Top 5 WWII games

The most devastating conflict in our recent history has turned into heroic attacks, intense dogfights, epic skirmishes on land, and vicious skirmishes in the skies on numerous occasions. Here you will find the best WWII games you must play.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Official standalone DLC for the famous Men of War series. The story takes place in different parts of the world. The player will visit the regions of Eastern Europe, the deserts of Africa and islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are five different countries to choose from, the USSR, the USA and, of course, Germany. Participation in battles takes place both in single and multiplayer modes. As in the previous parts, attention is focused on the realism of the introduction of combat. Therefore, you need to focus and adapt to different circumstances with the help of thoughtful tactics.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Under the control of the player, the American war hero, agent B.J. Blaskowitz, again acts. The plot develops during the Second World War, but quickly move to the 1960s. In this alternate version of the story, the Nazi forces were victorious. With the help of the Wunderwaffe, they managed to conquer the entire planet. The protagonist takes up arms to start the fight against his sworn enemy.

IL-2 Sturmovik

In modern aircraft, electronics are an important part, but during the Second World War, the outcome of the battle depended on the person. IL-2 Sturmovik gives each of you the opportunity to become a pilot of that period and take part in air battles. There are 31 types of Soviet, German and American aircraft to choose from, differing in camouflage and coloring for different seasons.

Sniper Elite 4

In the fourth part, the main character is the same Carl Fairbairn. After leaving North Africa, he travels to Italy to help local resistance fighters who are furiously advancing north. Unlike other representatives of the genre, the Sniper Elite series offers more realistic behavior and bullet trajectory.

Call of Duty: WW II

The plot tells of a small military unit that was part of the famous 1st Infantry Division. Young soldier Ronald “Red” Daniels is one of the squad’s best fighters. The developers note his special relationship not only with colleagues, but also with other groups fighting the Nazis. In keeping with the famous phrase “no one fights alone in war”, we will join forces with the French resistance and the British forces.

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