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Lately you have rediscovered the pleasure of playing cards in the company of friends and relatives and, as soon as you get the chance, grab a deck of cards and organize a game of broomstick . However, you are not always able to find someone available to play with you and, for this reason, you would like to know some online solution to challenge other players in the flesh. That’s the way it is, right? Then let me show you some such solutions.

If you dedicate a few minutes of your time to me, I can list you some multiplayer broom titles that  you can play on computers, smartphones and tablets. First of all, it will be my job to show you what, in my opinion, are the best sites to play the famous card game online. Next, you will also find a number of applications that allow you to challenge thousands of mobile players, wherever you are. Interesting, right?

If you agree and can’t wait to find out more, let’s not waste any more time chatting and get to the action right away. Make yourself comfortable, set aside five minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. Identify the solution that you think best suits your needs, try to put into practice the instructions I am about to give you from the device of your interest and I assure you that, in no time at all, you will be able to start a game of broom by challenging other players online. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!


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Online multiplayer broom

If your intention is to play multiplayer broom on a computer, you can consider online services that allow you to start a game directly from the browser . Here are some such sites that might be right for you.

Fucks More

Scopa Più is a completely free online service that allows you to play fucks in both single player and multiplayer mode, challenging more than 700,000 players. It is also available as an application for Android and iOS / iPadOS .

To start a game, connected to the official Scopa Più website , click on the Play now button and, in the new page open, click on the Login button to create your account. Now, choose the option of your interest between Login with Google and Login with Facebook , to access Scopa Più using your Google account or your Facebook account .

Alternatively, you can also register using your email address. In this case, enter it in the Email and Confirm email fields and click on the Register button , then access your e-mail box, locate the email sent by Scopa Più and click on the link contained within, to verify your identity.

Then enter a password to be used to access Scopa Più in the appropriate fields, put the check mark next to the item I declare that I have read the relevant privacy policy and terms and conditions and click on the Confirm button to create your account. At this point, press the Login button again , enter the data associated with your account in the appropriate fields, click on the Login item and, in the new open page, put the check mark next to the Accept option , to accept the conditions of use of the service.

Once this is done, select the Play online option , click on the Challenge button related to the user you intend to challenge, select the game settings you prefer and press on Send , to send your request. As soon as the challenged user accepts your invitation, you can start playing.

King broom

Scopa King is one of the games produced by King Digital Entertainment, a Swedish company famous for making famous games such as Candy Crush . The game in question is completely free and, by creating your own account, you can also play in multiplayer mode. Requires the use of Adobe Flash Player .

To start playing Scopa King, connected to the official website of the game , click on the Play now button and, in the new page open, select the option Start game , to start a game in single player mode.

Now, click on the circle icon , at the bottom right, click on the OK button , to stop the game in progress and in the new open page, enter your data in the Email and Password fields . Then affix the check mark next to the I confirm that I am at least 13 years old option and click on the Register item to create your account.

At this point, click on the Practice with me button to start a test game, and follow the instructions shown on the screen to learn how to play. Once this is done, you are ready to start a new multiplayer game by selecting the New tournament and Play options .


How do you say? Are you wondering if it is possible to play broomstick on Facebook ? If so, you need to know that the answer is positive. In fact, in the Games section of the famous social network there are numerous card games, including some titles to play broom in multiplayer mode.

If you think this is the best solution to play broom online, connect to the main Facebook page and, if you have not already done so, log in to your account by entering the data in the Email or phone and Password fields . Once this is done, select the Games item visible in the left sidebar, locate the Categories section and select the Cards option , to view all the card games available.

To speed up your search, select the Find games option , at the top left, write ” broom ” in the Search games field , at the top right, and choose one of the games visible in the search results. Among the titles that allow you to play Scopa in multiplayer mode that I would like to recommend are Scopa più , Scopa free and Scopa Dal Negro .

Once you have chosen the game of your interest, click on the Play now button , and follow the instructions shown on the screen to start a game.

Multiplayer broom app

If you are looking for multiplayer broom apps to download to your smartphone or tablet, you will be pleased to know that there are various solutions available to you. Which ones are they? I’ll tell you right away!

Dal Negro original broom (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Scopa Original Dal Negro is a free application for Android and iOS / iPadOS , created by the famous Italian company that produces playing cards. It allows you to play both in single player mode, choosing between three different levels of difficulty, and online, challenging thousands of fans.

After downloading the app in question from your device’s store, tap on its icon on the home screen, press the Next (three consecutive times) and Finish buttons and create your account, which is necessary to play online.

Then choose the Connect with Facebook option to access the original Scopa Dal Negro with your Facebook account, otherwise select the Create new user item to register using your email address. In the latter case, enter the required data in the Nickname , Password and Email fields , select the avatar you prefer and press the Register and Close buttons to create your account.

Once this is done, choose the deck of cards you prefer to play with by selecting the one you are interested in ( Neapolitan , Piacentine , Siciliane , Trevisane , Milanesi , Toscane etc.) and, in the new screen displayed, press on the Multiplayer item .

At this point, tap on the Random opponent option , to choose an opponent at random, otherwise choose the player you want to challenge in the Open tables section . Alternatively, you can create a game table yourself by clicking on Create table and wait for another player to join your game.

Scopa – Card Game (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Scopa – Card Game is another good application that you can consider playing fucks with other players. It is available for free for Android and iPhone / iPad devices and allows you to play in multiplayer mode even without creating your own account.

To start playing, start Scopa – Card Game, tap the Accept button , to accept the terms of service, and choose the option of your interest between I can play , to access the main screen of the app, and No, explain to me , to know the rules of the broom.

Then choose the deck of cards  you prefer ( Neapolitan , French , Piacentine , Tuscan , Sicilian , Sardinian etc.) and tap on Proceed , then press on the Play now option and select the game table of your interest, to start a new game.

You must know that in order not to lose your game progress, you can log in to Scopa – Card Game with your Facebook account. In this case, press on your name , at the top left, tap on the Login with Facebook option and follow the instructions shown on the screen to connect your Facebook account.

Scopa Online (Android)

If you are looking for an app to play multiplayer broom on Android , Scopa Online is the solution that best suits your needs. This free application allows you to play both broom and broom without registration, challenging thousands of real users.

After downloading Scopa Online from the Play Store, start the app in question and select the language of your interest between Italian and English . Then press the Accept terms and privacy button  and choose the option of your interest: Continue with Facebook allows you to log in with your Facebook account and save your game progress or Later  to avoid connecting your Facebook account to the game.

Regardless of your choice, follow the instructions shown on the screen to enter your name , select an avatar to use in the game and to choose the type of cards to use. Once this is done, press the Play button and choose the game table of your interest to start the game.

Scopa Pro (iOS / iPadOS)

In addition to the applications that I have indicated to you earlier, among the best multiplayer broom apps for iPhone that you can consider is Scopa Pro . It allows both single player and multiplayer play, with the ability not only to challenge other users online but also your friends via the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth function .

After downloading and starting Scopa Pro, tap the ☰ button at the bottom left, choose the New online game option and select the number of player you want to challenge between 2 and 4 , to start a game with other players online.

If, on the other hand, you want to challenge friends or relatives who are in the same room as you and who, in turn, have downloaded Scopa Pro on their iPhone / iPad, press the ☰ button, select the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth option , select the number of players between 2 and 4 and wait for the connection with the other devices to be established, to start playing.


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