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In the free media player ROX Player you can watch movies via torrent. With ROX Player, users can start playing a movie (or any other video) from a torrent tracker without waiting for the video file to download to their computer.

ROX Player can open torrent files, magnet links, URL links from torrents for playback. Naturally, with the help of the player, you can not only watch videos via torrent, but also open any video and audio files from your computer for playback in this player.

The principle of the player is as follows: you start the distribution in the player, which is located on the torrent tracker, then after buffering, you can watch the movie without waiting for the download of this video to your computer to complete. To start watching a movie (video), it will be enough that a small fragment of the video file is downloaded to your computer.

You will need to add the torrent (torrent link, torrent itself, or magnet link) to the ROX Player, and then you can watch a movie or other video as soon as it starts playing in the player. You will not need to wait for the video to finish downloading to your computer. This process is somewhat similar to watching movies online on the Internet.

Before adding a torrent to ROX Player, you should pay special attention to the number of users distributing this movie. In the event that there are none, or there are very few distributors, then, naturally, there may be problems with launching the video in this player.

ROX Player is based on VLC media player, which is used to watch streaming video on the Internet. Since almost all the necessary codecs are already built into VLC media player, you will not have problems watching video files in ROX Player, opened from torrents, or from your computer.

You can download ROX Plaer from the official website of the program manufacturer, the media player has Russian language support.

After downloading the application from the Internet, install ROX Player on your computer. After starting, the main window of the ROX Player program will open. The application has a concise and intuitive interface.

At the top of the program window there is a menu bar with which you can control the media player.

ROX Player Settings

The ROX Player settings can be accessed from the “Options” menu by selecting the “Settings” context menu item. In the “Interface”, “BitTorrent”, “Associations” and “Miscellaneous” tabs, you can configure the player for convenient viewing of videos directly from torrents.

Note that in the “BitTorrent” tab, you can change the folder that the video downloader will use on your computer. By default, a folder in the user’s profile is selected for downloads in the application. For downloads in ROX Player, you can select a different folder on your computer.

By default, the item “Automatically clean up downloads when the program starts” is enabled. When you start the player again, the video downloaded to your computer when viewing via torrent will be deleted from your computer. This is done so that the downloaded video does not take up much space on your computer.

If you want to save the downloaded video on your computer, for example, in order to watch the movie again, regardless of various circumstances (Internet connection, torrent availability), then uncheck the box next to this item.

In the “Associations” tab, you can associate ROX Player with “.torrent” files and “Magnet” links. It is not necessary to do this at all. In the “Miscellaneous” tab, you can change the folder that is intended for screenshots, as well as change the playlist management.

How to open files in ROX Player

To open a torrent in the player, you will need to enter the “File” menu. Next, select “Open .torrent” from the context menu, and then one of the following options: “.torrent file”, “.torrent URL”, or “.torrent magnet link”.

On some torrent trackers it will be possible to use any of these possible ways, and on other trackers, only one or two options for adding a torrent to the player will work. On any torrent tracker, you will be able to select the following option: “.torrent file”, which works on all trackers.

Next, you will need to add a torrent to the movie in the player. How to do this in different ways, read later in the article.

After adding the distribution to the player, the buffering process will begin.

After buffering is completed, you can start watching a movie or other video via torrent without waiting for the video to finish downloading to your computer. You can move the marker on the player’s playback bar to view the movie from a specific location.

How to add a torrent file to ROX Player

First you will need to download the torrent file to your computer, and then you will need to open the torrent file using a media player.

Select a movie on the torrent tracker, and then to download the torrent file to your computer, click on the “download .torrent” link.

In the main window of the ROX Player, go to the “File” menu, then “Open .torrent”, and then “.torrent File”. In the Explorer window, select the downloaded torrent file, and then click on the “Open” button.

After that, the process of buffering and playing the movie in the player on your computer will begin. This method works on all torrent trackers.

How to add torrent URL to ROX Player

When adding a link, on the torrent tracker you will need to right-click on the link to the movie, and then in the browser context menu, you will need to select the “Copy link” item, or something similar (in various browsers, this item may named differently).

Next, in ROX Player, go to the “File” menu, then “Open .torrent”, and then “.torrent URL”. In the “Open .torrent URL” window that opens, paste the link in the appropriate field, and then click on the “OK” button.

After that, in the player window, after the completion of the buffering process, the movie will start playing from the torrent.

How to add a magnet link to ROX Player

On those torrent trackers that support the ability to download via magnet links, you can copy the URL of the link to add it to ROX Player. To do this, you will need to right-click on the magnet link, and then select “Copy Link” from the browser’s context menu.

Next, you need to enter the “File” menu, then “Open .torrent”, and then select the item “.torrent Magnet link”. In the “Open Magnet Link” window, paste the copied link, and then click on the “OK” button.

The player will first start buffering, and then start playing the video from the torrent.

In ROX Player you can change the aspect ratio, change the video correction settings, connect subtitles, select audio tracks, connect additional plug-ins to the program.

Deleting files in ROX Player

With the default settings, downloaded, when viewed via torrent, movies will be deleted from your computer when you restart the program. Unnecessary torrent files will be saved in the player folder.

To delete unnecessary files, right-click on the ROX Player program shortcut, and select “File Location” from the context menu. Delete the torrent files that have become unnecessary from the “ROXData” folder.

Article Conclusions

With the free ROX Player program, you can watch movies (or other videos) via torrent online for free. With a sufficient number of distributors, after adding a torrent file or a link to a torrent to the program, the player will immediately start playing the movie, without waiting for the video to fully download to your computer.

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