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Ever since you were a child, you have been a passionate player of cards and, in particular, of trump cards . As soon as you get the chance, grab a deck of cards and organize a game with your family. Unfortunately, however, you are not always able to find someone willing to play with you and, for this reason, you would like to know some solutions both to play alone and to challenge other players from a distance, perhaps online. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me tell you that today is your lucky day!

With this guide, in fact, I will explain how to play trump for free in both single player and multiplayer mode. In addition to showing you some sites that allow you to play the famous card game online, you will also find a series of applications to download on your computer, smartphone and / or tablet, with the possibility of playing even without an Internet connection.

If you agree and can’t wait to start playing, let’s not waste any more time chatting and get to the action right away. Courage: make yourself comfortable, set aside five minutes of free time and follow the directions I am about to give you. Find the title to play trump you prefer, try to put my “tips” into practice and I’m sure that, in no time at all, you will be able to play as many times as you want. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!


  • Trump free online
    • Trump Plus
    • Trump King
    • Trump free on Facebook
  • Briscola free to download
    • Briscola italiana (Windows 10)
    • Trump! (Windows 10)
    • iBriscolaX (macOS)
  • Free trump app
    • Briscola Free (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Briscola Dal Negro (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Briscola Pro (iOS / iPadOS)

Trump free online

The first solution that you can consider to play trump for free are the online services that allow both to start a game in single player mode and to challenge other users. Here are some such sites that might be right for you.

Trump Plus

Briscola Più is the ideal solution to play free briscola without registration . In fact, the service in question allows you to play in single player mode without creating your own account. To challenge other real players, however, you need to register.

To start playing Briscola Più, connected to the official website of the game , click on the Play now button , choose the Play single option and select the game level you prefer between Play at expert level and Play at good level . Now, select the number of players ( 2 or 4 ), the type of game you are interested in ( Fast , 2 out of 3 and 3 out of 5 ) and click on the Continue button to start a game.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to play multiplayer, choose the Login option , enter your email address in the appropriate fields and press the Register button to create your account. Once this is done, select the Play Online option and click on the Challenge button for the user you wish to play with. Alternatively, click on the Random Challenge item to start a game with a random user.

Trump King

Briscola King is another good service that you can consider if your intention is to play free briscola in multiplayer . The game in question is completely free and allows you to challenge other players in the flesh. Requires the use of  Adobe Flash Player .

To start a game, connected to the official website of Briscola King , click on the Play now button and, in the new open page, select the Register option to create your account. Then enter the required data in the Email and Password fields , put the check mark next to I confirm that I am at least 13 years old and press the Register button to complete the registration.

Now, choose the game option of your interest between Head to Head Tournaments and Jackpot Tournaments , click on the Play button and select the Accept and Play option to start a game.

Trump free on Facebook

If you are wondering if it is possible to play trump for free on Facebook , you will be glad to know that the answer is positive. In fact, on the famous social network there is a section dedicated to games of various genres, including numerous card games.

To start a game of trump on Facebook, connect to the main page of the social network and, if you have not already done so, access your account by entering the data in the Email or telephone and Password fields .

At this point, locate the Explore section in the left sidebar, click on the Games item and, in the new open page, select the Cards category , to view all the card games available on Facebook. Find the trump game you prefer and click on the relevant Play button to start a game.

Alternatively, you can search for a specific game by selecting the Find games item , at the top left, and typing the name of the game (eg ” trump “) in the Search games field . Among those I would like to recommend, there are Briscola Più , Briscola Free and Briscola Dal Negro .

Briscola free to download

If you are looking for free trump games to download on your computer, you should know that the only solutions available are applications to download from the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 and the Mac App Store of macOS . Here are some that might be right for you.

Briscola Italiana (Windows 10)

Briscola Italiana is a free application for Windows 10 that allows you to play free briscola against the PC . No registration is required to start a game and you can also play offline.

To download Briscola Italiana on your computer, open the link I just provided, agree to open the  Microsoft Store  and press the Get button to start the download. For the detailed procedure, you can check out my guide on how to download applications on PC .

Once the download is complete, click on the Play button to start Briscola Italiana, and select the Start game option , at the top left, to start playing. It will be useful to know that by placing or removing the check mark next to Sounds , you can activate or deactivate the game sound.

Trump! (Windows 10)

Trump!  for Windows 10 is the ideal application for all those who intend to play free trump offline . In fact, it does not require an Internet connection and allows you to start a game in single player mode.

To start playing, download Briscola! from the Microsoft Store, start it and, first of all, set the full screen by clicking on the arrow icon , at the top right. Once this is done, on the main screen of the game, select the Options item , to choose the playing cards to use ( Napoletane , Piacentine , Sarde , Trevisane etc.), set the level of difficulty ( 1 for beginner, 2 for intermediate and 3 for expert) and select the number of points per victory .

Once this is done, press the Save button to save the changes, and click on the Quick Match item to start playing. It will be useful to know that at any time you can stop the game by pressing the right mouse button and choosing the Home option .

iBriscolaX (macOS)

If you are looking for a free application to play trump on Mac , I’m sorry to tell you that there are no trump games at no cost on the Mac App Store. If you are willing to spend a few dollars , you can consider iBriscolaX .

It is a paid application ( € 3.49 ) that allows both to play in single player mode, even without an Internet connection, and to play online, challenging hundreds of other real players. In addition to well-made graphics (you can choose the background to use during the games) and the ability to customize the scores of each challenge, it allows you to choose the cards to use by choosing from 15 decks ( Neapolitan , Piacentine , Sarde , French , Toscane , Lombarde etc.).

Free trump app

If your intention is to download free trump apps to play on  smartphones and tablets , you will be happy to know that there are various solutions available to you. Which ones are they? I’ll tell you right away!

Briscola Free (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Briscola Free is a free application for Android and iOS / iPadOS that allows you to play both in single player mode, with the possibility of choosing three different types of games, and in multiplayer mode, challenging random opponents among over 2 million players.

After downloading Briscola Free from the store of your device, tap on its icon on the home screen, press the Accept button , to accept the terms of service, and press the Single player item , to play against the computer. In the Choose the game screen , select the type of game you prefer between Quick , 120 points and Win 3 games and indicate the number of players ( 2 , 3 or 4 ), to start the game.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to challenge other players online, select the Multiplayer item and indicate the number of players. At this point, press on the Facebook logo to connect your Facebook account : by doing so, you can synchronize your game progress between multiple devices and you can challenge friends who, in turn, play Briscola Free. Alternatively, enter a nickname to use in the game in the appropriate field and press the OK button to continue playing without connecting your Facebook account.

In the new screen displayed, regardless of the choice made previously, press the Play button to find a game to challenge and start the game.

Briscola Dal Negro (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

If you are looking for an application to play free trump cards with Neapolitan cards ,  Briscola Dal Negro ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) is the solution that best suits your needs. In fact, the app in question allows you to play with the original cards of the famous Italian company, with the possibility of choosing between 16 decks of original Dal Negro regional cards (including Neapolitan cards), French cards and Spanish cards.

After downloading and starting Briscola Dal Negro, select the Play without login option and choose the game level you prefer ( Beginner , Intermediate and Expert ), to start a single player game. If, on the other hand, you prefer to challenge other players online, you should know that you need to create a free account. Then select the Multiplayer tab and, in the new screen displayed, choose the type of registration you are interested in: Connect with Facebook , to access Briscola Dal Negro with your Facebook account, or Create a new user , to register using your address e-mail.

After creating your account, select the type of cards you want to use (eg Neapolitan ), press the Multiplayer item again and, in the Open Tables section , tap on the player you want to challenge, to start an online game.

Briscola Pro (iOS / iPadOS)

Briscola Pro is another good application that you can consider to play Trump for free. It is available for iPhone / iPad and allows you to play in both single player and multiplayer modes.

To start playing, start Briscola Pro, tap on the Menu item , at the bottom left, and select the New game option , to play against the computer. Then choose the number of players between 2 and 4 and tap the OK button to start a new game.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to challenge other players online, press the Menu option again , choose the New online game item , select the number of players between 2 and 4 and wait for the search for other users, to start the multiplayer game.

Alternatively, by selecting the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth option , you can challenge friends and relatives who are in the same room as you and who, in turn, have downloaded Briscola Pro on their device.


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