Restoring factory settings on a PC, good or bad plan?

Factory reset on a PC is like resetting it. It is an action that we are sometimes obliged to resort to to refurbish a computer. Resetting a computer can be done with or without a recovery CD. In any case, this advantageous operation is not without risk. So, is restoring the factory settings on a PC a good or bad plan? We tell you everything.

Why reset to factory settings on a PC?

Resetting a PC has several advantages . This is the reason why this action is required in many cases.

Reset a PC to restore Windows

Restoring the factory settings on a PC first restores the operating system . Indeed, it is not uncommon that at some point and for one reason or another, Windows is corrupted . Therefore, it is customary to restart it. When these attempts are unsuccessful, resetting the PC is the only alternative available to you. It allows you to find the use of your computer.

Factory reset a PC to clean it

System cleaning is a required action to get rid of malware that has infected the computer. It complements the action of the antivirus . However, the different cleaning techniques are not always enough to overcome a virus. From then on, the reinitialization is essential like the only alternative.

By resetting a PC to factory settings, the infected system will be removed and replaced with the version that was installed when the computer left the factory. Only then can you find a virus-free computer.

Reset a PC to improve its performance

The other reason that can justify restoring factory settings on a PC is to improve the performance of the computer . Be aware that over time, your computer will tend to get slower and slower . This may be due to:

  • Too heavy updates,
  • A very large volume of files,
  • Temporary file accumulation,
  • Installing too many apps…

To restore your PC to its former glory in this case, you can start by performing a cleanup. If the latter does not solve the problem, restoring the PC to the initial state remains the last solution.

Reset a PC to sell or give away

The last reason for resetting a PC is donation or sale. Indeed, when you decide to give or sell your PC, it is a good idea to extract your personal files . To do this, restoring factory settings is the most convenient option. It allows you to easily delete your photos, videos, documents and other files from the computer. From then on, you can sell or give away your computer with complete peace of mind.

The risks of resetting a PC

When you factory reset a PC, you expose yourself to certain risks . The most important of them is the loss of your data . Be aware that by resetting your computer, all the files it contains will be deleted. This is why it is advisable to save your documents on an external disk before starting the reset.

In addition to the loss of documents, you also risk losing the version of your operating system , your various accounts and your settings saved on your PC in the event of a reset. Hence the interest of taking certain precautions before restoring the factory settings on your PC.

In sum, remember that restoring factory settings on a PC is beneficial in many ways. It allows you to restart a corrupt operating system , get rid of viruses, speed up the PC and sell or give away your computer with peace of mind.
However, it is wise to take certain precautions beforehand. In particular, you must back up your files to an external hard drive before restoring the factory settings on your PC.

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