds to the casino account, click the button Reload located in Box Recharge your gaming account , choose a charging mode from the proposed (code received at the point of sale, Postepay , BancoPosta online, VISA / MasterCard cards, coupons Skrill, PayPal , Neteller, Paysafecard or Bank Transfer), select the amount of the top-up and click on the Send request button , in order to proceed with the next phase of the payment, in which you will have to enter the data relating to the chosen method.

After you have recharged, you are finally ready to play online poker! Then select the Poker item from the top menu bar, click on the Play Online button attached to the next screen and click on the Play Now button again , to open the Sisal Poker window and finally start having fun.

When prompted, enter a nickname to use for the poker room (bearing in mind that you will not be able to change it later ), click on the OK button and then click on the Home button located in the left sidebar, in order to view tables / tournaments at the which to access quickly, or use the Lobby button to participate in the tables dedicated to the various game modes (twister, SNG, cash or tournament).

Note : if you do not see the window dedicated to poker, unblock the popups in the browser you are using (preferably only for the site ), following the steps I have indicated in this guide .

Other sites for playing poker for real money

There are also other sites to play poker with real money, in a perfectly legal way, including Italian ones: below you will list some of the best.

  • Bwin– the famous portal dedicated to sports betting has a special section dedicated to poker, through which it is possible to play Texas Hold’em and various variants of Omaha.
  • GiocoDigitale– the section dedicated to online games allows you to easily access Texas Hold’em poker, three-card poker and Caribbean Stud tournaments.
  • it– the “live casino” area of ​​this portal allows you to access and play, obviously with real money, at Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud poker tables.

Sites for playing poker with friends

Are you looking for a site that allows you to play online poker with your friends? Then this is the section of the tutorial suitable for you: some platforms dedicated to the game in question, in fact, allow you to create dedicated tables, which can be accessed via an invitation link and / or entering a password.

Poker Now

Poker Now is a site that allows you to create a poker room in just a couple of clicks, without having to register or spend any money. After creating the virtual table, simply send the invitation link to your friends to allow them to join.

You ask me how to use it? It’s that easy. To start, connect to the Poker Now website and, using the left part of the screen that is proposed to you, indicate the poker variant to play ( Texas Hold’em , Omaha hi or Omaha hi / low ), indicate your nickname and specify whether or not to use cents, the value of the small and large blind and the amount of virtual currency to invest, using the Use cents boxes Small Blind , Big Blind and Your Stack .

Once you have made your choices, click on the Create private game button and, if required, pass the anti-robot check proposed below. The game is practically done! At this point, all you have to do is copy the invitation link that appears on the screen and send it to your friends, in the way you prefer. Your friends will be asked to indicate a nickname and an amount of virtual currency to invest: they will not have to register in any way.

To ensure that your friends can sit at the table, click on the Options button located at the top left (the one with the three horizontal lines ), select the Players tab and click on the Approve button corresponding to your friend’s nick; the same screen also allows you to manage the game options ( game ), the display options ( preferences ) and the possibility of transmitting the video or audio coming from the webcam ( audio / video ). To return to the game table, click on the Back button and, to start the game, press the Start Game button located at the bottom right.

If, for some reason, the previous solution did not meet your needs, I recommend that you take a look at : it is mainly a platform dedicated to playing poker through the use of Bitcoin . The site does not require registration and allows you to participate for free at the available tables and to create your own table, to share with friends, at no cost.

After going to the site in question , click on the Lobby and Create table buttons , to create a new game table; do not forget to check the box relating to the use of the access password , which you will then need to communicate to your friends. To access the created table, simply select it from the list of those available (also accessible by clicking on the Lobby button ).

App for playing poker

Do you prefer to play poker via your smartphone or tablet ? Know that I can help you even in this case! Below is a list of apps, available on Android (on the Play Store and on alternative markets ) and on iPhone / iPad, suitable for this purpose.

  • WSOP PokerAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – is the “companion” application of the aforementioned World Series of Poker portal, of which it shares the game dynamics.
  • Omaha PokerAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – is a poker game that allows you to play the Omaha variant of poker for free. The game is free to play but offers in-app purchases, to get additional chips to those provided for free on a daily basis.
  • Zynga PokerAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – is a very popular application for playing poker, which allows you to start single games or tournaments of Texas Hold’em in multiplayer mode. It is free (requires in-app purchases) and requires registration.
  • Online PokerAndroid ) – is a free game that allows you to participate in poker tables in different variations: American-style Telesina, Omaha, Hold’em and traditional, just to name a few. The app is free but offers in-app purchases, to buy additional chips and unlock extra features.

To learn more about poker games for Android , iPhone and iPad , I refer you to the in-depth tutorials I have dedicated to the topic.


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