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Ever since you were a child, you have been a great lover of strategy games and still remember with pleasure the endless hours spent playing Risk . With the passage of time, you have not lost this passion of yours and, when you have the opportunity, you organize a few more games with your friends. However, you do not always find someone willing to play with you and, for this reason, you would like to know some solution that allows you to play Risk on the Internet, perhaps challenging other players in the flesh.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me show you some such solutions. If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can list some sites that allow you to start a game of online Risk , including some titles that are faithful in all respects to the classic board game. In addition, you will find a series of applications that allow you to organize matches on the go, wherever you are.

If that’s exactly what you were looking for and you can’t wait to start playing, let’s not dwell any further and get to the heart of this tutorial. All you have to do is to carve out five minutes of free time and start playing Risiko online with one of the titles that I am about to tell you about. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!


  • Risk! Digital
  • atWar
  • Warzone
  • BlitzWar
  • Online Risk App

Risk! Digital

If you are looking for a solution to play Risiko online on PC and Mac you can consider Risiko! Digital . This is the official version of Risiko adapted to modern times, which can be played through a special client for Windows and macOS. New users can play for free for 30 days, then you need to activate a subscription starting at € 3.95 / month.

If you think this is a valid solution for playing Risiko online, connect to the official Risiko website! Digital and, first, select the Register option , to create your account. On the new page that has opened, enter the required data in the Username , Password , Email and Date of birth fields and put the necessary check marks to declare that you are resident in Italy and to accept the terms of the service .

Once this is done, put the check mark next to the I am not a robot option , to verify your identity, and click on the Submit button . Then access your e-mail box, locate the e-mail sent by Risiko! Digital and click on the link contained within it, to activate your account.

At this point, connect again to the main page of Risiko! Digital, click on the Download client button located at the top right and press on the option of your interest between Download the client for Windows and Download the client for Mac , to start downloading the client needed to play.

Once the download is complete, if you have a Windows PC , double-click on the RisikoDigital [version] .exe file , click on the Continue button and select the Accept option , to install Risiko! Digital.

If, on the other hand, you have a Mac , open the .dmg package obtained, right-click on the Install Risiko Digital [version] file and select the Continue option , to start the installation of Risiko! Digital and, at the end of the latter, automatically start the software in question.

At this point, enter the data of the account you created previously in the Login and Password fields and click on the Enter button to log in and access the main screen of Risiko! Digital, which lists all the games in progress. Then press the Watch button to watch a game that has already started, or select the Join option to join a game that is about to start.

Alternatively, click on the Create Game button at the top right to create a new game, choose your preferred game mode and set the rounds and number of players . If you wish, enter an access password in the appropriate field (useful for playing with your friends) and press the Create button to create the game. Please note that you can also receive invitations from other players: in this case, all you have to do to take part in the game and start playing is to click on the Accept button .

As soon as the game you have decided to join reaches the required number of players, select the Player option and click the Play button to start the game.


atWar is one of the most popular variants of the classic Risk that is distinguished by the presence of 14 types of land, naval and air units that can move freely on the game map. The title is free-to-play with the ability to purchase paid content. You can start a game directly from your browser , without downloading any additional software to your computer.

To play Risiko online for free , connect to the official atWar website and click on the Register for free button . In the new screen displayed, enter the required data in the Username , Password required and Re- enter the password fields , enter the security code displayed on the screen in the appropriate field, put the check mark necessary to accept the terms of the service and click on the Register button , to create your account.

Alternatively, you can also register on atWar using your Facebook account ( Continue with Facebook ), your Google account ( Register with Google ), your Twitter profile ( Register with Twitter ) or using your Steam account ( Register with Steam ).

After creating your account and logging into atWar, click on the Play online button and select one of the options available from Start tutorial , to learn how atWar works and learn how to take your first steps on the platform in question, and Enter the room , to access the Games section of atWar.

At this point, select the type of game you prefer between Rapida (with shifts from 1 to 12 minutes) and Longeva (with shifts from 12 to 48 hours), press on the preview image of one of the available games and click on the buttons enter game and Join , to take part in the match. You can also watch the game in spectator mode, selecting the option Assist .

As soon as you are ready to start playing, click on the Ready button (bottom right) and, as soon as it is your turn to play, click on the Start Turn item to make your moves.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a new game, click on the New game button , at the top right, select the map to use during the game by choosing one of the available options (eg World Map , Nakarsia , Europe 1800 etc.) and affix the check mark next to the type of game you want to start between Quick Match and Long-lived Match .

Then indicate whether to create a public or private game (in the latter case, enter the password to access the game in the appropriate field) using the drop-down menu This game is , indicate the number of players and click on the Continue button . In the newly opened page, specify the additional settings required in the Basic , Victory and Advanced sections and as soon as all players are ready to start playing, press the Start Game button .


Warzone is one of the best solutions to play Risiko online as it offers the dynamics of the classic Risk but with a modernized interface. It is completely free and, by creating your own account, allows you to play via browser. In addition to the ability to play online in real time against other players, it also allows you to organize matches over several days and make your own moves even when the other players are not connected. Unfortunately it is not available in Italian.

To start playing Warzone, connected to the official website of the game , click on the Multiplayer option located in the top menu and select the Dashboard option . In the new page opened, click on Create an account! , enter the required data in the Name , Choose a password and Email fields, put the check mark next to the color to be associated with your troops and click on the Sign up button to create your account.

At this point, click on Jump into Multi-Player with Quickmatch! , indicate the number of days (minimum 1 and maximum 5 days) for which you are willing to play a single game and click on the Play now button , to start a new random game.

Alternatively, press on the Multiplayer item in the top menu, choose the Open game option , to view the games in progress, and select one of the options available among Multi-day , to view only the games lasting more than one day, and Real time , if you want to play in real time. Then click on the game of your interest and press the Join game button to join the game and start playing.

Please note that you can create a new game yourself by selecting the Multiplayer and Create game options . By choosing, instead, the Dashboard item you can view all the games you are participating in (they are listed in the My Games section ).


BlitzWar is a newly developed game that takes inspiration from Risk! Challenge, one of the variants of the classic Risiko. It is completely free and allows you to play both against the computer and in multiplayer mode (maximum 5 players per game). In the latter case, it allows you to choose the duration of the game in order to avoid too long games.

To start a game, connected to the official BlitzWar website , click on the Play now button and, in the new screen displayed, select the Sign up new user option , to create your account. Then enter the required data in the Username , Email and Password fields , tick to accept the terms of the service and click on the Register button .

Once this is done, log into your inbox, locate the email invites from BlitzWar and click on the Activate your account button to activate your account and start playing.

At this point, in the Open games section , you can view the available games: then identify the one you want to participate in, press the relevant Join endless game button , choose the color to associate with your troops and click on the Select you color item . As soon as all the other players are ready to play, the game will begin.

If, on the other hand, you want to organize a game with your friends or with other online users, press the New game button , choose the color to associate with your troops, indicate the maximum duration of the game by specifying it in the Game duration field and click on the Create button , to create the game. If you wish, by clicking on the Copy game link option , at the top right, you can copy the URL of the game and communicate it to the people who want to play with you.

Online Risk App

How do you say? Would you like to play Risiko from smartphones and tablets ? In that case, you should know that there are several free applications that allow you to both start a single player game and challenge other users. Here are some that might be right for you.

  • Blood & Honor ( AndroidiOS / iPadOS ) : is one of the most popular Risk- inspired games in the mobile environment. It supports both single player mode and multiplayer mode (with built-in chat to interact with other players). Combine the classic game of Risk with an innovative set of bonus cards that will give you access to air raids, nuclear bombs, assassinations and more. It integrates different maps, various game modes and numerous options. It’s free with the ability to make purchases in the app.
  • Warzone ( AndroidiOS / iPadOS ) : is the version for smartphones and tablets of the online title that I indicated in the previous paragraphs. It allows you to play against the computer and also in multiplayer mode, with games that can accommodate up to 40 players. There are thousands of maps to choose from, it integrates a league system and even allows you to participate in tournaments. It is completely free but allows you to make purchases in the app. Despite this, the developers ensure that players all have an equal chance of winning a game, no matter what purchases they make.
  • RISK: Global Domination ( Android) : is the official application of Risk, the international variant of Risiko, made under license from Hasbro. It offers several game modes, including the ability to start online matches with up to 6 players, and has over 40 maps. This app is also free with in-app purchases that unlock extra features and maps.
  • Rise Wars ( AndroidiOS / iPadOS ) : is another free application that allows you to organize games of Risiko in multiplayer mode (up to 6 players). Numerous maps are available, including ones created by users.


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