Several games with realistic graphics coming out in 2022 and 2023

Games with realistic graphics: The upcoming 2022 and 2023 will be rich in various game releases. And in this article, I would like to highlight several game projects that will have very realistic graphics, judging by the first trailers and the first gameplay. From this, I want to draw some conclusions and, as a result, provide a selection of future games with realistic graphics that will be released before the end of 2022, and some projects will reach the release only in the next 2023.


This is an adventure first-person shooter with survival elements. This project is the spiritual successor of  Dino Crisis . Yes, where exactly the big dinosaurs are the main antagonists of the protagonist. Players have to survive in the wild. A story campaign awaits you, where you can play both alone and in co-op. The game trailer shows that the developers are working not only on the game component, but also on the graphic design. There is also information that the main character’s equipment can be customized.


Adventure action from the first person, and also with elements of survival like the previously mentioned project. The action of the game takes players to the expanses of the Polish part of the Carpathian Mountains. According to the plot, the main character’s plane crashes and now he is left alone in extreme conditions, where he will have to apply all the knowledge and skills of survival. We have to rely on our own knowledge and try to survive in a harsh environment. You will also have to constantly defend yourself from wild animals, bad weather and get your own food with water. The main features include excellent graphics and a story with two alternative endings. The developers also promise a realistic weather change, a deep crafting and building system, many different activities, such as fishing.

The swordsmen x survival

This is a multiplayer survival simulator set in the world of medieval China. We will play as a student of martial arts, surviving alone during the civil war. We have to look for food and habitat, forge equipment with our own hands and even sew clothes and shoes. It will also include protecting the public. The game has a large open world, where there will be a storyline, side tasks, as well as the possibility of exploration. The game can be played both alone and in cooperative mode. The graphics in the game are striking in their realistic picture, especially moving foliage during the wind.


Another third person open world survival simulator. The game takes place 20 years after the bacteriological war. And the main character will have to do everything to feed and protect himself. Learn a craft to get food. There will also be an opportunity to find an animal to train it in hunting and protection. The developers promise an interesting and unusual gameplay with a variety of features that have never been in any similar project of this genre.

Pirates v.r. jolly roger

This is an action-adventure game in virtual reality. Referring players to old stories of pirates. The game will offer a journey to the pirate world on a deserted island, which hides many secrets and mysteries that we have to unravel. The player finds himself on a mysterious island among tropical vegetation and colorful views. Like a real pirate, we will be accompanied by a faithful parrot, who will give hints and various tips. On passing the player will receive skills that will help to get through to the treasure hunt. Also, judging by the trailer, the game will have nice graphics and good soundtrack.


Another interesting game for virtual reality, where we will play as a new recruit of the organization Tripleo, who goes to another planet in order to find the “Cyanhee” agent. But the path to salvation will not be easy and the main character will have to use all his survival skills, as every corner of this unidentified planet is fraught with danger. The game offers us to enjoy a complete virtual reality in which we can freely move, climb, swim and jump. As well as taking on epic opponents of alien wildlife: humanoids and mechanical enemies, defeating each requires unique tactics. The player will be able to collect resources, create an arsenal, control vehicles and mechanical devices.

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