How to increase time in Ruzzle

Ruzzle is one of the most loved games by iPhone and Android users, there is no doubt about this now. Everyone talks about it and more and more people write to me asking for tricks to win the challenges against their friends … even in a not very regular way. And I am clearly opposed to this, as it makes no sense to play and then win by cheating.

To be more precise, I have received numerous requests regarding how to increase the time in Ruzzle in order to increase the time available to complete your shift. In light of this, I decided to publish a post in which to clarify the current situation of the game and underline the fact that at the moment there are no working tricks to extend Ruzzle’s time, they have all been blocked … even if a little something can still be done . Here’s everything in detail.

As already mentioned, all the tricks related to how to increase the time in Ruzzle were blocked by the authors of the game after their discovery. The only method that still works (but which has very limited utility compared to other techniques previously possible) is to receive a call while playing.

If you ring the mobile phone on which you are playing Ruzzle during a challenge or a single workout, the app will automatically pause and allow you to continue the game from where you left it.

This, in theory, would allow you to think a few more seconds on the combinations of words to use in the game but in reality it is only useful for those with a very trained mind, as if the phone rings the Ruzzle screen disappears from the screen.

If you try to increase the time in Ruzzle with the technique that was used before, that is to exit the app, go to the phone settings and set the time back a few minutes, the game will realize that you are trying to cheat and will invalidate the game. .

Trying to return to Ruzzle after changing the time, in fact, you will be greeted by the word Anti-scam activated and you will not be able to continue your game, with the result of losing the challenge you were doing “at the table” and risking further penalties from part of the game. In short, if you are looking for a way to improve in Ruzzle it is better to follow other paths (more regular and honest).

Small curiosity: if you stop your game in Ruzzle with a phone call, as seen above, you will also unlock one of the objectives of the game, the one called NOT NOW which consists in receiving a call while you are playing. Nice, right?


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