How to have all Brawlers on Brawl Stars

Between battles on Brawl Stars , one of the most popular mobile video games of recent years, you started to have some doubts about the character unlocking system. I can understand this: on the other hand the game has a lot of Brawlers and is updated through the Seasons, so you may have missed something.

In any case, know that you have come to the right place, as I will shortly show you how to get all the Brawlers in Brawl Stars . I will focus mainly on the free methods to unlock the characters, but there will also be a way to analyze the mechanism linked to the Brawl Pass, which is paid. I will not fail to deal with the issue – quite thorny – of the apps and mods that promise the unlocking of all Brawlers.

What do you say? Are you ready to learn more about the ways to get Brawl Stars characters? In my opinion you are looking forward to completing your team 100%. Come on then, below you can find all the details of the case. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to get all Brawlers on Brawl Stars for free
    • Trophies
    • Brawl crates
    • Try the Brawlers
  • Brawl Pass (seasonal threshold)

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to have all the Brawlers on Brawl Stars , I think it may interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, within the Supercell title there are various types of Brawler. They can be divided into “common” , rare , super rare , epic , mythic , legendary and chromatic characters . In total, Brawl Stars integrates over 40 Brawlers.

Each character has their own stats and characteristics, so I understand why you want to unlock them all. In fact, having a large number of Brawlers available will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs and potentially be able to give a hard time even to the most skilled users.

In any case, if you are looking for apps to have all the Brawlers on Brawl Stars , I have to stop you: there is no application that can guarantee you to unlock all the characters of the Supercell title in a way approved by the developers. Indeed, such apps violate the conditions of the game leading to the possible ban of the account and often contain malware that can endanger the security of your data.

The same applies to mods to have all Brawlers on Brawl Stars : the Web is chock full of portals and users who promise to provide you with a “magical” method to unlock all the characters in the game, but I strongly urge you to stay away from these promises .

In fact, the only method to get Brawler within Brawl Stars is to follow the directives indicated by the game , which I will explain in detail in the course of this guide. Those who promise “magic” apps and mods are therefore lying and, in the worst case, could be an attacker.

How to get all Brawlers on Brawl Stars for free

After explaining the whole situation to you, I would say that it is time to take action and explain how to get all the Brawl Stars Brawlers . Don’t worry – all the characters in the game can potentially be obtained for free.


To get the “common” Brawlers , from Bull to Emz , it is necessary to continue on the Trophy Trail . In fact, the latter guarantees among the various rewards also of the characters.

For example, Bull is obtained by reaching 250 trophies , while Emz can be unlocked by reaching 8,000 trophies . Trophies are earned by winning matches, so you just need to just go ahead as normal in Brawl Stars.

By completing the classic matches offered by the game, you should have no particular problems getting all these “common” Brawlers. You can check when you unlock a certain character by pressing on the trophy box in the top left of the main Brawl Stars screen.

Brawl crates

The method that allows you to unlock most of the Brawlers present within the Supercell title is the one that requires you to go through the brawl crates .

Put simply, by leveling up in the free Brawl Pass or in the Trophy Walk (trophy icon at the top of the main game screen), you will get some chests to open, inside which you can find characters.

From El Primo to Colette , all Brawlers that are not obtained directly via the Trophy Walk can be unlocked via the Brawl Crates. Put simply, you just play trying to win as many games as possible and collect your rewards , hoping to find the right characters.

I also recommend that you check out the Shop on a daily basis , as you may sometimes find free rewards that might consist of Brawl chests.

For the rest, if you want to speed up the process through microtransactions , you can take a look at my guide on how to shop on Brawl Stars . From the Shop you can in fact buy, for example, the Mega chests . The latter are equivalent to 10 Brawl Crates and have a higher percentage of earning rewards. A Mega Chest typically costs 80 gems . The huge Cash box is more accessible , since it costs 30 gems (equivalent of 2.29 euros in microtransactions).

If, on the other hand, you want to do everything faster but without spending a cent , you might consider attending the events that are launched every now and then by the developers. In fact, the latter allow you to quickly obtain trophies , potentially obtaining other brawl chests through the rewards of the Trophy Walk.

Another interesting way to speed up the process is to play the daily and seasonal missions . In fact, the latter allow you to get experience points and trophies, which consequently lead you to potentially get more Brawl chests.

Try the Brawlers

How do you say? Haven’t managed to unlock all the Brawlers yet but would you like to try them out now ? Don’t worry: there is a special feature made available directly from the game.

In fact, by pressing on the BRAWLER box , present on the left in the main screen of Brawl Stars, and by tapping on a character (bottom left) you will notice the presence of the TRY button .

By pressing on the latter, you will be “transported” to a training ground where you can test the skills of the Brawler firsthand. I know, it’s not like having unlocked it, but not everyone knows about the possibility of trying the characters of Brawl Stars for free and therefore I wanted to illustrate it to you.

In any case, this feature allows you to try out all the Brawlers in the game . For example, Lou , a highly coveted character as it unlocks after the Season 4 Season 30 threshold, can be tested right away in this way.

Brawl Pass (seasonal threshold)

In some cases, the developers decide to make Brawlers available for a certain period of time only for users who have purchased the paid Brawl Pass , which costs 169 gems in the standard version or 249 gems with 10 levels included. To learn more, you can refer to my tutorial on how to find gems on Brawl Stars .

To give you a concrete example, in Season 4 which began on November 23, 2020 and ends on February 1, 2021, called “Christmas Scrums”, it is possible to unlock the Brawler Lou only by reaching level 30 with the active paid Brawl Pass . When you read “seasonal threshold”, it means this.

There is typically a Shiny Brawler that can be unlocked this way in each Season, but you don’t have to worry: after the Season , developers usually allow users to unlock this character through Brawl Crates , so potentially you could find him in the future without. spend a penny.

The previous Seasons offered Gelindo , Energetik and Colette with the paid Brawl Pass, all chromatic characters that were then made available through brawl crates.

In any case, to understand how to unlock a certain character within Brawl Stars, just press the BRAWLER button , present on the left of the main screen of the game, and take a look at the indications in the box relating to the Brawler you want to unlock .

In short, now you know a little everything there is to know about how to unlock and test the characters of the Supercell title.

Since you are a fan of the latter, I would finally recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Brawl Stars , where you can find many other tutorials that may interest you.


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