Pro switch controller: our complete test on the Switch Pro controller

Like its bigger brothers, the Nintendo Switch Pro joystick course designed just for the Switch. Indeed, when several other brands offer their controllers, Nintendo, remains always in the raking, and offers its own controllers, which are available elsewhere, under a wide range of colors and shapes. Given the high quality (almost), Nintendo controllers, the price is quite high, since it is rarely below 60 €. Indeed, at that price, we begin to ask questions, it’s really worth the effort? To find out, it will pass under the microscope. Seeing, therefore, its features more closely.


The Nintendo switch pro controller was initially only offered in one color: gray. But today, it is quite possible to find it in much prettier and more cheerful colors, such as pink, green, yellow, white, etc.

On the “manufacturing quality” side, Nintendo shows us, once again, its enormous know-how and its great experience in this field. The controller has impeccable finishes, impeccable assembly and high quality components. By holding it in hand, you can really feel the robustness of the material. However, if one were to make one comment, it will be compared to the glossy plastic that sits just above. It is very fragile and suffers a lot of scratches. Note also that the upper part of the controller is very sensitive to fingerprints.

The ergonomics of the controller is also beyond reproach. Just take it in hand to find out. It weighs about 247 g.


Another important point of this switch wireless Controller Pro is its tremendous responsiveness. In fact, if you use Bluetooth to connect to your console, be sure that you will not suffer latencies, these sticks react perfectly and are also much more comfortable than Joy Con. You can also connect the Switch Controller Pro PC.

The famous traditional buttons A, B, Y and X are also there. They offer a very strong activation since they are based on sound switches, dome.

Note that the controller has the old directional cross that the Joy Con lacked, but the new one that will please gamers enormously is the HD vibrations of the Joy Con.

The player can therefore enjoy a good fineness of effect, which avoids the ultra-imposing vibrations of entry-level controllers.

For the gyroscopic sensor, we can also say that it is one of the strong points of this controller, since it offers good precision, similar to that of the Joy Con.

What are the advantages of the Pro Switch controller?

The strengths of this Pro Switch controller are:

  • Exceptional build quality;
  • Comfortable grip and good ergonomics ;
  • Its commands are ultra precise;
  • Has a good autonomy;
  • It has all the functions of a classic Joy-Con ranging from NFC, gyroscopes, vibrations, etc. ;
  • You can easily change the battery since it is easily removable.

The disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch Pro

the Nintendo Switch Pro has certain limitations, which can be summarized in the following:

  • Lack of analog trigger;
  • Recharge time a bit long.


In the end, we can say that the Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a benchmark for this brand. It has a classic but rather elegant design, offering excellent comfort and excellent ergonomics, something we regretted in the Joy Con, all without sacrificing the dedicated functions. Precision and fluidity are also there.

On the other hand, to offer us such a marvel, Nintendo used very high quality components , which the customer must pay for! So, we can say that the only limit of this Nintendo Switch Pro is its very high price. It is therefore not a model that one buys as a spare controller or for a secondary player.

But price aside, the Nintendo Switch Pro is the best Nintendo-branded gamepad for gaming on Switch. Do not hesitate to test it.

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