How to repost a post

Almost all social platforms now make available to users some options for the “repost”. With this term – if you don’t know – we refer to the operation of sharing a post or any other type of content previously published by another user, or even by oneself (perhaps in a different section of the social network in use).

It must be said that some social networks do not yet have an integrated function that allows you to immediately share someone else’s post. Nonetheless, the operation can be carried out the same, and also in a fairly simple way, using some expedient. Which? You will soon find out: the purpose of this tutorial will be to explain to you how to repost a post on all the most popular social platforms (including those that do not provide predefined repost functions), both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

As you will be able to judge for yourself, these are very intuitive procedures: most of the time, everything is feasible in a handful of taps or clicks. How do you say? Would you like to know immediately how to do it? Great, then I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, good fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to repost an Instagram post
    • How to repost a post in the Instagram feed
    • How to repost a post on Instagram stories
    • How to repost an archived post on Instagram
  • How to repost a post on Facebook
    • How to repost a post in the Facebook feed
    • How to repost a post on Facebook Stories
  • How to repost a post on Twitter
  • How to repost a post on TikTok
  • How to repost a post on LinkedIn

Preliminary information

Before going on to list the steps necessary to share content already published on the various social platforms, it is my duty to make an important clarification: the posts of others should not be shared in any way without the permission of the author, i.e. who first published them. . Before republishing someone else’s post, therefore, you need to ask for permission.

Furthermore, when making a repost, the original author of the re-sharing content must always be mentioned by mentioning the profile. If you do not do these operations, you could violate the copyright rules and, of course, break the terms of use of the various social networks. Violations of these rules could lead to termination of your account (this can happen as a result of a report) or even more serious legal repercussions.

Therefore, always keep in mind what I have just told you before reposting any type of content. I do not take responsibility for the use you will make of this tutorial. Clear? Well, then let’s move on.

How to repost an Instagram post

If you agree, I would open the guide by talking to you about one of the most used social platforms: Instagram. A little while ago, when I mentioned the social networks that have not integrated a repost function (or rather, which have integrated some very limited ones) I was referring precisely to the famous Facebook priority photographic platform.

In most cases, in fact, to reshare a post or a story on Instagram it is necessary to resort to gimmicks and you cannot count on integrated features. Furthermore, I inform you that content sharing is only available in the Instagram app for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) and iPhone and not on the web version or on the client for Windows 10 that allow you to use Instagram. on PC. For all the details, read on.

How to repost a post in the Instagram feed

The feed of Instagram, ie the profile section which displays the post that you publish (and stories) and can then be viewed by other users without deadlines does not provide an option to reshare posts.

This being the case, what you can do, when you notice a content that you would like to publish on your profile, is to take a snapshot of the displayed screen (i.e. a screenshot ), if it is a photo, or film the screen, if it is a video.

To do this on an Android smartphone, once you have started the Instagram app and found the post to “photograph”, press the Volume Down key (-) and the On / Off key at the same time, or, alternatively, use the combination of the Volume Down (-) key and the Home key. For all the details, check out my tutorial on how to take screenshots on Android.

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, to take a screenshot, press the right side button and the Volume Up (+) button at the same time (if you use a model with Face ID) or the power button + Home combination (if you have a model with the physical Home button). More info here.

Is the post you want to reshare a video? In this case, if you use an Android device, you can resort to the screen recording function accessible on almost all smartphone models via the notifications menu (it has a dot or a camera icon ). If you do not find it, search the app menu or, alternatively, contact third-party applications, such as ADV Screen Recorder (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store). For all the details on how to record the Android screen, read my dedicated guide.

If, on the other hand, you are using an iPhone, open the Control Center with a swipe from the top right corner of the screen downwards (if you have a model with Face ID) or from the bottom upwards starting from the center (if you have a model with Home button) and tap the REC button. If you don’t see the key in question, activate it from the Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls menu. For more details on this procedure, please read my dedicated guide.

Once you have captured the screen or video of the post you want to share, all you have to do is press the + icon, at the top right of the main page of the Instagram app, tap on the preview of the photo or video, press twice on the blue arrow icon at the top right and, finally, tap the checkmark at the top right. I’ve explained these and other procedures to you in detail in my guide on how to repost on Instagram.

How to repost a post on Instagram stories

Want to know how to repost an Instagram Stories post? In the case of a post published by yourself in the Feed, just select the latter, press the airplane icon and choose the option to add content to your story.

In the case of posts from others’ feeds, however, you must use the same methods that I listed in the previous chapter, as in the posts of others there is no function that allows you to repost them in a “direct” way. You just have to take a screenshot or record the phone screen and share the final result (always after asking the author’s permission) as you would any other story.

Then press the + icon at the top right of the main page of the Instagram app, then tap on the Story item located on the black bar at the bottom right and press the Gallery icon at the bottom, in the left corner. Then press on the preview of the content you want to share, tag the original author and, if you wish, also add background musicpolls or others, by pressing the icon of the smiling sticker.

Then, click on the Send to button, at the bottom right, and tap on the Share button located next to Your story. If you need more information on these steps, please see here.

The same goes for the stories of others unless you have been tagged in one of them: if you have been tagged in a story, in fact, you can re-share it thanks to a simple Instagram function.

Just press the house icon at the bottom left, on the main page of the app, then select the story in which you have been tagged (by pressing on the profile photo at the top of the user who posted it). Finally, once you’ve viewed the content, hit the Add this content to your story button (you can also make any changes by adding music, tags, polls, and more before re-sharing the story). Easy, right?

How to repost an archived post on Instagram

You can also share the posts and stories that are in your Archive (the content section of your profile visible only to you) on Instagram in a simple way. To do this, press on your profile photo in the lower right corner (on the main page of the app) and then tap on the  icon at the top right. Then press on the Archive item and, from here, press on the preview of the post you want to publish again. Finally, tap on the  icon at the top right and press the Show in profile item.

If the content you want to re-share is, instead, a story, go back to the Archive item, press on the Post Archive item (at the top) and tap on the Stories Archive item in the menu that appears below. At this point, proceed by pressing on the preview of the story you are looking for and then tap the Share button at the bottom right. If you intend to share the story in question as a story, press the Send to button and then press the Share button located next to Your Story.

If, on the other hand, you want to share the story as a post, go back to the preview of the same, press the  icon at the bottom right and, from here, tap the Share as post item. Finally, click on the Share button to confirm the operation.

How to repost a post on Facebook

Unlike Instagram, Facebook provides convenient integrated functions to repost content. It is possible to proceed both from the app for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) and iOS / iPadOS and on the Web version of the social network accessible from computers and other devices. Read on to know all about it.

How to repost a post in the Facebook feed

If you’re going to reshare a post on your Feed to Facebook (or your diary ) you just follow the steps I go now to elencarti. First of all, once you have started the social network app and found the post you want to publish in your Diary, press the Share button (the one with the arrow icon located under the post itself, at the bottom right).

Then, tap the Share Now button to immediately publish the post to your Diary. Or, if you want to add a comment to the content before posting, click on Add a comment and then on the Share now button. If you press the Facebook entry under your name before re-sharing the post, you can view and choose the other available repost options ( Diary of a contactGroup or Page owned by you ).

By pressing, instead, on the All item located next to the Facebook item I just mentioned, you can choose whether to make the post visible to all Facebook users, only to your Friends, to Friends except some users or only to you . by pressing on the appropriate buttons.

If you use the Web version of the social network, both on PC and on smartphone or tablet, to re-share a post, simply press the Share item under the post itself. Then, click on the Share item in the News section in the menu that appears. At this point, you can add a comment to the post. Finally, to conclude the procedure, click on the Publish button at the bottom.

How to repost a post on Facebook Stories

On Facebook you have the option to share someone else’s post about your stories as well. How? I’ll explain it to you immediately, it’s very simple. First of all, once you have launched the app and found the post you want to share, press the Share button at the bottom right of the post itself; then, tap on the Share item in your story.

A preview of the story will be displayed. At this point you can apply a sticker, add a piece of music, tag a person, an event or add a survey or event by pressing the smiling sticker icon (top right) and then tapping on the appropriate buttons related to these functions. For more details regarding these steps, check out my tutorial on how to create a story on Facebook.

Once you’ve finished editing and are ready to post the story, just hit the Share button in the story at the bottom right. Do you need further information on this and other procedures related to sharing content on Facebook? No problem, take a look here. If you’re using the web version of the popular social network, you can reshare a post as a story but you don’t have the ability to apply effects and other changes to it as you would on mobile devices.

To do this, just click on the Share button under the post you want to publish as a story and then on the Share item in your story. The post will be immediately published as a story (once published, clicking on the story itself, Facebook will automatically redirect to the original post).

How to repost a post on Twitter

Reposting someone else’s content on Twitter (thus making what in the terminology of the social network in question is called Retweet ) is really simple. Once you have started the official Twitter application for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without the Play Store) or iOS / iPadOS and you have found the post you want to share on your profile, all you have to do is press on the arrows icon under the post itself (second from left).

At this point, if you want to publish the post as it is on your profile, click on the Retweet item, otherwise, if you want to add a comment to the selected post, tap on the item Quote the Tweet; then type a sentence that will caption the chosen content (you can also add photos and GIFs by pressing the respective buttons at the bottom left) and, finally, press the Retweet button located at the top right. That’s all!

Are you using the web version of the social network or the application for Windows 10 or macOS? Also in this case, the indications I have just provided remain valid. The menu items are exactly the same as the mobile app. For other details on how Twitter works, I refer you to my guide dedicated to the topic.

How to repost a post on TikTok

Even TikTok, the famous social network of short videos, has a handy “standard” function for reposting. You can repost the short videos as they are. To do this, once you have started the TikTok app for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) or iOS / iPadOS and found the video you are interested in, open it by pressing on its preview. Then, press the Share button located on the right (it has the arrow icon ) and tap on the Save video item, in the menu that ticks at the bottom.

Once the download of the video in question is completed, the sharing menu will be displayed at the bottom. Awards, then, icon TikTok (if you do not see it right away, tap on More and then the icon awards TikTok ). At this point, you will see the preview of the video. Press three times on the Next button located at the top right (you can in the meantime add stickers, effects, filters, text and audio by pressing on the respective items) and, finally, press the Publish button. It is not possible to proceed from a PC.

How to repost a post on LinkedIn

Reposting a post on LinkedIn, the social network created to promote the creation of working relationships and the sharing of one’s professional experiences, implies an operation not too dissimilar to those I have shown you so far in this tutorial. After opening the application of the social network in question for Android or iOS / iPadOS, you can view the users’ posts by pressing the house icon at the bottom left (the entry Home ).

Once you have found a post that you would like to publish on your profile, click on the Share button located below the post itself. At this point you can decide whether to add a comment as a caption to the shared post by typing on the on-screen keyboard. You can also change the visibility of the post by pressing on the item Anyone under the name of your profile (you can choose whether to show the content to all users or only to your connections by clicking on the respective items).

Once you have completed any preliminary operations, tap on the Publish item at the top right to share the post. Easier than that ?! How do you say? Don’t use the LinkedIn app but only the web version of the social network on your computer? Don’t worry: the steps to reshare a post are the same as I just described to you. In this case, however, the entry Anyone is replaced by Everyone.


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