How to Renovate a House in Medieval Dynasty

We continue to understand the mechanics of Medieval Dynasty. This time we will explain how you can repair buildings – it will be very useful if nature rebelles against you (or a conflict occurs). Well, in the end, what was built with such backbreaking work may simply deteriorate over time.

If you come across such a message, then it’s time to start repairing the village.

What you need to repair buildings

Everything here is extremely simple and understandable, because you already have construction experience behind you . In addition, in pockets and chests, you probably already have everything you need to do the repair, namely:
  • hammer;
  • building materials ( straw, branches, logs, stone , etc.).
The required building materials will depend on what your buildings were built from. To patch holes in the most basic wicker wall, you only need branches, but if, for example, you used logs for the walls, then you will have to cut wood for repairs.

How to enter repair mode

  1. Take a hammer in your hand.
  2. Click with the right mouse button.
  3. In the menu that opens, select “Repair”.

How to renovate buildings

When you switch to repair mode, all buildings will be painted in red and green colors. The first is to mark the parts of buildings that need repair, the second – those that are not necessary to be repaired yet.

The repair algorithm itself is the same as for construction: go to the red elements of the building and hit them with a hammer until they turn green. At the same time, the description of a part of the structure will indicate the degree of integrity and materials required for repair.

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